In this article, we would give you some information about Hills A/D alternative and something you need to know before using it.

You are wondering about Hills products?

So, Hills is a famous American dog and cat food company. We cannot deny the food quality that Hills brings to our pets. However, there are many other dogs and cat food brands that can provide plenty of nutrients, proteins, and calcium to your pets.

But before you use these Hills A/D alternative products, you should ask your vet’s advice because each of products has their own benefits. Some types contain more fat, the other types have more protein and you need to check whether it is suitable for your pets or not.

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So, let’s go with us in this article to find the answer for the question:  What food products containing high calorie can you use as a Hills A/D alternative?

1. Hills Group and some information about Hills A/D :

1.1. Hills Group

1.1.1. What is Hills?

Hills is a well-known brand for dog and cat products. Hill's Group is one of the world's leading companies providing pet products. Born in 1907, Hill's has launched many lines of dog and cat food up to now. The Hills products are divided into two categories: medications, also known as healthcare food and daily food.

Hills specializes in dog and cat health care products so the choice of this kind of product is also more diverse. However, this does not mean that daily food has poorer quality. There are 3 types of products for pet owners to choose: dry food, wet food, and canned food.

1.1.2. What helps Hills become popular?

Hills is known for owning veterinary professionals and talented leaders to help them produce the best dog food and cat food. This helps Hills become the best dog and cat food brand in the world. Over the years, they have put a lot of effort and resources into R & D to make Hills Pet Food be a great choice for dogs and cats including the dogs and cats which are the laziest in eating.

1.2. What is Hills A/D?

The Hills healthcare food includes Hills Z / D (for allergic pets), Hills K / D (for kidney disease), Hills L / D (liver diseases), ...

This article will focus on Hills A / D foods (for those who have had surgery and severe illness).

This food is created to maintain the health of dogs and cats at the time of recovery after illness, injury or surgery.


  1. Significant protein content to boost the immune system and heal the wound.
  2. The easy-to-digest ingredients help you recover faster from illness or injury.

In fact, sometimes a low fiber diet works better. A lot of it depends on the cause of the problem. The important thing to understand is there is usually an underlying cause of your disease and the cat should be brought to a veterinarian to help figure it out.

2. Hills A/D alternative

The first food we would recommend is Go! - Grain Free Chicken, Turkey & Duck. This is an ideal food for picky pets.

2.1. GO! - Grain Free Chicken, Turkey & Duck

GO is specially created for picky pets, which need a protein-free diet or a diet with much higher protein, and for those who require a unique protein recipe. It is also suitable for allergic pets because its ingredients have some limited elements.

Everybody wants their pet to have a happy and healthy life so that in order to meet the demand of pet owners, this kind of food also provides some preventive care components.

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GO does not have any growth hormone and artificial preservatives or by-products. It is completely rich nutrient food.

A 5.5oz can contains 209 calories. Pets owners only need to use 1 can a day for their pets, which ought to provide calories for their pets all day.

2. 2. BLUE Wilderness

This is a diet which can supply a rich number of meats for cats and dogs. Inspired by the wolves' diet, BLUE Wilderness products are made with cats and dogs love.

cat 2

With the best natural ingredients and 100% grain-free, it is a suitable alternative for the raw diet. Especially, Blue Wilderness does not have any artificial preservatives, by-products, wheat or corn, which can assure that your pets will be always healthy when using this product.

Moreover, Blue Wilderness is a combination of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins so it can enhance some essential supplements for your pet's body.

Compared to a Hills A/D 5.5oz can which contains only 180 calories, Blue Wilderness has an extra 62 calories at the same size of the can.  And it is advisable that you should use the meatball method because it is easy for pets to swallow. 

2.3. Wellness Core

Wellness Core is also a grain free food.

The main ingredient in this type of food is chicken and turkey, which can give your pet a sufficient and necessary amount of protein. With antioxidants and probiotics, this nutrient-rich diet food can be considered as a well-balanced diet for all pets.

cat 3

Similar to the above foodstuffs, Wellness Core does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, and by-products.

Especially, this high-protein food is made with real turkey and chicken, so you can believe that it absolutely provides your pets with the real nutrition that he needs.

A 5.5oz can of Wellness Core contains 218 calories. This product is suitable for pets in case they have been losing weight. If your pets are in this situation, remember that you need to get at least 200 calories into them a day.

These are some Hills A/D alternative products that we highly recommend. And, before we come to the end of this article, there are some following notes: In most cases, you need to consider both the characteristics of the species and the age of the pets to make the right decision. In addition, you should read the nutrition information on the food to determine the appropriate amount of food. Whatever you choose, be sure to put the pet's health benefits first!

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