Sometimes, your cat may refuse to eat food, especially the dry one. In our following article, we will go to explore the reason, the effect and other aspects of a cat won't eat dry food anymore.

If your cat won't eat dry cat food anymore, you may notice her repeatedly enter the litter box, squat to defecate, but fail to pass any feces. Your cat may strain and vocalize (meow, cry, yowl) during these attempts. Other symptoms can include low energy, loss of appetite, throwing-up foam or undigested food, and abdominal pain. Sometimes, you can even feel a large hard lump of feces if you gently push on your cat's abdomen.

Cat food

Why did your cat not eat dry food?

Overview of dry food for cats

Dry food can be explained well by reading its name. This type of food has the following inherent advantages:

  • You can keep them long after opening its pack by placing them in your airtight containers.
  • Dry food is left longer so your cat may access and eat even you are away for a whole day. If you are a busy one, it should be a good choice for you.
  • This type of food is cheaper than others, especially canned food. With a tight budget for your cats, you can simply choose it.

The reason why your cat won't eat dry food anymore

Your cat’s taste

Some cats are imprinted directly on the particular texture and taste of food and he won’t be willing to try the new one. Therefore, it is important for us to expose them to various food types and flavors since they are a kitten.

Inappropriate dry food

There are many shapes and sizes of dry food in the market nowadays. All of them may make you feel confused about choosing the right one for your pets. In case of wrong picking, its hardness may contribute to let your cat won't eat dry food anymore. So, let’s consider carefully before making your final decision. The most suitable dry food should be the one to ease of chewing food and picking up for certain cat ages and breeds.

cat constipation

Constipation can be one reason


If your cat can't pass feces or has very dry, hard stools, it may be constipated. Constipation may be uncomfortable for your cat, and it's frustrating to watch her struggle. If your vet approves and your cat tends to be cooperative, you can try giving her an enema at home to relieve the problem. In this situation, your cat won't eat dry food anymore and also other types of foods. They will soon be exhausted and you should deal with this problem as soon as possible.

As soon as your cat is yowling when she uses the litter box or seems unable to have a bowel movement, she probably has feline constipation. Constipation in pets is one of the most unpleasant experiences for them. At times, normal remedies may not work thus necessitating the use of stronger and more effective solutions.


Somethings (such as enema, the change of their location, the different attitude of the pet owners) can shock the cats. It takes them the amount time to recover what they have just been through. Some of the well-known expression is silence. They will spend time alone without playing or seeking for cuddles as usually. It turns out convenient because you are in the time of observing them.

Although depression seems normal to cats who are just given a new location, we should not ignore. Being stressful can keep the cat away from food or even worse, they behave aggressively. And again, depression should last for a while, and the cat should be back with itself soon. Or we have to fetch a veteran.

Introducing A Cat To Dry Food

We hope that following tips can assist you in introducing a cat to dry food:

  • Think about different cat food type that is breed and age appropriate for a cat. Remember to check the kibble texture, shape, hardness, and size as described in their packs.
  • Place wet food next to the dry one. This way will encourage a cat to be curious and try the dry food.
  • If these two options do not work with your cat, you can try tough love. Make your pet hungry for 12 hours. Next, he needs to eat whatever provided. However, withholding food for a long time may lead to some health problems so you should avoid doing this.
  • In the case that your cat still refuses to try the dry food, let’s wet the food kibbles but do not leave them more than 30 minutes. At that time, molds and because bacteria could grow. Then, always remove all the leftovers immediately.
  • Try to do something with the food toppers, like sprinkling them to dry food and enticing your pet to eat.
  • Appealing to his curious nature by making interesting and fun dry food fun. Or you can simply place them inside containers or toys that your cats love to play with as well as kibbles may fall out.

cat funny box

Put dry food in a funny box

  • Last but not least, you should ensure that your cat can access freely to a clean and fresh supply of drinking water. Some well-hydrated cats tend to be more inclined than other when eating dry food. If you do not have a tight budget for your little friend, you may invest in one water fountain which can provide the constant filtered water supply. Such water is also a well-oxygenated source to your lovely cat.

Final thought

In sum up, the cause of a cat won't eat dry food anymore is various. The situation of feline after giving any treatment happens differently one by one. How severe this symptom is can affect the way you should select to deal with it, too. Hope that after this article, you may know much about how to introduce a cat to dry food in the case that they refuse to eat it.

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