Warm and mild aroma of the incense creates a relaxing space that is good for the human being. Is there the same thing for pets? Is incense bad for cats?

Burning the incense in the house is no longer a new trend. A lot of people apply this to their spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. However, many of them do not have any thought of the effects of such charming scent on pets, especially cats. Although the incense is helpful for both human physical and emotional health, the thing does not work well with cats.

It is not that which the incense is harmful to cats means you should stop using. You still can make use of this scent by other ways without severe causes to little pets. But you had to understand more about the incense and the link between it and the cat.

What is the incense?

Available in many parts of the world, the incense belongs to the list of products for the sanctuary. It does not matter where it is in use, a church, a yoga class or in the home space, its purifying nature will add a special peaceful feeling. However, in some cases with an excessive amount of incense can leave unexpected bad impacts on pets in general and your cats in particular.

Even though the incense is in use with the high density nowadays, people are keen on this without being aware of health concerns. By the announcement in the Environment Chemistry Letters, the particulate outcome from the incense burning is more dangerous than we have thought about. Plus, these burning products have nearly the same effects as cigarette smoke does.

For some individuals, they love to get cigarettes which add extra incense inside. This type of second-hand smoking outcome just causes an issue if the user is out of home proximity, especially places near cats. Which are exactly compounds in the incense and how do they influence? So, the followings will be the answer to the question “is incense bad for cats”.

Why should the incense be not for cats?

In the market, there are a lot of incense types. Most of them come from oils, plants with aromas and many other resins. When users combustor heat such products, they will fill the space full of pleasant aromas. However, not everyone is aware of the negative sides. In addition to a nice aroma, the incense also has bad effects with toxic air pollutants it produces. Not only the human being but also cats have to undergo the harmfulness.

Bad compounds

During the burning or heating process, a compound which is quite volatile emits from the incense. It includes substances as benzene, toxic gas and so forth. For more detailed, the gases are CO2 and CO. Basing on the information of the article titled “Environmental Monitoring and Assessment”, the chemicals mentioned above can hurt the health of humans and pets. In comparison with the lung of humans, the cats’ one is more sensitive to pollutants from the environment.

The problem will be more serious when cats ingest the substances in the incense oil accidentally. Chemicals in the aromatic compound stick on the cat fur, then felines friends lick them off and swallow. Some common medical troubles could be digestive upset, disorders of the nervous system and many others.

Effects on skin and respiratory system

Is incense bad for cats’ digestion only? Of course, that is wrong. When the incense comes with the oily state, it gets the link to the sensitive skin of little friends. Or sometimes, the oil contacts with the nose and then the lung which does have the high sensitiveness in cats.

The irritation starts from room spray or deodorizer with the incense presence. In spite of making the house smell perfect, the incense can attack the cat's respiratory system. The negative leads to asthma, crazily tired coughing for pets.

The cat asthma features with the lower respiratory tract or sometimes, the lower airways. The sickness causes your pets to lose appetite, find it difficult in breathing and coughing a lot. Moreover, day by day, if there is no proper treatment, the cat will get more weakness.

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Some points for the consideration

It is fine to heat or burn the incense inside the home. But, choosing the place to do so plays an essential role. Normally, the one which is well ventilated always gets the high recommendation. For example, the position can be near a window. Furthermore, you cannot forget to put it away from cats.

Places to add the incense

According to the article titled "Caring for Family Pets: Choosing and Keeping Our Companion Animals Healthy”, aromatic products like the incense can easily bother cats. They motivate the problems with a headache. It is because the sense of smell in this animal species is much more sensitive than the human’s one. Additionally, as for the incense in the oily state, you should place out of the reach of the cat. Hence, you can prevent his/her from ingesting the incense.

Is incense bad for cats? Warning!

Quality of the incense

Regardless of bad effects, we all can deny benefits that the incense can bring. This aroma makes the air purifier. Besides, researches note that there is a kind of medicinal smoke beneficial for both mental and physical health.

Information from other studies also shows that frankincense with the origin of the Boswellia plant puts some positive effects on the brain. It contributes to the process of relieving anxiety as well as depression. In addition, the incense with the lavender extract in the form of essential oil can get rid of the stressful feeling.

Generally, the neutral answer is incense bad for cats or not. In fact, it is not right entirely. Due to benefits regarding the health of human beings, we can still take advantage of the incense as long as it is a reasonable amount. Especially, you had better pay much attention to quality. The high-quality product somehow can reduce the level of negative impacts.

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