Low residue cat food is a popular choice of cats’ owners because of its benefits to feline friends. Let’s see why many people choose this.



What is low residue cat food and how does it benefit cats? Many cats’ owners wonder about this issue when considering buying low residues foods for their cats. So, in this article, we will answer these questions above.

What is low residue cat food?

Low residue cat food is a good choice to solve the problem of constipation in cats. The food is easy to digest and produces minimal waste. This type of food has high fiber and other ingredients to enhance the health of your cats and help your cats prevent feline constipation. Main ingredients in low residue cat food include:


The amount of fiber plays an important role in solving feline constipation problems. Good low residue food is a food that contains the right amount of fiber. It needs to be low in fiber but it does not mean there is no fiber in low residue food.

What is low residue cat food

Many low residue cat foods have various types of fiber that have different functions in preventing feline constipation. Some high-quality fibers can increase the health of bacteria which lives in the intestine and helps to keep intestine from bacteria.

However, the fiber content needs to be low enough for minimum stool can be produced by eating food. Once constipation is immediately reduced, more fiber can be put into the diet to help avoid a future episode.

Highly digestible ingredients

It is important that a low residue food for cats must contain ingredients which are easy to digest. Animal protein is the easiest ingredient that cats can digest. Some cats can digest fat easily, but others have a harder time. The best food is one containing low-fat animal protein, and the percentage of fiber is under 4 percent.

Cats can also have no trouble in digesting ingredients in foods with high moisture content. Cat food should have a low amount of grains and carbohydrates because cats may have problems in the digestive process.

Ingredients helping to keep the stool soft

Low residue cat food can help your cats easily to poop thanks to ingredients that hold water in the stool. A sugary syrup, called lactulose is the best ingredients keeping the stool soft. You should read the package carefully to find out this ingredient, or you can add it to your cat’s food. You can also find food that contains other stool softeners like DSS (Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate DSS).

Other healthy ingredients

A high-quality, low residue food for cats also contains other healthy ingredients that keep digestion healthy, smooth fur and healthy skin. Many low residue foods provide Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to keep the skin and digestion moving.

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Benefits of low residue food to cats

Prevent feline constipation

Low residue foods contain fibers that serve many purposes. These foods are easy to digest for cats and produce less waste. Some of the other ingredients in low-residue foods are added to improve your cat's health in many ways. Abnormal feces in the cat's intestines are the cause of constipation in cats.

In addition to being painful, the condition of the cat often leaves the saddle of extra-large cat litter and a variety of health problems. Treating this disease with low nutrient residues early on can help keep your cat healthy and save you money on veterinary costs.

Support digestion

Low residue cat food contains other ingredients to help cats digest easily and support the digestive system to work properly. There are foods that are not good for your cat's digestive system, and sometimes you do not become aware.

It is not good when you feed your cat the food you do not know if your cats can digest or not. So that, low residue food is a good choice if you are too busy and you do not have to worry about which food is good for your cats whenever you feed them.

Easy to feed

Low residue cat food

Dry cat food has the advantage of being easy to feed. Nutritious cat food with low residue also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin C and E and co-factors such as niacin, biotin and folic acid. High protein foods also help eliminate problems related to the digestive system.

Also, many cats like the flavor of low residue foods. Manufacturers have receipts that create attractive flavor and make your cats crave food as soon as they smell.

You must also know which ingredients affect your cat's health. These ingredients include artificial sweeteners, synthetic preservatives, and colorants. Chemical elements such as butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate (gallic acid) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) are extremely harmful to the digestive system.

Save time and money

It is true that people in modern society are very busy and cats’ owners are no exception. It will take too much time to prepare hand-made cat food so that many people choose canned or bagged cat food. This will help them to save time whenever they feed their cats.

Many people have a problem while feeding cats. They may prepare meals for them, but their cats do not enjoy, and then it takes them much time to make flavor which their cats like. With low residue food for the cat, everything will be easier because it has a flavor that attracts cats so that almost cats enjoy their meals immediately.

Using low residue cat food helps your cat prevent feline constipation and provide enough essential nutrients so that your cat will be healthy and you can save vet bill. However, that does not mean you will never have your cat check. You should take your cat to the vet at least once a month to check their health and promptly detect dangerous diseases.


With high-quality ingredients, useful for cats and help cats improve health, low residue cat food is a popular choice of cats’ owners. This is the solution to help cats avoid feline constipation and provide essential cat nutrition.

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