Sour scream is an excellent snack to a lot of people but can cats eat sour cream? See what experts have to say about that through this article.


Can Cats Eat Sour Cream

It comes as no surprise that being obligate carnivore means cats have to get most of their nutrients through meats. In fact, the digestive system of cats is specifically adapted to process flesh of animals. However, cats are able to take in other food besides meats assuming that the pet owners keep the quantity reasonable. That is why every now and then, people hand out certain non-meat treats to cats to achieve various goals. But is it safe for you to give sour cream, a human snack, to your pet? Can cats eat sour cream without experience stomach troubles?

Your pet expresses interest in getting a taste of your cream and you are hesitant to give it some? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article shall show you everything pet owners need to keep in mind while feeding cats including the use of human snacks as a whole. Generally speaking, as cats require a different diet compared to humans, it's unwise to your pet human snacks indiscriminately. So if you intend to offer your cat sour scream, take a good look at the following information before proceeding. 

Feeding Cats: A Quick Summary

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream

In order to answer the question of "can cats eat sour cream?", you have to understand what your pet needs to take in every day. After you manage to get a general idea of the diet of cats, it's a breeze to reach a sensible conclusion regarding sour scream.

As mentioned above, the physiology of cats causes the pets to search the immediate surroundings for meats to acquire nutrients. Back in the old days, the ancestors of cats get meats by hunting prey in the great outdoors but modern-day cats rely on humans. Depending on the state of their body, cats would consume different amounts of meats at different times in their life. In any case, to keep your cat in good shape, it's of utmost importance that you put together a meat-focused diet for it. Of course, adding a couple of supplements is also acceptable.

Considering the skeptical nature of cats, people tend to see them as somewhat picky eaters. That being said, cats are known for their curiosity too so they like to take a bite of everything that seems edible in the vicinity. Such behavior is quite adorable but every once in awhile, it might lead to health issues in cats. For example, your cat decides to hang around the dining table of the house and casually munch on the spillovers. That is how cats come into contact with foods that, while safe for human consumption, are toxic to the feline.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not give your cat dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream...) after it reaches adulthood. The reason behind the situation is straightforward: many cats become lactose intolerant as they grow up which means they are unable to consume dairy products. However, some cats retain the ability to take in small quantities of low-lactose varieties now and then without ending up with stomachache afterward.

Owners of such cats could resort to powders of dairy products in order to get the pets to swallow medicines.

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Final Verdict: Yes, Cats Can Eat Some Sour Scream Occasionally

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream

Can cats eat sour cream? Yes, but you should only give your pet a bit of sour cream at first. Next, wait for a couple of hours to see if the body of your pet reacts positively to the cream. In case your cat carries on without troubles, feel free to give it sour scream every now and then. On the other hand, if your pet experiences diarrhea, vomiting and so on, you should consider dropping the idea immediately. It's not worth putting your fluffy friend at risk to test out the effect of a potential new treat. 

Handing Out Treats: Tips And Tricks For Novice Pet Parents

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream

Now you know how to answer the question of "can cats eat sour cream?", let's check out the best way to use the cream. In the end, sour cream is a treat and that means you should refrain from handing it out on random. 

  • You Have Doubts? Then Pay A Visit To The Vets

To keep your pet healthy, it's essential that you promptly consult the vets once you run into unfamiliar issues.  Only well-trained professionals could thoroughly assess the condition of the pet, locate underlying troubles and advise you on what course of action to take. So if you cat reacts oddly to sour cream, schedule an examination with nearby veterinary clinics as soon as possible. In addition to that, discuss with the vets about the body weight of your cat to determine the number of time you should treat the pet to some sour cream.

  • Treat Your Cat With Love But Be Strict As Well

We all love to cuddle with our cat but remember that it's entirely up to you protect the health of your pet every day. As a result, don't give your cat treat simply because it comes up to you for a few nudges. If you constantly give your cat sour cream, there is a good chance that pets would start gaining weight uncontrollably. Furthermore, the fat content of the cream might lead to a couple of health ailments if introduced in large amounts. Hence, resist the urge to hand out treats while petting your cat in order to keep it in good condition.      

  • Instead Of Rushing, Take Things At A Steady Pace

The average cats are sensitive so if they feel that someone forces them into something, they rarely comply at all. So in order to prevent your cat from accessing the family stash of sour cream, you should utilize indirect methods. Set up a couple of scat-mat near the fridge so the cat would feel comfortable lurking around the place.

No matter what, don't shout at your cat as that would cause it to perceive you as less than friendly.

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