So you just notice that there are feces stuck in the anus of your fluffy friend? Check out this article to learn more about poop stuck halfway out of cat.


Poop Stuck Halfway Out Of Cat

Every now and then, the average cats would experience popping incidents but fortunately, such occurrences tend to last for a fairly short amount of time. That being said, pet owners still have to keep a close eye on their felines in case things suddenly take a turn for the worse. So if you ever run in your furball with a small piece of poop lodged to its rear, you must not treat the situation lightly. The sign of poop stuck halfway out of cat usually indicates mild constipation that might lead to more health problems in the future if you fail to address it.

Have no idea what to do to help your pet push the stools all the way out of its anus? If that is so, you should take a moment to read the information down below.

Constipation In Cats: Brief Overviews

Poop Stuck Halfway Out Of Cat

Before we get to the issue of poop stuck halfway out of cat, it's necessary to learn a bit about constipation in cats. After you have a firm grasp on the fundamentals, you shall have no trouble making proper decisions in specific scenarios.

Generally speaking, the majority of cats have to visit the litter box at least once a day in order to remove feces from their system. That action plays a critical role in detoxifying the body of the felines so in the case it runs into obstructions, the pets would suffer greatly. Constipated cats may go days without visiting the litter box which brings about gastrointestinal upsets. In certain cases, the poor pets also strain themselves attempting to get rid of the poop only to get a piece out barely halfway.

Normally, constipation subsides within just a few days but if it lingers for weeks then you need to intervene immediately.

Why Constipation Occurs: Prime Suspects

Poop Stuck Halfway Out Of Cat

Overall, there are a lot of possible reasons behind constipation in cats, direct and indirect. Nonetheless, in terms of prevalence, a couple of them do stand out from the rest.  

  • Hairs

It's common knowledge that cats love to groom themselves. Your pet could spend hours and hours and hours grooming its coat without feeling bored. However, while grooming, the felines unwittingly swallow various strands of hairs right into the stomach. In most of the case, the hairs tend to arrive at the colon after a while which form a ball. If things proceed smoothly, the cats shall get the pesky ball of hairs out soon. On the other hand, if the ball remains stuck inside, constipation is going to persist.

  • Drinking Habits

Some cats don't bother to drink enough water to match the requirement of their body so the moisture level inside the colon drops low. Over time, the poop steadily hardens and proceeds to give the pets a fairly hard time at the litter box. Usually, the dryer the feces, the more painful it becomes for the pets to defecate. Therefore, if you see poop stuck halfway out of cat then there is a good chance that the pet is currently suffering from dehydration. Without water to soften them, the stools are incapable of passing through the anus completely.

  • Daily Meals

To certain people, it's convenient to feed cats dry foods because they don't have to worry about the pet making a big mess. In addition, dry foods often last considerably longer than wet foods while in the open. That being said, dry foods have inferior moisture contents compared to wet foods on average which obviously expose cat to the risk of serious constipation. Hence, if you wonder why your pet walks around with a piece of poop protrudes out of the anus, you must assess its daily diet.

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Treating Constipation In Cats: Breakdown

Poop Stuck Halfway Out Of Cat

Considering the rapid developments in the veterinary world, it's strongly recommended that you take your pet straight to the vets if things seem grave. At the clinics, well-trained professionals would know what to do to improve the overall condition of your feline pal. They have to run a couple of tests to diagnose the root of the issue first but in most cases, constipation is treatable. Therefore, you don't need to freak out if you catch glimpses of poop stuck halfway out of cat.

Note: Though it appears to be somewhat faster as well as less bothersome, giving your cat random medicine without clearances from vets is ill-advised. Not only such an action complicates the treating regime but it might also endanger the very life of your pet.  

How To Stop Constipation From Happening In The First Place

Poop Stuck Halfway Out Of Cat

"Prevention is better than cure: is applicable to virtually every disease including constipation in cats. Here are some popular methods to make sure that the pets could defecate in peace. 

  • Add More Fiber To Meal

While feeding cats wet foods work fairly well in preventing constipation, it's widely advised that you consider throwing in some fiber-rich stuff too. Carrots, pumpkins, spinaches, peas and so on facilitate bowel movement which allows the felines to remove the feces out of their body without much difficulty. In addition to that, these foodstuff add substantial bulk to the meal so the odds of overeating are quite low. Just keep in mind that you must refrain from using spice as that may provoke uncertain reactions from the pets.

  • Encourage The Cats To Drink More Water On Their Own

Normally, pets that receive sufficient amounts of water rarely suffer from constipation but some cats simply refuse to drink adequately. Therefore, it's a good idea that pet owners find ways to persuade their fluffy friends to consume more water. In most cases, cats like to drink from moving water so if possible, it would be beneficial to invest in several cat fountains. You have a multitude of options to choose so pick one that suits your cat.

  • Put Together Daily Play Session

Domesticated cats have rather few opportunities to exercise which often causes them to experience certain health issues such as constipation. However, by sparing some time to play with your cat now and then, you could get its body to move which enhances the digestive tract. In case you are unable to find times, grab some toys in order to let your furball entertain itself.

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    How do i get my cat to eat the “Carrots, pumpkins, spinachez, peas” you recommend? My cat won’t eat veggies.

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