While they fill the airs with pleasant fragrances, are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets? This article shall help you answer that question.

Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Pets

These kinds of days, people often use a variety of air fresheners in order to keep the house atmosphere fresh. In most of the case, such products perform well at their role but you must avoid using them indiscriminately, especially if you own a cat. Due to their sensitive nature, the usual felines react more strongly to smells in the vicinity compared to us humans. With that said, are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets in the house? What kind of issue could happen if your fluffy friend comes to contact with products from B&B in general?

So you are unable to make up your mind then? Well, don't worry because the information down below shall let you resolve your confusion. 

What You Must Know About Using Air Fresheners Around Pets

Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Pets

Before we answer the question of "are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets?", let's see why it's unwise to leave things that emit fragrance near cats.

Generally speaking, air fresheners available for purchase at stores have numerous chemicals optimized for masking scents in the surrounding space once they leave the container. Some of the chemicals pose serious health risks to the delicate constitution of cats and in certain cases, human too. Overall, the primary offenders for most of the time would be the infamous Volatile Organic Compounds (also known as VOCs). Since VOCs have low boiling points, they are able to evaporate into the air in a blink of an eye.  

Unfortunately, VOCs prove capable of lasting for extended periods of time which mean they could remain in your house long after you use the fresheners. Considering the long list of harmful effects caused by exposure to VOCs, you might want to tone down the use of air fresheners if possible. Everyone wants to keep airs in their house fresh but it's ill-advised to achieve that by spreading artificial chemicals all over the place. Even in the case you manage to handle that, your cat should have considerable difficulty coping with the odd aromas.  

Problems that air fresheners may cause to the average cats

  • Irritations to the skins, eyes,...
  • Nausea and drowsiness
  • Respiratory troubles

And a lot of others

The moment you notice that your cat seems to have issues mentioned above, you need to take it to a certified veterinary clinic at once. The sooner you have your feline pal checked by professional vets the better as it facilitates diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

Check us out for further detailed cats' health guide!

Reviews Of Bath And Body Works Wallflowers By Pet Owners

Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Pets

There are many reports about B&B products including Works Wallflowers cause cats to repeatedly throw up while in use. As a result, we could conclude that the answer to the question of "are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets?" is "No, they are not safe for the felines". It also seems that most cats are able to pick the scent of B&B Works Wallflowers from far away. Because of that, if you want to keep your pet healthy, it's of utmost importance to stay away from Bath And Body Works Wallflowers.

Viable Alternatives For Air Fresheners

Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Pets

That is everything you need to know about the mystery behind "are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets?", But it's highly likely that you would wonder: "So I have to refrain from using all air freshener altogether?". Technically, it's still possible for pet owners to use fresheners but they have to use ones of natural origin. As long as you keep that rule in mind then nothing bad is going to happen to your fluffy friend. Nowadays, there are a couple of options for you to choose regarding natural air fresheners.

  • Essential Oils

Emitting pleasant fragrances that ordinary cats accept without much difficulty, essential oils receive praise from people that keep pets around. You have a wide range of options at your disposal so all you have to do is to pick one that suits your personal taste. One thing you should remember about the oils is that you must dilute them to minimize the chance of upsetting the nose of your cat. Furthermore, make sure that the pets could not directly touch the essential oils in order to prevent potential allergic reactions. 

  • Baking Soda

While it sees plenty of uses in various settings, baking soda is well known for its ability to absorb odors. Hence, if you want an air freshener that works around cats, it's a good idea to use baking soda. In the beginning, put about half a spoon of baking soda into a small jar. Next, proceed to add in a bit of essential oils. After that, cover the top of the jar using a thin piece of cotton cloth.  Once you are done covering the jar, put the jar to the spot that you need to keep the air fresh.

  • Plants

It's common knowledge that plants excel at filtering the airs so by placing a few pots of them, you would raise the air quality. Compared to commercial fresheners, plants require negligible amounts of investments while having zero side-effects. That being said, it's necessary to run a thorough check before finally bringing particular pants back to your home. Certain species might give the stomach of your cat a hard time if it takes a bite so be careful. Consult the vets in case you need several recommendations.

Getting Rid Of All Air Fresheners: Is It Actually Possible?

Are Bath And Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Pets

So you wish to ditch the fresheners to keep your feline pal in good condition? If that happens to be the case then there are some methods you could try. First, determine if your pet is having a sound diet. Feces as well as urines of cats that receive sufficient nutrients shall have bearable odors. Second, clean the litter box frequently so it never becomes too smelly that your cat must look for other toilets. Third, bring your cat to the vet now and then to check for intestinal problems.

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