The first concern for most pet owners is assuring their pets protected against fleas. It is essential for owners to do everything when they find fleas, ticks on the skin of their pets and one of the most popular treatments is using flea treatment. As soon as you use some flea treatment, you often wonder that: How long does it take for flea medicine to dry?

There are a plenty of available treatments nowadays on the market, how do we know which will be effective fast? And for some families who have children and always want to keep them stay away from flea medicines, your most concerned question is: How long does it take for flea medicine to dry?

Knowing the time for flea medicine to dry is important because you need to take some steps to prepare, you should take your children to stay away for a few days to avoid poisonous substances as well as cleaning your living environment.

But, before we know how long flea treatments take to dry on our pet, we also need to know about flea medicine.

1. Flea medicine: Definition and some types

1.1.  Definition

People in general and vets in particular use flea treatment to treat flea infestations, which means that it is a procedure, in animal and human. These kinds of treatment may cure both the itching that resulted in bites and also can kill or remove the fleas, ticks themselves.

1.2. Some types of flea treatments :

We divide into 2 kinds of flea treatments: for pets and for home.

-    For pet :

  • We can control numerous kind of fleas such as larvae, flea adults, perceiving insecticides. In addition, we also use some flea medicine, a prevalent method for all people over the world. But, some people think that flea medicines for cats and dogs are the same, it is a big mistake because flea treatments used for dogs can be harmful to cats.

Even though these products may fight against fleas, ticks successfully, they still contain different ingredients which is active and because cats cannot transform many product compounds, so taking care of using it for cats is 1

  • Besides that, we need to know some limits about flea medicine. Flea medicine manufacturers highly recommend using these treatments for at least half of year because lifecycle of flea normally expands to 6 months. That is the reason why we should use flea and tick product in a long term. And if we follow the rule correctly, we can highly prevent the infestation and stop this phenomenon.
  • Flea medicines also need to be used carefully as many of them also have a negative impact on mammals.

-    For home: People should clean, wash and vacuum their living place to repel fleas as well as ticks.

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2. How long does it take for flea medicine to dry?

In fact, we can use a multitude of medicines: spot-on, oral medication, topical, ... to our pets. The most important aspect is that we need to keep them not get wet until the medicines dry. Time for the application to dry can last up to 24 hours. During this period, put the other objects away from the place that is treated.

Some owners often bath for their pets after using flea medicine immediately but the best way is waiting for 48 hours before having a bath. This period is suitable for the product to start working effectively, especially for dips, shampoos, spot-on treatments and sprays.

In spot-on treatments, apply to the back and base of the tail of your pets. The medicine will kill and drive back fleas along with ticks on pets and keeps up preventing infestations for about a month.  After applying medicine to your pets, in order to let your application work effectively, it is necessary to keep your pets stay away from objects for 48 hours.

Of all the flea treatment, spot-on is the most favorite by users because they can repel all flea life stages easily, composing of adult fleas, flea pupae, larvae and flea eggs and so on. in case spot-on treatments are rather rough for your pet's skin, there is still a wide range of shampoos which anti fleas and ticks and made specifically of numerous nutrients consisting of sunscreen or aloe and several other nurturing substances.

In term of pets who wear flea and ticket collars, we also apply the 48- hour rule. Although most collars are made of waterproof material, pets still need two days to have fleas or ticks prevention underway.

If anyone wants to bath for their pets right after application but don’t want to disrupt the flea protection, they should use "non-stripping" shampoos. These are formed to not interrupt the medicine which is applying on the skin of your pets so that your pet will keep on getting protected against ticks as well as fleas.

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Besides prevent flea from attacking your pets by using some flea treatment, you also need to keep your living environment clean as fleas can enter your home from your yard. To stop fleas from invading your house, you should have some method or learn how to treat your environment properly.

3. Some treatments to kill fleas in your home and yard

- Having your house tidied regularly is an integral part to eradicate the problem of fleas and ticks.  You are able to use a vacuum, mops, and buckets to repel larvae, pupae or eggs on your rugs, tile or wood floors.

-  Throwing the rubbish bag whenever finish vacuuming. Flea eggs would hatch in the rubbish bag because of the vibration from your vacuum.

-  Cleaning and washing the bed as well as toys of your pets because fleas like to make nests in the place your pets do in order to keep feeding on them. Replace the cover frequently, about once a month since fleas can hide in this stuff as well.

Tip: Clean all of yours and your pet's belongings by hot water to kill all fleas along with flea eggs.

These are a variety of methods to avoid fleas in your house and protect your family members from the infestation. However, for some busy people, the fastest way is using flea treatment. After this article, we have an answer to the question: How long does it take for flea medicine to dry? It took a quite long time, about from 24-48 hours depends on each kind of medicine you use.

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