We might all know that your cats have not one, not two, but three eyelids. But is it true that cat third eyelid showing no other symptoms? Keep on reading!

Whether you love cats or not, it will truly be fascinating to take your time to look into their eyes. A cat’s eyes which are a fabulous combination of colors are bright, soulful, and appealing. And cloudy is the only one thing they shouldn't be. Sometimes you notice a squinty peeper or cloudy spot in one or both of their eyes. This retractable membrane found in each of their eye’s inner corner might be telling you that they’ve got an eye problem. Is it right that cat third eyelid showing no other symptoms

What To Know About Your Cat’s Third Eyelid?

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What To Know About Cat’s Third Eyelid?

Cats might have three eyelids. The first two ones are not different from human’s — one on the top (the upper one) and another at the bottom (the lower one) that cover the eyes and unite in the middle of your cats’ eyes as their lids are closed. The third eyelid, also known as the inner membrane or the nictitating membrane, which is a retractable membrane found in the inner corner of each eye, is scientifically called as Tertia palpebra.

Why Don’t All Cats’ Owner See Their Friends’ Third Eyelid?

Not all kitty’s owners realize the fact that their lovely friends have the third eyelids. Often, they do not really find a cat’s third eyelid as their eyes’ inner corners are covered by a flap of some kind. Normally, in a healthy cat, the third eyelid is not clear from the view since retracted inside the small pocket in the corners of their eyes.

Only when your cats blink - their upper and lower eyelids gather together - will this invisible third eyelid emerge. That’s why a lot of you cannot see it happening.

Cats’ friends, sometimes, might realize the existence of the third eyelid if they are very relaxed. For example, if your four-legged friend has just woken up from a deep sleep, or has been sedated for a surgical procedure, or he/she is half sleep, awake and his/her eyes gradually open and he/she alerts, a glimpse of their both eyes’ third eyelids might be caught.

What Are The Causes Of Your Cats’ Third Eyelid?

This tissue found around the cornea, conjunctiva, and mucous membrane is to make it different from your cats’ two outer eyelids (the upper and lower eyelids). A lot of you might have never caught it before, but it is a signal of your cats’ health problem. And if it has been recently noticed, you’d better read up on the causes of your cats’ third eyelid.

  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Dehydration;
  • Upper respiratory infections;
  • Eye injuries as a result of hit or fights;
  • Foreign objects in the eyes

Is It Right That Cat Third Eyelid Showing No Other Symptoms?

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Cat third eyelid showing no other symptoms?

Your cats’ third eyelid might be a threat to her health. In the worst case, it might be Haw's syndrome or Horner’s syndrome.

What Is The Role of Your Cats’ Third Eyelid?

Unlike humans, your cats are often close to the ground. As a result, their eyes are exposed to much more debris and dirt. And chances are they are susceptible to dust. The thin, membranous structure of the third eyelid gives your cats a much higher level of protection.

Since your cats blink, the third eyelid shoots across the surface of their eye. That’s when it accomplishes its duty as a great physical barrier. The third eyelid helps with cleaning by delicately protecting your cats’ eyeballs from the sudden attack of any foreign object entering the eyes or from any risk to your cats’ vision – that can be a consequence of a hit or knock as well as wiping away tiny black specks of dust on its way.

Another role of the third eyelid is to spread lubrication across your cats’ eyeball by producing a liquid, whose antiseptic properties are able to save them from the harmful effects of any bacteria and microorganism. However, in spite of all these protective uses of this protective position in front, don’t wish your cats have the feline nictitating membrane.

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What Should You Do When You Spot Your Cats’ Third Eyelid? 

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How To Treat Cat With The Third Eyelid?

It is not a secret - your cats’ eyelid is a symptom of their bad condition. Cat third eyelid showing no other symptoms – it is not always that case. They might not be a big deal but you should not ignore it under any circumstances.

In case you notice the irregular third eyelid in your cats, it’s high time to take your furry kitty to a reliable vet office for a full checkup and an official diagnosis. That way, your vets will give you some medications that can make your pet's discomfort less severe and treat her symptoms.

A reliable veterinary is the only one who is capable of treating your cats very effectively with minimal pain. Arrange a visit and your lovely friends will be back home and back to their good health conditions in no time at all.

How To Prevent Your Cats’ Third Eyelid?

The greatest way to lessen the risk is to keep your cat indoors.

Your cat’s eyes are often famous for their distinctive appearance with a perfect combination of colors. And they should be the first thing you want to protect. Though the nictitating membrane is not popular, cat third eyelid showing no other symptoms – it is not always that case. Like any other infections or conditions, this obvious sign of illness can alert some predators that your cats are ill. What is the third eyelid? Does it tell you something serious about your cat’s health? What to do if you spot your cats’ third eyelid? That’s what we are going to tell you in this article!

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