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Cat Scratcher

Your furball has such a scratching need that your furniture and floor, or even yourself, can't take it anymore? Tune in to Cattybox for the best cat scratching items! Our Scratch Collection is here not only to protect you and your home, but also to provide satisfaction & fun for your furry friend!

Here, you will find a wide selection of Scratch Pads, Scratch Posts and Trees to keep your cats entertained for hours. All off our pieces come in a variety of designs to fit your space, and are easy to use. They are confirmed to be non-toxic, scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Playing with these stimulates cat’s instinct to hunt, pounce and scratch, reduce anxiety and loneliness.

Roughness surface satisfies your furball's natural scratching instincts as well as trains the cat to sharpen its claws, and it is even better with some capnip sprinkled on top. Some are already incorporated with a unique smell to attract cats to make them want to play more and more. All items from the Scratch Collection aim at enabling cats to stretch body, work out energy, and become healthy & energetic.

Shop Cattybox to find the perfect cat scratchers to give your kitty a satisfying zone of their own.
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