Have you ever seen a black cat getting white hairs and wonder the reason why? You may find out a proper answer in this article.

 While we are here with the attempt to keep the clean black hairs of our lovely cats, but it is a big job especially if the cat is nervous or fractions. When we send these cats home, they have to face with the symptom of black cats getting white hairs before going into their carriers as clean as possible. Even though the stress of travel or some other issues will often cause further leakage of the oily solution, this hair-changing symptom can also happen at home and you should know the most effective way to protect your cat furnishings. 

1. Signs and causes of black cats getting white hairs?

1.1. Watch for signs of this symptom:

The signs of black cats getting white hairs can be easily seen by our ordinary eyes. And of course, it cannot look similar to signs of a urinary blockage, which is an emergency that can quickly become life-threatening. If you suspect your cat’s hairs have been changing or if you have seen any of its white hairs in the litter box in more than 2 days, your cat is properly facing this symptom. Before taking your cat to the vet to rule out any obstruction, you may try other natural solutions first.

black cats getting white hairs

Before and after of a cat with his color-changing hairs

1.2. Try to identify the cause of black cat getting white hairs

  • Tumors and foreign objects like hair, bones, and plant material can obstruct the passage of feces. Sometimes diet can play a role in constipation and other diseases, including hair-color changing. If your cat has a history of constipation, you might add canned food for extra moisture or enrich the cat's diet with psyllium to make him has a healthy body.
  • Metabolic or endocrine disorders like dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, or obesity may also cause bad effects to your cats’ health. Neurological problems from spinal cord disease, pelvic injuries, or primary nerve disfunction can cause white hairs in some black cats. Megacolon may develop when feces are impacted in colon and colon no longer pushes contents along.
  • One of the obvious reasons for the fact of white hairs situation for black cats is they are growing older. First, their hairs will turn to gray before becoming completely white. Although pets, especially cats with other hair colors can pass through the same graying process, the change can be much prominent in those having dark fur. In the case that your elderly cat has this type of look, do nothing and think that it is an honor badge for all your time together. Of course, he spent a large part of his life to make you be the happiest owner on this Earth

the cause of black cat getting white hairs

A typical old cats with the white hairs

1.3. Consider administering your cat at home only in cases of small volumes of white hairs

You can try to serve your pet at home if your cat’s hairs are mildly changed (less than 2 to 3 days) or when this process is not chronically observed. If the case is more severe or you think your cat may have a more complicated disorder, seek veterinary care.

Your cat may have a more complicated disorder if you notice changes much more in water intake, very low energy level, severe vomiting, or a complete loss of appetite. Sometimes, a white hair cat might be slightly less hungry from feeling full or from the discomfort of being tired, but may still be willing to eat.

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2. What to expect after black cat getting white hairs?

Treatment for this symptom can be in a variety of ways – most frequently involving a short stay at The Cat Practice. Almost always a healthy diet is part of the treatment - often you should multiple fresh fruits and vegetables of warm water and mineral oil. This is a very messy procedure and often the fluid will continuously leak out of your cat, sometimes for 24 hours or more.

Cats will usually clean themselves up, but a spot wash of the soiled area may be necessary at home. Remember that white hairs and their aftermath are messy and all in this together. So we can try some home remedies for this symptom as the following.

3. Home remedies to resolve the problem of black cats getting white hairs:

Healthy food and fresh water

Increasing water consumption is key to help to keep your cats stay healthy. Some cats prefer to have their water source in a different location than their food, have multiple freshwater sources available. You can try a dripping faucet, a continuous flow cat water fountain, and ice cubes. In addition, you can flavor water with tuna juice or clam juice.

If your cat eats dry food, switching to canned is an easy way to dramatically increase their water intake.  Increase water consumption by making additional water sources available away from your cat’s food, switching to a canned diet, or even mixing a little extra water in with the food.

Let’s put your efforts in keeping the black fur for your cats

Let’s put your efforts in keeping the black fur for your cats

Other ways

The following over-the-counter products may relieve your cat’s health as well as assist them in keeping the black hairs. However, you should make sure to consult your veterinarian before giving any medications to your cat.

- Wheat bran is another natural source of fiber. Mix one to two tablespoons with your cat’s food every 12 to 24 hours. 

- Canned pumpkin is a source of fiber but it does not actually provide as much fiber content as Metamucil or Miralax. You can add 1-2 tablespoons to each meal.

- Increase exercise with cat toys and more play time.

Final thought

Hope that you may try your best to maintain his/her healthy hair by changing your cat’s diet in consultation with a vet then, avoid from the fact that black cat getting white hairs.

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