Is cat scratching floor like little box an odd act of the feline? What does it mean? And is there any medical problem behind?


A cat keeps scratching the floor, especially, he/she does this thing with a little box. Such an issue is, sometimes, just a bad habit affecting not only kittens but also adult cats or even the older. And, sometimes, it defines something regarding medical issues as well as discomfort the cat has to undergo.

What does the cat scratching floor like little box mean?

In comparison, training the cat to do bathroom activities with a little box is never as easy as he gets bad habits himself. It is not the same thing between two more cats. While some of them normally ignore the box many times before being used to, many try to kick the litter out. Or there are some cases of the cat scratching floor like little box after pooping.

Caring the cat requires pet parents to prepare little boxes full of litter insides as well as other supplies. The formation of bad toilet habits may come from discomfort caused by these boxes. As a consequence, the cat will not cover pooping products, urine improperly or scratch the floor.

The detailed reasons

In fact, there are lots of reasons for cats to scratch the floor like a litter box. One of the typical reasons links to pheromones which is a type of hormone in cats. The cat keeps scratching so as to get rid of rough edges. Hence, he can release the pheromone considerably. To avoid cats to destroy house walls or furniture, people often invest toys like a scratch house.

Following will be 5 issues for the cat scratching. If they are all in the line with the cat, you infinitely need to make some adjustments since the feline behaviors are from the litter box. On the other hand, unless it is, the issue could be the messy medical problem.

The small size of the litter box

In terms of the litter box size, the small one can motivate the cat to scratch the floor, especially right after he goes pooping. Honestly, determining where the separation between the litter box and the floor is always challenging the cat. A small box not only struggles cats to move but also prevents them from understanding these different positions. Hence, instead of trying to cover their excrement with the litter, cats scratch the floor or litter box sides.

As an instinct, cats walk and play in the litter box. They go pooping or urine then get the litter to cover there. They just refuse to do those when a fresh coverage is not available for sure. Thus, the very first element to pick a litter box for cats should be the size to make comfort for feline friends.

Inadequate litter

With a wide litter box but inadequate litter in, do not ask the reason for the cat scratching floor like a litter box. In spite of the correct size box, the supply is still not enough for cats to do their job. A shortage of litter in the box is also a part contributing to feline bad toilet behaviors.

The thickness needed is normally several inches. For the cat toilet product coverage, it is fine to get a thickness of 2 to 3 inches and an additional around 2 inches for the box protection. Basing on the size of the box, you can add a suitable litter amount.

Like the case that a toilet with the water lack, it is hard to become flush, the cat litter box is, too. In the same way, when you do not add enough litter into the box, cats cannot cover entirely feces, then they scratch other places with the purpose of coverage.

Full litter box

A full litter box means that there is no space left for the cat’s toilet use along with product coverage. In the box full of waste, cats find it difficult to find fresh litter. Hence, the only way for them is to scratch the floor, the box sides or even the rim.

Refreshing the litter box daily plays an essential part of raising cats. Removing waste only is not enough. Pet parents also need to focus on making air quality improvement. That the litter box is full causes cats to scratching around. Plus, sometimes, they find another place in the house as their new own restroom.

Litter-box-smell floor

For days, you have not had free time cleaning the litter box. It begins to smell unpleasant and spread this discomfort to the surrounding. According to experts in the animal study, cats own an amazing sense of smell. So, it is easy to know why in this case, cats misunderstand that the floor is also their litter box. And it is just an extension.

cat scratching floor like little box

No way can be better than cleaning both litter boxes and floor around to remedy this misunderstanding of your cats. All things will become polluted if cats kick litter out after they do toilet habits.

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Improper toilet training

If the proper training is not ready, bad habits will take a chance to come, especially for kittens who are not with their mom cats. From using the litter box to covering the toilet products, they need to learn day by day.

Some people still think that cats know how to use the box for granted. But they are wrong definitely. A shortage of or improper training will cause issues. So, let’s spend more time training them.

If the cat scratching floor like litter box has lasted for several days or months, it is not good for both cat health and your house. This act ruins the aesthetics of the home interior and cat hygiene along with medical sides. Raising cats is not just to give them food, water, and toys. It includes issues around the litter box. You had better train your cats to use it properly and clean the box as frequently as you can. The routine can be once or twice a week.

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