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Interactive Toys

Hey there! When was the last time you had your furball running around with you like a little kid? We bet your cat would love to have some bonding time with its person. CattyBox proudly present to you the ultimate bonding session with our Interactive Play Collection.

Play time is a must in a cat’s daily life, and the rest of the day is mostly sleeping and eating. Don’t hesitate to have some fun with your furball, just like it comforting you whenever you need. Hours of playing, chasing and hunting with our interactive toys would definitely enhance pet - owner relationship.

CattyBox’s Interactive Play Collection provides numerous toy designs which are creative and come from in-depth observations of the cat population’s behavior when interacting with their owners. We begin by stimulating cats’ natural instincts such as chewing, scratching, hunting, and incorporate hooman participation where the cat is the most comfortable. Your furry friend is sure to enjoy some utmost fun with our sophisticated products, while you can relieve scratching damage on furniture and floor.

As our pets interact directly with each toy, we ensure its absolute safety and premium quality: durable, odor-free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-abrasive.

No more hanging around, check out now to explore new ways to have fun with your furball!
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