Medicine to relieve cat’s discomfort by fleas goes the opposite way sometimes. And cat acting weird after flea treatment is a sign as problems begin.


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When detecting that cats have fleas, most of the pet parents will think of the common solution to so-called flea treatment. Ok, that is fine. This medication includes some kinds of insecticides to wipe out the infestation. Some of them are safe for both animals and the environment while others cause side effects. After the treatment, many cats could act strangely. They keep on meowing for hours. Instead of sleeping as normal, they sit in the rain along with more and more clinic signs.

With new cat owners, these troubles may drive them crazy. However, all things will be better if you learn more about the problem. Keep reading the article and get some explanation.

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A truth of flea treatment in cats

In most of the insecticides used for flea treatment and tick infestation in pets, Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid are main ingredients. The former has the natural base from the Chrysanthemum plant. On the other hand, the latter is synthetic with a wide range of sub-ingredients. In some cases, toxins in these can result in an adverse reaction. They are all not good for the nervous system of cats at all. There is a continuous disorder in nerve axons. If they do not stop, nerve discharges will take the first steps.

In comparison, the reactions of medical ingredient and cat nerve system are different in pets. Normally, cats are more sensitive than dogs. And, for sure, the sensitivity increases for pets which are young, sick and get any health problem before.

If you see cat acting weird after flea treatment, there is no doubt that the sensitivity is on. To determine the illness, you can observe whether your cats undergo symptoms. For example, allergic reactions include congestion or itching. Mild reactions are like ear twitching or vomiting.

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Cat acting weird after flea treatment then what to do

Don’t worry immediately as your cats get weird. Followings are a few in many ways to protect your feline friends from terrible things from medication wiping out the flea invasion.


With the purpose of removing the flea tick medication, bathing is one of the best simple ways. Due to the oily state, the medication will not go with water only. You had better make use of shampoos specialized for pets. 

A fact is that bathing cats is not as easy as many pet owners still think. If cat hairs are not dried after bathing, their health will be worse even than which cat acting weird after flea treatment. When you are in doubt and worry about taking your pets at risk, please take them to the veterinary.

Veterinarian help

After applying the flea treatment, if your cat has gone weird, take it to the vet or any animal medical center as soon as possible. For troubles with insecticides, the more delay to see vets you are, the more poisonous your cats get.

Such a solution not only saves your pets, and prevents you from wasting a lot of money too. Veterinarians are fully qualified to do decontamination for cats healthily. They treat cats timely, the poison from flea treatment has not spread widely yet. Then the medication fee is less expensive.


The cat weird can also include clinical signs. They could be tremor as well as a seizure. In this case, hospitalization must be on the top of must-do. Some medications regarding muscle relaxants or antiseizure will make little friends more comfortable.

However, do never apply these medications on your cats yourself.  It is a must to get permission from vets. In addition to the hospitalization mentioned above, the treatment may include intravenous fluids, blood sugar and pressure monitoring along with temperature support.


Since the flea treatment may have side effects on cats, you need to be careful before application. When in doubt, experienced pet owners suggest asking advice of vets who know exactly medication weigh needed. It is the fact that the flea treatment for all types of pets is not the same.  

Another note is prevention. In spite of getting a good flea treatment, it is somehow not good for the cat-being. The reason why cats are always attractive to flea lies in its ideal coat which is warm and furry along with nourishing blood supply. If you can, let’s keep your feline friends away from fleas. But how?

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Stopping flea from laying up

On average, the number of eggs a flea can produce daily is more than 50. These flea products will roll off everywhere around your cats. They can be in carpets, couches or even on smooth barrier – cat hair. Your ignorance means to give fleas a chance of hatching and create invasion in your home. So, it is time to find out these eggs and let them go away.

Vacuuming daily

Instead of waiting for fleas to hatch and invade your home, you should prevent them by vacuuming every day. Make places including carpets, couches, and cracks in the floor. Not only eggs, for fleas, you can also apply this way. After vacuuming, there is one thing you must remember. It is to wash the vacuum bag with soap to make sure that fleas and their eggs are no longer around your house and your cats anymore.

Washing weekly

Vacuuming only is not enough for cats to be in safe. Things as bedding, sofa covers which cats touch should be clean. It is highly recommended to wash them once a week with hot water. Then, no flea and any insects can survive and influence pets negatively.

In closing

With cats, flea bites are uncomfortable. But the side effects of flea treatment are more freaking uncomfortable then. It is always better to prevent than searching for how to treat for cats. Generally, let’s limit medical application on cats as much as possible for maximum reduction of a cat acting weird after flea treatment. So, your pets can have a healthy body in the long-term later on.

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