Bloody stool but acting normal? Your lovely cats just freaked you out by traces of blood on their stool? Apart from it, everything seems normal, and they do not act weird at all. Should you be worried about it?

There are many cats out there suffer bloody stool. You might see it not so seriously if your cat usually behaves. However, you should know some facts about this phenomenon and make sure that your cats are taken good care. We will show you how to.

Define the situation.

So when you know, it’s happening? You see the blood on their poops. The color can be dark red or bright red (we call it Hematochezia if bright red blood shows off on cat’s stool). Not animals including cats give natural stool with blood. Therefore, the signal means something wrong to their bodies. Bloody stool may be caused by common sickness, but we cannot tell if it’s a severe infection.

In general, common sickness can cause this situation for a short time, and there should be no harmful effects to the cats. However, visiting the Vet is our recommendation if you sense something not cool. In case cats act normal, you can set your mind free at some point.

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Causes of Cat bloody stool but acting normal

 There are several reasons for the appearance of blood, such as mental or physical irritation or disease.

-    Changing the food is the most popular cause for bloody stool. It’s straightforward. The cat is hot happy with the food and the stomach raise its voice. It’s not about the cat do not like the food, but the foods itself seem to do a lousy job. It happens to the human being if you eat something too spicy.

-    The horrible mood can cause bloody cat stool, also. It’s like nervous influence, and the stress makes digestion system perform poorly. In the case of this, the cats may be suffering a fair or their habits are forbidden. The cats getting bored can be a reason, too. On first days, they might not behave ridiculously but the situation’s getting worse and worse if you do not do something.

The cat might not be in a good mood

-    Some disease can cause the bloody stool, or I have to say this symptom is just the beginning of something terrible to your cats. Next expression should be weird behavior or weight loss. Or only, blood on stool become familiar for a long time.

-    Unknown reasons. For some case, we could not tell the reasons why unless we run a medical test for the cat.

Whatever the reason is, it’s not a good signal if your cat has bloody stool. Even though acting normal seems nothing wrong, you should pay more attention to other factors and track on the situation in case it gets worse.

Helps with diagnosis

Cat bloody stool but acting normal will come to the time with veterans if the situation happens for too long. When you visit the vet with your cat, there is some information you should carry to help with diagnosis.

-    Type of food, because it might be the reason for bloody stool. Cats are not like dogs, who can eat almost everything. Cats’ digestion is unable to cope with too much fat, fiber, carbs or vegetables.

-    The stool. Watching stool can help the diagnosis easier. In general, there are some appearance of bloody stool and also the texture. Description of how the cat poops and the changes can assist the vet to find out the reason. You might need to collect the stool sample in case it’s out of your knowledge on the situation.

In case the information is not enough to tell what’s wrong with the cat. It’s time for the vet to take more in-depth diagnosis. There might be x-rays, blood test, or even more.

The cat should be taken to the Vet


Solutions to bloody cat stool but acting normal

To improve the situation, you can do something to help the cats or even prevent the condition.


To raise a cat to the best, you should know about common features in feline’s lifestyle. Therefore, you can recognize when your cat goes abnormally.

-    You should know how normal stool looks like. It’s essential. Stool can tell a lot about health problems, and with a healthy body, the poop will not be with blood. Cat’s stool is not stingy and loose if they are healthy, either. If they poop out stingy and bloody stool, they’re in trouble.

-    You should study different types of blood on the stool. Some typical situations happen a lot in many cats. You can tell them if you read about it. For more complicated symptoms, you should bring the cat to a vet.

-    You should watch your cats closely. Knowing the habit and personality of your cat will help you with taking care of felines better.


When you start seeing blood on the stool of your cat, some actions should be done accordingly

-    Bring the cat to the Vet as soon as possible. In case you do not know about what’s happening, any abnormal events could send the cat to Vets. The situation should be detected and cured as soon as possible. Doing so can cause less money and time to save the cat.

-    Give the cat exact medication treatment. That means you should follow the vet’s description and guide. You should have read the diagnosis carefully with a story of the medicine and do exactly what the vet said.

Caring stage

After finding out the situation and make some help. Cats can get better or worse. It depends much on people’s consideration. Some tips to keep the cat healthy such as:

-    Make sure your cat to have enough water. Loss of water can cause solid stool and cats might have difficulties with pooping.

-    Test the food carefully. You should study and get advice from the Vet about an appropriate diet.

-    Do not stress the cat. It varies about how you can stress the cat. Hence, keep an eye on the cats and do not make them pissed in a long time

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