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There are a lot of passionate pet parents who spend a lot of time caring about the diet for their little cats. They not only pay attention to what they should add in the cat daily intake so as to provide essential nutrients properly. They also focus on choosing food products to protect cats from health problems. And one thing manufacturers name the Montmorillonite clay is on. It is not a type of food. It is a type of ingredient which will support cat body against internal and external negative elements. To understand deeply about this composition, what it is and how it contributes to cat healthy body, let’s read explore the information below.

Basic learn of Montmorillonite clay

Originally, the Montmorillonite clay is one of the components in volcanic ash. For years, it has settled under the inland seawater.

Two different types

Sodium and calcium are two types of Montmorillonite. Each of them bears typical features.

Sodium montmorillonite

As a predominant cation which is exchangeable, the Sodium Montmorillonite can make a many-time-distension in the clay. It is common in use for industries regarding oil well drilling, tile production, concrete and many more.

Calcium montmorillonite

Another way to call this Montmorillonite type is living clay. Surely, many of you will wonder about the calling. It is because the main composition of the Calcium Montmorillonite is minerals. They play an essential role in producing indispensable enzymes for living organisms.

Confusion between Montmorillonite vs. Bentonite clays

Now, there is a common misunderstanding between Montmorillonite clays and Bentonite clays. Honestly, their names often interchange because of the nearly same properties. Here is the reason why many people have difficulty learning about Montmorillonite for the very first time.

Although these are not the same, their difference is not significant at all. Both Montmorillonite and Bentonite clays belong to the family of Smectites. And it is hard to find out any Smectites which do not contain the Montmorillonite. Noteworthy here is that they are different in the way their names come. While the Montmorillonite is on since such clay is from Montmorillon commune of France, the Bentonite origins in Fort Benton Wyoming.

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Food products with the Montmorillonite clay

Due to being a natural ingredient, the Montmorillonite clay is often available in some kinds of healthy foods for the human. Not only that, people apply this in pet foods too with very specific purposes.

For two Montmorillonite types, the Calcium or Living clay is using the best. In general, Montmorillonite clay in cat food or any human food has positive effects. According to a health study, the proper living clay intake for diet enables users to prevent common illnesses by 50% on average.

For instance, Living clay in human food products helps to improve the digestive system's health. It boosts immunity which protects the human body from infections. Moreover, the Calcium Montmorillonite presence will wipe out heavy metals as well as toxin from the body.

About Montmorillonite clay in cat food

For pet foods in general and cat food in particular, the Montmorillonite clay plays the role of a natural anti-caking agent. These foods are often in the state of sticking together into clumps. Then, manufacturers add the Montmorillonite to break them up and make them dry.

In addition to the Montmorillonite clays, there are many other anti-caking agents. They are not natural and man-made ones instead. In these bad agents, there are synthetic substances, namely, silicon dioxide or magnesium and calcium stearates.

Moreover, the addition contributes to prevention against chemicals along with man-made agents which are poisonous for the pet health condition. Hence, a lot of veterinarians highly recommend pet parents to use as an amazing detoxifier.

Montmorillonite clay composition

It is undoubtful that the Montmorillonite clay brings cats a great mineral source. Totally, there are more than 67 different minerals in its composition. They include calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese along with necessary trace elements.

Maintain a good health for a cat cannot miss the joining of minerals. In the Montmorillonite clays, these essential minerals exist in the colloidal structure. The form makes it easier for minerals to assimilate with the pet body.

Montmorillonite benefits

Checking whether there is Montmorillonite clay in cat food should be the first priority whenever you go shopping for your little feline friends. Nowadays, it is not a strange story to hear about a wide range of increases in cat health problems. Unfortunately, these troubles come from environmental pollution as well as poisons that human results in.

These bad things all can cause cats to undergo problems in relation to allergies, kidney, diabetes and urinary disorders. Researches point out that thanks to the Montmorillonite clay, the cat body can get rid of toxins.

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When ingested, the clay sticks to toxins in a natural way. Then it pushes them out of the cat body through the colon. Most of the manufacturers of pet food add the Montmorillonite to their products with two main purposes. One is to keep the food dry, prevent moisture. Two is to build good health for cats. It makes the immune system better and bear benefits, for instance, the clay strengthens the connection between bones and joints of cats.

To sum up

Despite bringing benefits for the health of feline friends, the Montmorillonite clay in cat food still gets negative comments from pet parents. Many of them keep wondering how cats can digest clays, actually unbelievable. Surely, this Living clay has been appreciated by vets with the purpose of keeping a healthy cat. However, you need to take advantage of it in an adequate amount daily. The convenient cat food must combine with the one you prepare yourself so that there is always a well dietary daily meal for your little friend.

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