Have you ever wondered why most vets recommend the prescription diet I/D cat food alternative as a treatment for digestive problems?


There are some popular cures for cat bad stomach. One of them is prescription diet i/d food alternative, which is only used under the advice of the vet. However, cat owners have something unclear about this treatment as well as its effectiveness.

Let’s figure out some basics knowledge before you try this measurement for cat’s stomach. Some facts can surely knock you out.

The uses

Some general usages of prescription diet i/d are alternative for cat foods, treatment for vomiting or sensitive stomach. In case the cats get diarrhea, the prescription diet is expected to help.

Cat owners, even experienced ones, might not know what time is appropriate to feed cats prescription diet. Thus, this food alternative usually gets in cat menu after diagnosis.

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Why could it cure cat’s stomach?

Felines are born with a sensitive stomach. Some cats come allergic to certain proteins such as chicken or dark meat. Or simply, they are not used to new foods.

Prescription diet i/d cat food alternative is believed to pamper a bad stomach until the cat becomes normal. To ensure health condition, prescription diet contains necessary nutrition to raise the cats.


We’ll tell you what we can find in the prescription diet i/d cat food alternative cans.


As far as we checked popular brands such as Hill's, Science prescription diet, there are common ingredients.


The most common meat we found in the prescription diet is chicken. It’s possibly because chicken is white meat which is usually known healthier than rea meat.

In common, we might find loads of prescription diet i/d in cans which contain wet foods. Cat’s digestive issues partly result from grain foods. They naturally eat raw meat but instant kibbles are 100% proceeded and dry.

In a prescription diet, we might find some pork fat or liver.

Prescription diet i/d cat food alternative feed cats as real wet serves. In addition, they contain other digestive components to help with improving cat’s stomach.

Veggies and minerals

I/d is known to contain many grains such as flour, corn or rice. Most of the kibbles or even wet cat foods contain a little of veggies.


Prescription diet i/d cat food alternatives contain much more than necessary.

Let’s watch an example: Hill’s prescription diet i/d cat food alternative:

-Brewer rice

-Ground whole grain corn

-Soy fiber

-Corn gluten meal

All of those ingredients make up 1.5% fiber in 100 gram of prescription diet.

About other minerals and nutrition, people added up calcium, Taurine, magnesium, … in the formula. All of those are to enhance the immune system

Most of the prescription diet contains versatility of fibers and grain. Experts calculated all of those to balance this nutritional diet. Thus, these cans of food alternative can provide adequate nutrients, improve resistance as well as recover cats from digestive issues.

However, are prescription diet i/d cat food alternative cans as effective and healthy as expected?

Here is the best part.

We will analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of using prescription diet i/d.

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Pros and cons


There must be some reasons why veterans frequently advise prescription diet for bad-stomach cats.

First, to be seen, a prescription diet is a well-calculated formula of nutrients. Experts have extracted essential components for helping the digestion.

Cats usually show no interest in vegetables or fat while they need those foods to balance protein. Thus, feeding them prescription diet can help with that. The formula is enriched with protein and a little of fiber. That helps cats receive enough nourishment while not to taking so many hateful foods.

For us, raw foods are the best to feed cats. But at this time, people are used to instant kibbles because it’s convenient. However, wet cat food is always a better choice if you need a simple diet. Thus, prescription diet i/d cat food alternative is close to what we prefer.


Human beings have broadly known about effects of fiber as digestion improver.

However, it’s just good for some kinds, not feline. Cats are originated from carnivores. Their diet contains only meat, so do nutrition. Cats do not need as much as fiber as people does. Eventually, cat’s digestion is not to deal with fiber, grains or sugar.

As a result, eating too many vegetables can cause stomach problems. It seems your cats would never get out of that miserable circulation of digestive issues if you pick wrong.

We advise caution with grain and fat proportion.

Besides, a problem which all cat owners using prescription diet face to is the price.

You heard it right. Because this product is food alternative and it’s super nutritious, it’s not as economical plan as feeding your cat wet canned food.

Some cats do have allergies with chicken while we do not have wide choices of protein for a prescription diet.

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Quick recommendations

Usually recommended prescription diet i/d cat food alternative

Hill’s prescription i/d cat food alternative

Hill formula usually comes rich with protein, about 35%, and balanced grain and fiber. However, you should be careful because some of Hill’s products contain much pork fat.

Hill’s comes with both wet canned food and dry kibbles so you have more choices. Besides, Hill’s provide more options in price and nutrition which you can refer more easily to your cat and budget.

The bottom line

Prescription diet i/d cat food alternative is not cat food, we would like to emphasize. They come in the shape of food and provide necessary nutrients. However, in that formula, there are more about nutrients.

This product is to deal with digestive issues that cat have due to toxic foods, hidden allergies or commonly sensitive stomach. Usually, people do not come to prescription diet unless they get advice from veterans.

As feline is always sensitive to their foods. Pay attention to prescription diet’s ingredients and nutritional value is a must before you decide to feed your cat a food alternative.

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