So your fluffy friend seems to enjoy leaving claw marks on its toilet? Check out this article if you want to learn why a cat scratches sides of litter box.


Cat Scratches Sides Of Litter Box

It's common knowledge that when cats finish answering the call of nature, they like to stir up everything in order to bury their wastes.  Therefore, your feline pal may go back and forth in the litter box to ensure that it leaves no trace. That being said, every now and then, a lot of pet owners notice that the pets deliberately scrape the litter box instead of the litters. As that behavior creates annoying noises, people frantically search around for the best answer to the question of why a cat scratches sides of litter box so as to put an end to the disturbance.

Your pet takes an interest in litter box scratching too? If that happens to the case then you have to read the information down below.

Reason Why Cats Do That

Cat Scratches Sides Of Litter Box

Of course, once in a while, the felines could behave erratically without any reason whatsoever. Nonetheless, if you see your cat scratches sides of litter box all of a sudden, it might be motivated by:

  • Litters Stuck In The Paws

Being obsessed with cleanliness, cats obviously hate to see nasty stuff from the dumping grounds on them as they move. Hence, the pets promptly resort to various means to remove litters stuck in the paws before exiting the litter box. In the eyes of the average cats, swiping the paws against hard surfaces works well most of the time. Guess the closest place around the pets that conveniently features hard surfaces: the litter box. Normally, stuck litters often happen to cats that have lots and lots of furs on the bottom of the paws. 

  • Somewhat Insufficient Amounts Of Litters

As mentioned above, most cats simply adore burying their wastes. Because of that, after the felines relieve themselves, they would attempt to cover everything using available materials in the surrounding. In the case of the litter box, the litters shall play the main role but what if pet owners fail to put in enough litters? Well, in such a scenario, cats shall scuff and scrape continuously in vain hoping to cover the mess which inevitably leaves marks on the sides. That is why the vets recommend that the depth of litters in the litter box should be kept at 3 inches.      

  • Less Than Clean Litter Boxes

Nowadays, it's possible for people to purchase highly advanced automatic litter boxes that scoop the litters at set intervals. However, if you still use traditional boxes then it's of utmost importance that you meticulously go through the litters at least once a day. Overall, cats indeed have class so they refuse to use things that appear unclean, even if it's the toilet. On many occasions, cats could strive to notify the pet owners regarding the state of the litter box by scratching the sides of the box.

  • Perceived Competitors In The Vicinity

Like dogs, cats utilize pees to mark territories but if necessary, the felines have other ways to announce their presence. For instance, thanks to the glands located on the paws, cats would be able to leave scents just by scratching. That means if your cat scratches sides of litter box spontaneously then odds are it's trying to send a message: "Hey, it's mine". Normally, cats tend to act like that if they feel that other animals may go after what they suppose to own so be thoughtful while introducing pets to each other.

Cats receive claws from birth to one day hunt preys for foods but once humans adopt them, they have rather feel needs to use claws.  That being said, the pets still feel the desire to scratch something, be it walls, floors, furniture and so on. When cats got overwhelmed by the crave for scratching, they might target everything in the surrounding including the litter box. To minimize the damage on the house as well to let your fluffy friend vent its frustration,  it's strongly recommended that you set up a couple of scratching posts

The Idea Approach To The Situation: Suggestions For Pet Owner

Cat Scratches Sides Of Litter Box

Of course, it's irritating to hear your cat scratches sides of litter box times and times again but you have to be patient here. Regardless of what happens, it's essential that you don't hit your pet as well as scream at it.  Generally speaking, you must keep in mind that the felines learn through encouragement, not punishment. Hence, keep a close watch on your furball in order to understand just why it keeps scratching the litter box. If you fail to identify the root of the problem then you could always drop by veterinary clinics for assistance.    

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A Guide On How To Ensure That Cats Have Peaceful Times In The Litter Box

Cat Scratches Sides Of Litter Box

  • One Box For One Cat

Cats do care about other members in their pack but there are certain things the felines don't want to share including the litter box. Because of that, it's wise to make sure that you prepare once box for each cat in the house. In most of the cases, the pets would behave normally if the number of litter boxes is equal to/greater than the number of cats. Additionally, prioritize uncovered models as cats like to have an all-around vision at all times.  

  • Use Suitable Types Of Litters

Different cats have different tastes so it's up to you to decide which type of litter matches your pet. Usually, it's a good idea the way the pet reacts to the litter while it's using the box. In case the feline truly likes the litters it's going to take care of business without much trouble. On the other hand, if your furball happens to outright hate what it feels, it shall attempt to touch the litters as little as possible. Make up your mind using the behaviors of your cat.  

  • Scoop Up The Litter Regularly

Us humans obviously hate to defecate in dirty toilets and the same applies to cats. Therefore, it's necessary that you check the litter box daily to assess the state.   

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