Want to know what to expect from your cat as it reaches 5 months? If that is the case, learn about the 5-month-old kitten behavior through this article.


5-Month-Old Kitten Behavior

At 5 months, a kitten still remains fairly young but it's worth noting that puberty is just around the corner. That means your fluffy friend would soon receive a heavy dose of teenage hormones which lead to considerable changes in various aspects including daily behavior. In such a period, the pet is going to cause all kinds of mischief to everyone in the house without a care in the world. Though it's hard to avoid troubles entirely, you could still minimize potential damages if you have a general picture of 5-month-old kitten behavior.


So you wish to hear what people say about the behavior of a 5-month-old kitten? Then this article shall surely come in handy for you. The following information contains everything cat parents must remember once the felines get to 5 months.


Significant Increases In Activity Level

5-Month-Old Kitten Behavior

Generally speaking, the surge in body hormones makes the average cats more active at 5 months in most cases. As the pets also eat a lot to support the rapid growth of their body, they need to do something to vent pent up energy. In order to do that, a lot of cats prefer to hang around humans to play but others resort to clawing which often leaves unsightly marks all over the place. Needless to say, if you want peace of mind without leaving the house at the mercy of your furball, ensure that you arrange certain diversions. 


Notable Raises In Aggressive Tendencies

5-Month-Old Kitten Behavior 

Being territorial predators, cats turn aggressive if they ever notice someone intrude on their turf. Unfortunately, some cats just happen to pick spots that humans need to pass by frequently. Because of that, the most notable issue of 5-month-old kitten behavior perceived by most pet owners is heightened aggression. In addition, the felines mark what they think belongs to them using urine so expect your fluffy friend to fill the atmosphere with pungent odors. Unless you locate the source, the offensive smell would linger for extended periods of time.


The Urge To Find Mates

5-Month-Old Kitten Behavior

Overall, cats should be able to copulate once they reach 5 months which gives a lot of headaches to cat parents. Male cats shall attempt to escape into the outdoors to look for potential mates, spay urines and fight other suitors. On the other hand, female cats in heat often attract male cats in the neighborhood so unexpected pregnancy is possible. In the case you lock down every route, the felines may turn to excessive vocalization. For people that live in an apartment, such behavior leads to lots of troubles.    

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What Needs To Be Done

5-Month-Old Kitten Behavior

It's difficult to change the nature of cats since they do whatever they want. That being said, if you know how to adjust the 5-month-old kitten behavior, you could at least keep your fluffy friend in check when it finally becomes an adult.  


  • Schedule Time For Spaying/Neutering

By spaying/neutering the felines, pet owners would be able to preempt a series of annoying problems without much difficulty. The operation only lasts for a short period of time so your furball should go home on the same day.  Aside from the fact that spayed/neutered cats rarely get too aroused during mating season, they also have low chances of contracting several dangerous diseases. Nowadays, every veterinary clinic around the globe offers spaying/neutering operations at reasonable prices which please budget-minded cat parents.


  • Set Up Some Basic Training

Sure, at 5 months, cats could only leave claw marks but if you fail to address that, things shall get worse. When your kitten becomes an adult with razor-sharp claws, it possesses the means to tear everything you own in a blink of an eye. Hence, you have to train the pet to test its claw on a specialized clawing pot instead of your property. Besides that, as cat urine carries a rather foul smell, teach your fluffy friend how to use the litter box. Fortunately, cats instinctively answer the call of nature in sand, dirt, leaves,.. so the process is straightforward in most cases.


  • Put Together A Play Timetable

As mentioned above, the felines get quite energetic as they reach 5 months which makes them move from place to place. Without an outlet for their pent up energy, it's natural for the pets to do all kinds of things in order to kill times. That is why experts in the field consider regular play sessions as the best way to moderate the destructive effect of 5-month-old kitten behavior. You don't have to do much, just spare a couple of minutes every day in order to tire out your furball through interactive plays. With luck, the pet should settle down for a nap.


  • Prepare A Well Balanced Diet

Kittens need to take in sufficient amounts of nutrients to develop properly so it's essential that you plan the meals of your cat carefully. Think about the daily intake of calorie to make sure that the pet is in shape, not malnourished, not obese. In the case pet owners have reservations about the size of their cat, a trip to the vet is a safe bet in most cases. Trained veterinarians could determine if a particular cat is receiving enough nutrients through its meals. Hence, it's a good idea to ask for suggestions from the vets if necessary.


  • Think About Periodic Vet Checkup

Normally, cats excel at hiding signs of underlying health issues as predators in the wild tend to go after preys that seem to be sick. Therefore, even if your furball appears to be completely healthy, get it checked at the local veterinary at least once a year just in case. Compared to ordinary cat parents, professional vets these kinds of days simply have superior means as well as skill to detect illness in the felines. Because of that, setting up periodic vet checkup is a great way for you to determine if your fluffy friend is currently in good health.

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