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Cat Collar

Fashion is as significantly important to our furry friend as it is to us. Dress yourself up by dressing up your cat, where the first step calls for collar. Remember, at Cattybox, you really don’t need an occasion to put on amazing styles!

While Cat Apparel sticks to our furball’s style, collar keeps them on trend. Not only will Cattybox’s wide range of collars complement your cat’s unique style, but it will also bring its look to a whole new level.

The entire collection Cattybox offers consists of various models for each and every feline characteristic to feel good, look great and have fun during meal, sleep or play time. Elegant, playful, pretty, funny, handsome, feminine, name your cat’s wanted attractive trait and we’ll bring just the right collar to you in no time! Such a variety would certainly leave you with a suitable option for each outfit.

Our collars are charming with soft, stretchy material for the comfort of your cat. Each is handmade, hand-stitched with attention to every detail. They are made not only to set your furball apart, but also to last for long-term usage. Many pieces are further equipped with extra function to inform you of the cat’s presence.

So, without further ado, let’s get this shopping spree started!
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