EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag works great against skin parasite in cats. Take a look at this article to learn about its effectiveness.


EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag

Generally speaking, flea, tick and similar skin parasites often give the average pet a lot of hardship throughout its lifetime.  While we pet owners always attempt to prevent these foul creatures from invading our house, some might slip through the net every now and then. As a result, many people resort to specialize repellents and EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag from Only Natural Pet is one of the best products. Compared to its competitors, EasyDefense contains no chemical and so you don't need to worry about potential side effects.     

"But is EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag perform reliably on the field?" you asked yourself. In case you wish to know more about the Only Natural Pet product before actually buying it, you have come to the right place. Down below, you would be provided with a comprehensive summary regarding the characteristics of EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag from the working principle to possible issues. Once you grasp what this product is capable of, you should be able to come up with a sensible decision.

EasyDefense Tag: What Is It

From the first glance, EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag resemble an ordinary tag that people use to attach to the collar of their fluffy friend. However, thanks to the incorporation of top-of-the-line holistic technology, the EasyDefense tag uses the cat bio-energy to assemble a protective barrier. Therefore, flea, tick, mosquitoes and so on would instinctively avoid the pets that wear the tag as they move around. Considering the fact that the tag features chemical-free ingredients in the construction, it's safe for cats as well as humans of all ages.

How To Use The Tag

EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag: Is It A Good Product?

Well, the Only Natural Pet product is, in essence, a tag so put it on the collar of your pet and that would be enough. Normally, the tag should kick in right after a couple of days but it might also take weeks depending on the condition of your cat. If you remove the collar of your pet at night, it's widely advised to place the collar and the tag close to the bed. Since the EasyDefense tag requires the pet energy to work, it needs to stay near the cat at all times. The tag also synchronizes with the pet that wears it so each cat in the house requires a personal tag. 

Issues That You Must Remember

While EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag is quite tough, it's strongly recommended that you replace the tag at once if it sustains severe damages. In addition to that, the nature of the tag demands that you keep the cat away from electric/magnetic fields as they decrease its effectiveness. That being said, in the case you cat possesses a microchip, the Only Natural Pet product could work with it. For the first 4 weeks, refrain from exposing the tag to water but after that period passes, you should have no trouble leaving it on the pet collar during bath, swim,...

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Question About EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag

EasyDefense Flea And Tick Tag

  • How long does the tag repelling effect last on average?

The tag is designed to turn away unwelcome guests for a year so to maintain the barrier, you need to buy a new tag annually. While the tag is more expensive than other repellents available for purchase on the market, it also stays effective for a longer period of time. 

  • Is it safe for me to use the tag in addition to other parasite repellants?

A lot of novice pet owner like to play it safe and use the EasyDefense tag alongside conventional preventative products. As long as you are certain that the repellants you use would not accidentally damage the tag then feel free to use whatever you want.

  • I have an invisible fence in my place. Could the EasyDefense tag work with that?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The tag is unable to cope with electrical currents that most invisible fences utilize nowadays.

  • Do I always have to keep the tag right on the collar of my pet?

Leaving the tag on the collar facilitate the synchronization and preserve the protection against parasites. If you absolutely need to remove the tag for some reasons, place it as close to your cat as possible.  

  • Could the tag deal with common intestinal parasites in cats?

No, the EasyDefense only tackle skin parasites, not intestinal parasites. However, as some skin parasites act as hosts for intestinal parasites, you could say that the tag is moderately effective when it comes to worms. 

Eliminate Skin Parasites And Prevent Their Resurgence: Tips And Tricks

Eliminate Skin Parasites And Prevent Their Resurgence

  • Always Keep Your House Clean

Although parasites could visit every house regardless of the hygiene level, there are a couple of ways to make your house less attractive to them. By vacuuming your house periodically, you could keep the interior reasonably tidy and also get rid of parasite eggs, larvae,...

  • Assess And Detox The Yard

Parasites come from the outside and the very first place that they infiltrate would be the yard of your house. As a result, you must never let the yard turn into a parasite breeding ground. Detox your yard every now and then to kill every blood-sucking insect that set up their nest in there. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Pet

As you groom the coat of your adorable cat, it's a good idea to the exam and inspects its skin to detect signs of parasites. In the case, you actually come across one, here are what should keep in mind.

For Fleas: An immediate bath is necessary to remove the fleas so take your pet straight to the house bathroom. Grab a flea comb, dip it in petroleum jelly and then proceed to work through the furs of your cat. 

For Ticks: Resist the temptation to use your nail to pull the ticks right out. Instead, use fine-tipped tweezers to cautiously lift the ticks of the skin with minimal use of jerk and twist. Once you are done, toss the ticks to the toilet and flush them out, do not crush them outright as that might release dangerous pathogens. 

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