In cats, bloody stool tends to signal troubles that require attention. Check out this article to learn more about "cat bloody stool but acting normal".


Cat Bloody Stool But Acting Normal

As the felines excel at hiding signs of illness, cat parents often have to resort to various means to supervise the health of their pets. In most cases, it's possible to gain insight into the body condition of your furball by observing its behaviors, appetites and of course, poops. For instance, blood in the feces is a sign of underlying problems that, without treatments, might lead to fatal consequences. But what exactly needs to be done in order to tackle the issue of "cat bloody stool but acting normal"? 

Feeling confused by the sight of bloody stool in the litter box and the carefree attitude of your fluffy friend? If that is what you experience right now, you have come to the right place. Down below, you would find everything that people must keep in mind about bloody stool in cats including identification guides, potential causes and proper solution. 

Telling Bloody Stool From Normal One: Hints For Pet Owners

Cat Bloody Stool But Acting Normal

Generally speaking, poops that come from healthy cats tend to be well-formed and have a brow-to-tan color. Changes in daily diets as well as health could alter the characteristics of the feces. Needless to say, if you ever see bloody stool in the litter box of your furball, you should expect troubles. 

However, it's highly unlikely that you would find a huge bloody stool after your cat takes care of its business. In fact, cat feces with blood have a rather subtle profile which means you have to look around carefully. Usually, blood looks like specks – bright, light red specks indicate blood from the lower intestinal tract and dark, blackish specks indicate blood from much further up the lower intestinal tract. By assessing the shade of the blood specks in stool, you shall have a general idea about the current situation. 

The Root Of The Problem

Cat Bloody Stool But Acting Normal

While talking about "cat bloody stool but acting normal", it's worth noting that many things could cause blood to show up in the feces. Remember the following suspects in the case your notice bloody stool in the litter box. 

Similar to humans, cats run into constipation from to time and most of the time, the felines return to normal after a few days. That being said, some pets that experience constipation might need assistance from outside to get their elimination back in order. Notable symptoms of constipation in cats include frequent visits to the litter box, excessive vocalization, bloody stool and so on. In mild cases, diet changes may help the affected cats to once again defecate peacefully. If constipation persists then it's wise to get affected cats to the vets immediately.    


  • Tolerance 

Being obligate carnivores, cats mostly thrive on meat-based diets. The felines should also be able to consume certain foodstuff beside meat on occasions but different cats have different constitutions. That means if you give your furball something that its body is unable to tolerate, digestive troubles shall quickly follow. At best, the pet is going to have temporary diarrhea, stomach upsets, intermittent vomits... for the next couple of days. At worst, your fluffy friend could start eliminating bloody stool.   

  • Parasites

Throughout their life, the felines would contract all kinds of parasites which cause a variety of health and behavioral issues. In the case of bloody stool in cats, parasites such as giardia, coccidian and so on could be at fault. Parasites like those may infiltrate the body of your fluffy friend using several ways: fecal matters, contaminated waters, intermediate hosts,... Despite the fact that such parasites rarely prove life-threatening to adult cats in most cases, they remain considerable risks to kittens and senior cats. 

  • Trauma

These kinds of days, pet owners tend to raise cats as indoors pets which means the felines don't have to worry about traumatic incidents. That being said, your furball might hurt itself during its numerous adventures in the house.  Fallings, messed up landing, dropping objects,..... your cat could suffer a wide range of injuries. Regarding the issue of "cat bloody stool but acting normal", cat parents should know that trauma to certain regions such as the rectum usually leads to blood in the feces. 

  • Stress 

Cats have the ability to notice subtle changes in the vicinity and, due to their jumpy nature, get stressed easily. To calm down, stressed felines resort to various activities including running, hiding, nursing and more. Normally, your kitty is going to recover from a stressful episode within a few moments. Nonetheless, if the pet feel stressed for an extended period of time, its body would experience a couple of troubles. The defecation of bloody stool is one of the common signs of felines under stress. 

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Ideal Reactions To The Situation

Cat Bloody Stool But Acting Normal

After confirming the presence of blood in the litter box, it's of utmost importance that pet owners remain calm. At all times, you need to keep yourself together if yourself to help your furball. It’s impossible for cay parents to solve the issue of "cat bloody stool but acting normal” by rushing forward. 

If you feel that something is wrong with your cat, a trip to the vets is always a safe bet. However, it's worth noting that in certain cases, blood in the stool automatically disappears without intervention from the outside. So it's fine to wait for a day in order to see how things progress before taking your cat to the local veterinary clinic. If you fail to spot blood in the feces of your fluffy friend the following day then all is good. On the other hand, if the pet keeps eliminating bloody stool, you need to get it checked by veterinarians immediately.        

Feline Recovery From Bloody Stool

Cat Bloody Stool But Acting Normal
  • Put Together A Peaceful Setting: To make a full recovery from bloody stool, cats require a quiet, stress-free environment. People, especially children, in the house must refrain from disturbing the felines while they rest. 

  • Make Changes To The Diet: By adding chicken broth, pumpkin, wet food,.. to daily meals of your furball, you could relieve its strained digestive system.  

  • Make Plans To Remove Provocations: In case your cat eliminates bloody stool because of particular foods, ingestion of plant leaves, stressors, .... proceed to remove irritating agents from its life.    

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