Your pet meows constantly and its eyes tear up. Is he/she crying?  Learn how to respond when it comes to "cats crying like baby" with this article.  


Cats Crying Like A Baby

Similar to human, cats use a variety of ways to convey their emotions and every now and then, it's as if they are crying. Back when we were kids, we cried whenever we need someone to fulfill our needs and requirement. In fact, human babies might cry hysterically just to attract the attention of nearby adults. Is it the same with domesticated cats? Why our fluffy friends cry in the first place? What is the most sensible approach to the issue of "cats crying like baby"? First-time pet owners frantically search around for answers to these questions when they see their pet weeping.

You are new to cat parenting and don't how to deal with the "cats crying like baby" issue? If that happens to be the case, you have come to the right place. This article could provide you with everything you must know about the phenomenon including potential triggers and ideal solutions. Overall, pet caretakers don't have to worry too much if they find they cats breaking into tears and howling. Although it seems that the behaviors of most cats are mystifying, there are explanations for their actions.  Check out the following information and you should know what makes your cat start wailing all of the sudden.

Watery Eyes: Is My Cat Shedding Tears

Watery Eyes: Is My Cat Shedding Tears

Generally speaking, the eyes of cats could well up but that is highly unlike the result of emotion. If cats absolutely have to react to something, they tend to utilize their voice and pawns instead of sobbing silently. As a result, the only thing that causes to a cat to weep is eye-associate troubles (injury, illness, irritants,…). So in the case, the floodgate of your cat remain open for an extended period of time, take it to a veterinary clinic for examination. Once you manage to ascertain the nature of the weeping, it's possible to put a definite end to it with relative ease. As always, don't give your cat medication without consulting qualified vets beforehand.

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Repeated Howling: What Is The Meaning Of It

Repeated Howling: What Is The Meaning Of It

Now, this is a bit complicated: there are a lot of cat sounds and telling them apart is difficult for untrained ears. Incessant yowling might serve as a warning to deter other felines from attempting to infiltrate your pet territory. On the other hand, if your cat is not spayed/neutered, the howling could also be an invitation to mate. Kittens like to meow as well in order to call out to their mom. Anyway, cats shout out for a reason and until they get what they want, things shall get noisy. Here are a couple of probable causes you need to consider if your pet keep disturbing you with its "crying"

  • Stress

There are multiple reasons behind stress in cats but the most cats resort to the same way to relieve pent-up anxiety: wailing. A slight change in scenery is more than enough to spring your cat into hysterical meowing for a while. Sure, you love the new sofa but if your pet thinks of the furniture as a malicious invader then he/she is going to howl. To calm your pet, make sure that you give it a lot of personal space as well as vantage points.

In certain cases, adjustments in the house layout would solve the issue of "cats crying like baby" for good.   

  • Loneliness

You play with your cat a frequent as possible but there is a good chance that it's still insufficient. As ancestors of cats go out to hunt at nighttime, several felines actively want to cuddle while their owners desperate want some shut-eye. Of course, you are unable to satisfy your cat all the times and naturally, your fluffy friend feels kind of lonely. Want to keep your cat busy but so it stops meowing and let you sleep in peace? Adopt another kitten is what you should consider. Your pets could play with each other and leave you alone.

  • Hungry

Kittens grow at a fast pace and they obviously require a considerable amount of nutrient to support body developments. Therefore, it goes without saying that cats get quickly impatient if they have to wait too long for a meal.  Proceed to increase the feeding frequency if you notice that your cat cease crying right after you give it foods. With some luck, a new diet is all it takes while facing the issues of "cats crying like baby". Consult with the vet just to be sure that your cat receives enough calories through daily meals.

  • Defecation Difficulties

A healthy cat visits the litter box at least one day in order to answer the call of nature. Kittens require a bit of time to get used to the litter box but it's smooth sailing after that. Nonetheless, if you notice that your cat cries out whenever it tries to poops, something has gone wrong. Defecation difficulties cause a great deal of discomfort to the pet and that is why urgent treatment is of utmost importance. Constipation, diarrhea and most gastrointestinal problems could be treated successfully but you must get your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

  • Pain

You don't have to be an expert to understand that pain is not something that cats could tolerate well. If you hear a deafening cry from a cat, it's a sign that the pet is in distress. Many things cause pain to a cat such as a tail being stepped on by mistake, a limb got stuck in odd position,… Promptly locate and address the source of pain in order to offer much-needed relief to your pet. In the case you cat already sustain injuries and the pain lingers, seek medical attention at once.

What You Must Never Do

  • Screaming And Physical Punishment

It's true that we humans have many things to worry about and having to listen to your pet constant crying is indeed frustrating. However, shouting at your cat and beating it is not going to improve the situation. Such extreme actions only worsen the issues and make your cat react negatively.

  • Ignoring Your Pet Altogether

Unless you are certain that there is nothing worth worry about, inspect your cat whenever you hear it crying. It's tedious but that is the only to ensure that you are able to offer your cat timely assistance if necessary.  

  • Hand Out Rewards Indiscriminately

Refrain from giving in to every demand of your cat as it reinforces bad habits. Turn away from unreasonable wishes and only give treats to your cat if it behaves properly

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