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Cat Toys

It is cat’s natural instinct to chew, pounce and scratch. Motivate and amuse your cats with the ultimate collection of toys offered here at CattyBox.

This online store features a variety of cat toys that are funny, colorful and creative. Not only will these items enhance cat enjoyment but they will also let you join in with your feline friends in play time. Hours of playing, chasing and hunting would definitely develop pet - owner bonding relationship.

The collection includes a wide range of products such as balls, pillows, tunnels, catnip toys, chews and more for either Interactive Play or Solo Play.. These are great way to keep your cat physically active and mentally stimulated. What’s more, toys can help improve IQ, maintain oral & dental health, aid with digestion and bloating, release energy and reduce anxiety, hence improve overall health. Now, with a little help from Cattybox’s Toy Collection, you can minimize potential furniture as well as floor damage due to scratching while entertaining your pet.

Each and every item is made of durable, odor-free, high-quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-abrasive material, purrfectly qualified and safe for your cats. All designs are associated with eye-catching look to attract your furball and make them love to play even more.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your cats enjoy daily life with our toys!

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