Do you hate the fact that your feline friend is covered with fleas or ticks? So how to treat fleas with Capstar for kittens under 2 lbs? Your answer is here.

It’s good news that your little feline buddy has given birth to the kitten. Now you’ve got an extra duty due to the increasing number of your family members. Besides, newborn kittens are so prone to different health issues, especially the fleas. Thus, I recommend you to learn how to treat fleas with Capstar for kittens under 2 lbs.

What to know about Capstar flea tablets?

It’s time to help you pal free from pest by using the Capstar Flea pills for cats or dogs. Each of these will contain the active ingredient known as Nitenpyram. It’s supposedly quite effective in removing all fleas on dogs and cats, puppies and kittens as well.

How to Treat Fleas With Capstar for Kittens Under 2 lbsCapstar Blue for dogs and cats

Luckily, the quick-acting formula of the medication can kick off working after 30 minutes, and considered over 90% efficient in removing any adult flea within hours. In other words, it can relieve the itchiness and unpleasant experience for your poor kitty, much quicker than ever, and without any mess or bad smell.

What to do here is offering them the tablet as directed, and leave the whole work to the formula. One single dose will do it, and it’s pretty safe to do that daily, especially when the pal is infested once more. Keep doing it until fleas are all gone. Below are some great facts about the treatment you should bear in mind

  • Safe to offer once a day when the cats can be reinfested.
  • Safe to any pregnant woman
  • Can offer with or without food.
  • Use it in any cat and dog, perfect for multi-pet households.

In some cases, fetal loss or birth defects, they’re reported after treating pregnant and lactating animals.

Control fleas with Capstar for kittens

Flea infestations on kittens

Flea infestations on kittens

So if you desperately love to own a fast flea killing product, which means that every flea will be dead within seconds, then Capstar for kittens under 2 lbs is the best choice to make. However, according to some users, this product might not exert the effect for too long, around 48 hours maximum, which makes it less common for controlling fleas.

However, it probably takes great care of huge populations of fleas living on the kitties quite fast. In other words, it helps give more time for the monthly flea cure to take effect. And then you can start to see those fleas falling off the feline friend only for one hour.

Remember that you must pay close attention to the overall weight of the kitties whenever considering the use of Capstar for kittens under 2 lbs. Despite the fact that the product direction clarifies that a cat should be more than 4 weeks of age by the time it’s cured with the Capstar flea controlling pills.

According to the manufacturer, most cured animals (both dogs and cats) should weigh over two pounds before you give them these pills.

In reality, kittens can’t get two pounds in bodyweight until they reach 8 - 9 weeks of age, so though the label states that the pills can be given for four weeks of age, you’re not recommended to dose them with Capstar flea pills until they get around 9 weeks of age.

Besides, the medication here can be utilized in conjunction with some treatment methods for the aim of offering the full protection against the fleas. Keep reading since the rest of this post today will help discover more side effects and possible risks associated with Capstar. They can help make a crucial decision whenever you’re choosing which treatment would be suitable for the pet.

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Adverse effects with Capstar medication

Speaking of the adverse effects materials, there are a few severe side effects that you just can’t miss, such as the neurological signs and death. These are nearly seen in every animal under two pounds of weight, and in the animals that are less than eight weeks of age, or those in poor health condition. 

Capstar medication

Capstar medication still have some adverse effects

A lot of the adverse effects seen in dogs or cats are said to follow the administration of the Capstar medication. These unwanted effects include fever, hyperactivity, nervousness, increased heart rate, and panting. How about the more serious cases? These effects can turn into the worrisome gastrointestinal effects. They are diarrhea, vomiting, salivation, and reduced appetite.

Together with them, there are certain neurological signs, including hard breathing, seizures, incoordination, pupil dilation, and trembling. And some of them are likely to possibly result in death. As it comes to allergic reactions, you can think of fever, swollen, puffy eyes, redness, itching, and hypersalivation.

Other considerations

Even though Capstar creates a full flea treatment regimen for cats and dogs, there would be other choices available for all cats and dogs that provide different degrees of protection against fleas and other pests. They’re mosquitoes, ticks, lice, and flies. 

For those who want the treatments that can provide certain protection against the extra pests, feel free to look for some other solutions including Frontline Plus, the K9 Advantix II for dogs. Both of these treatments are known to provide more than one month of guarding the kittens against ticks, fleas, and other pests.

Also, they tend to arrive in distinct formulas to make sure that you can finally find the appropriate dosage for cats or dogs depending on the weight. 


Fleas are undoubtedly the nuisance to any pet, so it’s best to use Capstar for kittens under 2 lbs, which is known as an effective flea treatment you shouldn’t miss. With it, any household with cats and dogs no longer face any difficulty in removing infestations on their pets.

We hope this post has informed you of all benefits and risks linked to the Capstar and potential alternatives to the solution. For this reason, you can easily find the greatest product for the pets. You can also find more cat stuff at Cattybox!

Cattybox team.

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