My husband has already renovated the bathroom. At the same time, I found an annoying thing about our pet. Why is my cat pooping in the tub?

That story, actually, is always a nightmare of my husband and I. So many times, I have to spend much time cleaning the tub. As asking advice from many people, he says that there is no medical problem with the cat. It may be just her liking. The cat defecates in the tub, beside the tub and somewhere in the bathroom.

my cat poops in the tub

My friends suggest me to place the little boxes in the tub. But it makes no sense for sure. Such an irritation. The pooping still keeps going outside the box. I tried to add another box in the bathtub. Can you believe that the cat defecation is between two of them? The annoy is constant day by day and tends to end up till the time I get some information from other experienced pet parents for the wondering why is my cat pooping in the tub?

And I knew the reason why

By animal experts, cats are one of the species which are with neat living habits, from their places of lying to defecating. So, if they show signs of defecting like pooping in a not-allowed area, that will be a problem you should care.

Health trouble

Checking feces of the cat tells you so many things about the health condition of this little baby. As you know, constipation and diarrhea are common diseases in cats. When the cat gets sick of these, you can immediately see from the digestive waste.

For example, when diarrhea occurs, the cat feces smell so bad, a little odd and not solid at all. On the other side, in case that the cat finds it difficult to poop, I mean a symptom of constipating. The feces are hard and dry which makes the cat painful to pass feces. Such discomfort is one of the most probable reasons causing cats to look for other places to do pooping.

Sometimes, due to these medical troubles, cats pass the digestive waste right near the place where their owners present. Maybe, they are crying for your help. Problems regarding digestion often drive cats to poop way off their place to make the point for the human being. And this strange eliminating action is also the same when the symptom of the painful constipation is positive.

A pretty funny thing is that some cats are keen to have more than one place for pooping or urinating. They get one position for the solids and another for the liquids. For one cat, a litter box is not small at all. Normally, the box is twice larger than the cat. In spite of that, they still poop in other places except for the litter box as potty saving.

Emotional change

In addition to the health problem, cats are sensitive to emotional changes as well. The unusual will make sense and shift their daily habits in your house. For instance, an increase or decrease in the family member also influence. You have a new baby or your children who are very close to the cat go study abroad. All of them cannot be out of the line causing the stress on little feline friends. Then their routines go changes.

Regardless of the effect of family members, the reason for “why is my cat pooping in the tub” is surely the instinct of the territorial marking. Especially, when we raise multiple cats in the house. Furthermore, not only ordinary cats do that marking, the neutered ones too. They make use of uncovered feces to differentiate their place to other pets in the house.

Cats are the kind of animal which sometimes shows the aversions by digging into the litter. In comparison to the gritty litter, the porcelain material of the tub looks much nicer and coolers for the paw pads. Moreover, one more point attracting cats to poop in the tub lies in the cleaner. It can somehow change the preference of these little babies. It is the bleach smell encouraging as very inviting hints.

Copied behavior

The last likely reason for the list is the one that I call the copy-cat behavior. Pets are so closed to us that they follow us all the time we are at home. They are with my husband and me to go to the bathroom when we brush the teeth. They need their head into my legs when I cook. I guess that they are trying to do like us.

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So, what I did

After finding out the reason for the cat trouble, followings are some solutions I have done to get a modification on the cat bad behavior. In all techniques, I almost focus on the litter box.

The position of the litter boxes

Besides the current box, try to place another one in a preferable position which the cat is in regularly. So, it has additional choices, box #1 and box #2. You can also consider putting the box inside the tub where the cat poop.

When the cat seems to be used to this new pooing facility, let’s move the box to other location. And, do not forget that you should not place the litter box near food and drink of cats.

Why is my cat pooping in the tub

The feature of the litter boxes

At first, picking a suitable large litter box plays an essential role. It is a must to choose the box basing on the size of the cat, not the size of the position to place it in. Normally, the box should be 1,5 times bigger than the cat.

Plus, do not ignore the litter. Some cats hate the texture as well as the smell of certain products. High-tech boxes are not always ideal. The automatic may scare your feline friends. Surely, when they are with an uncomfortable feeling, they will never use it.

Which the box smells an odor or not clean is the reason for cats to change the place for passing feces. So, it is the best ideal for you to clean the box at least twice or three times per day and change the stuff inside once weekly.

The Tub

If the change with the litter boxes makes no sense, why don’t you switch to the tub? Cats do not like water. You can fill the tub with water. There is no need to get it full of water, just a little is enough. And stop allowing the cat to follow you to the bathroom to avoid the copied behavior.

Now, the question that why is my cat pooping in the tub is no longer my worry. Let’s try to apply my solutions. If they do not work, I think it is time for you to see the vet to ask for some advice about cat behaviors and health checks.

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