Your furball is somewhat of a glutton? Check out this article if you want to know what experts have to say about the issue of kitten always hungry.


Kitten Always Hungry

Generally speaking, in order to support their rapid growth, kittens need to take in a lot of nutrients every day. Additionally, energetic kittens often have a tendency to eat more. As a result, it's natural for your fluffy friend to beg for more foods in its bowl around mealtimes. That being said, in the case the pet seems to be hungry all the time, something might have gone wrong. As kittens have a rather fragile constitution, cat parents have to act if they notice odd signs in the felines. Still, very few people know the ideal approach to the issue of kitten always hungry.


Worry that the big appetite of your furball is a sign of underlying health issues? If that is your primary concern at the moment, you come to the right place. Down below, you would find everything you must keep in mind about what makes your kitten always hungry, the necessity of vet checkups and methods to prevent kittens from overeating.


Why The Pet Eats So Much: A List Of Possibilities

Kitten Always Hungry

Overall, all sorts of things influence the appetite of the cats but if your kitten constantly whines for food, you should consider the following suspects.


  • Parasites

Intestinal worms take all of their nutrients from the host. So if such parasites manage to get into the intestine your fluffy friend through foods, fleas and alike, its appetite shall grow substantially without fail. The pet keeps eating but it's unable to satisfy its hunger as the worms get most of the nutrients. In a couple of cases, cat parents may even see signs of worm infestations in the feces of affected felines. Fortunately, you should be able to take care of the worms in your kitten by using cat-specific deworming medications.   


  • Diabetes

As the pancreas of diabetic cats fails to properly produce insulin, the pets simply have no way to utilize the sugar they obtain from foods. As a result, the felines would continue eating to get the energy its body needs. While several people assume that the disease is only a threat to senior cats, it could affect juvenile kittens too. That is why don't ever rule out diabetes if you suddenly realize that your kitten possesses an insatiable hunger. The appetite of your kitten is going to rerun to normal when you manage to bring the disease under control. 


  • Boredom

The playful nature of kittens makes them susceptible to boredom if they feel being neglected. In downtime, the felines do all sorts of things to entertain themselves but similar to humans, some resort to eating. Bored kittens don't eat to satisfy their hunger, they eat because they see foods. Among the potential culprits that make a kitten always hungry, boredom is considered to be the easiest to solve as people only need to keep the pet engaged in activities. Once your kitten got too absorbed into something, it shall forget about the feeding bowl.


  • Upbringing

Kittens that live on the street never know when the next meal would come so they eat as much as they could at every opportunity. Therefore, if you recently adopted your kitten, it's highly likely that the pet is behaving based on past experience. As long as your furball notice foods in its feeding bowl, it should keep eating which put the pet at risk of developing digestive upsets. Luckily, your kitten is going to eat just enough if you show the pet that the food supply is stable for most of the time.


  • Food

Generally speaking, people that eat mostly fast-food tend to get hungry hours after mealtime. Well, the same thing happens to the average kittens: The felines tend to feel hungry if they have to eat low-quality foods every day. As their nutrient need remains unfulfilled, the pets shall eat and eat and eat without a care in the world. On the bright side, if food is what makes your kitten always hungry, all you have to do is to make changes to its diet. Overall, prioritize kitten foods from reputable brands in order to give your cat sufficient nutrients.

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The Ideal Approach: Need Helps? Visit The Local Veterinary Clinic

Kitten Always Hungry


When it comes to the well being of your fluffy friend, it's impossible for you to be too careful. That is why cat parents should consider bringing their kitten straight to the vets in the case something seems odd. Veterinarians could detect illnesses in cats, devise proper treatments and offer much-needed advice regarding the health of the felines. Hence, it's strongly recommended that you write down the number of the neighborhood vet clinic in case you notice strange behaviors in your pet.


Getting Kittens To Eat Less: Tips And Tricks For Owners

Kitten Always Hungry


  • Consider Adopting Meal Feeding Plan: Free feeding presents an obvious benefit: You don't necessarily have to be around in order to feed your furball. You only need to fill the bowl to the brim for the pet to nibble. Nonetheless, if your kitten is eating more than it actually needs, switch to meal feeding. Though such a feeding plan requires extra times as well as efforts, it minimizes the risk of overeating in cats.


  • Invest In Treat-Dispensing Toys: You have no time to play with your fluffy friend? If that is so, visit the pet store to get some interactive treat-dispensing toys. The toys would surely get the attention of your kitten away from its feeding bowl. With the toys, you could have peace of mind while allowing your cat to tire itself out as it pleases. Of course, you have to keep the treats under control.


  • Put Together A Well Balanced Diet: As mentioned above, kittens require a lot of nutrients to develop into healthy cats. Because of that, you should be able to ensure that your furball never eats excessively by assembling a sound diet. If you want to play it safe, ask the vets for a couple of recommendations. Actually, veterinarians could even help you arrange an optimized feeding schedule that meets the specific condition of your fluffy friend.

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