A common intestinal problem in cats. A full-knowledge of pet health care. It does not mean the Giardia in cat’s natural treatment is possible.


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Caused by bad living condition, unbalanced diet and so more, the Giardia is likely a nightmare of little feline friends. It is still freaking controversial story as talking about this. Some pet parents believe that there is no difficulty in treating such disease in natural methods while many others do not. Then, what is the exact conclusion? Can or cannot we protect cats from the Giardia naturally? It is time to learn more about such health trouble and have a deep insight into the way of treatment. 

Yes or no for Giardia in cat’s natural treatment?

The Giardia is a parasitic disease resulted from the intestinal parasite so-called Giardia. They not only infect animals and cause troubles for humans too.

The infection can begin from both direct and indirect ways. But, normally, the latter gets the higher probability. Cats drink or ingest in contaminated sources, groundwater as well as animal feces as examples and become Giardia-infected. The protozoon parasite invades the intestine, then attaches to the intestinal wall and makes the reproduction. All of these negative effects lead to discomfort and diarrhea in cats.

Since the Giardia could be a bad interchange between humans and pets pretty quickly, the right treatment should be on all the time with vets. Hence, it is a must to consider carefully about the Giardia in cat’s natural treatment at home.

Initial symptoms

In some cases, you cannot know whether cats undergo the Giardia or not. Many of them do not show any symptoms of the disease and have carried it for years later on. Consequently, the Giardiasis keeps spreading strongly and causing a lot of health problem for animals and humans as well.

Generally, clinic signs of the Giardia in cats include things of the gastrointestinal. The cat may produce foul-smelling stool. Day after day, its fecal products turn from soft to watery state along with a greenish tinge or blood. Moreover, it vomits a lot and faces with the weight loss gradually. For the Giardia symptom, having a fever could be not the main clinic sign. But, if observing carefully, you can see that the cat is not as much action as it was.

To be honest, such an intestinal problem is not a life-threatening for pets in general and cats in particular. However, for kittens and old cats, it is another story since they get a weak immune system.

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Normally, it takes about more than one week for cats to be safe from the Giardia. At present, there is no specific medication for this disease. The treatment is a combination of some elements instead, from diet to daily routine. Followings are notes.

Asking help of vets

Undoubtedly, the Giardia in cats will be out without your intervention at all. However, for some other cases, it is a need to do remedies professionally. Vets can help to diagnose the Giardia for cats through medical testing stool.

Many pet parents think visiting vets is not necessary. Yet, the Giardia is an easy-to-infect disease. It can influence negatively health of both family members and pets as well.  Here is the reason why you should bring cats to see vets who can take proper diagnosis.

Symptoms are not the same in different conditions. Before the infection gets from moderate to serious, the best solution is to ask help of vets, do not try to treat it for cats yourself. Not only medical remedies, diets and daily activities also need to be carefully detailed by experts.

Combining natural food

With the purpose of the terrible intestinal problem, it is highly recommended to combine the Giardia in cat’s natural treatment with other professional medical methods.

Apple vinegar

Let’s keep cats to have a day of fasting. Normally, as not using much energy for the digestive system, the animal body tends to get a greater detoxification. How can you do it? Easily, you just need to add about two spoons full of the apple vinegar into their water. The antiseptic in this vinegar goes through the digestive tract and does the task of eliminating Giardia parasites. Moreover, the apple vinegar has a quite pleasant smell which will not worsen the taste of cats.

Pumpkin seeds

Bearing the laxative features, pumpkin seeds are potential to protect cats from the invasion of parasites in the intestinal system. If your cats get the positive medical testing result with the Giardia, you had better prepare them daily meals with a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds in one week.

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A powerful antiseptic activity in thyme makes it an important part in the remedy against the Giardia in cats. Its presence can get rid of parasites from the feline gastrointestinal tract. In several days, you should mix a tablespoon of thyme with cat food.


Due to the quick-easy-spread and no symptom detected sometimes, the Giardia should be in prevention at most. For humans and pets, maintaining daily good hygiene is extremely essential. You should shower your cats regularly and always wash your hands after touching them.

Moreover, you need to pay more attention to meals for cats. Do not allow them to eat things out of your control. Limit that let your cats be with the ones with the Giardia infection. Keep these little friends away from places such as lakes and streams. It is because they can drink water there where infected pets could do before.

None can conclude that the Giardia in cat’s natural treatment is useless. Actually, it is possible if there is a combination between this and medical solution. Your cats, especially kittens with a weak immune system needs to be in a careful daily attention. Do not forget to give them nutrient meals every day and protect them from any pathogens as you suspect. Prevention is always better than treatment. So, in many cases, with any symptoms, things will go well for your cats if you ask a help from people with expertise in pets. You should avoid worsening pet condition as much as possible by not treating them with the uncertain method.

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