Taste Of The Wild vs. Natural Balance, which one offers more nutrients to your fluffy friend? Take a good look at this article and figure it out yourself.


Taste Of The Wild Vs. Natural Balance

Overall, many people prefer to prepare meals for their cats by themselves to ensure that pets receive enough nutrients. However, others have to rely on commercial foods as they are simply unable to afford the times and effort to whip up such delicate meals.  On the market of pet food nowadays, there are a lot of brands with hundreds of products available for purchase. But in terms of all-around characteristics, 2 names stand out from the rest: Taste Of The Wild and Natural Balance. Taste Of The Wild vs. Natural Balance, which one should you get for your cat?

So you have a hard time choosing between the products? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article would show you that everything pet owners have to know about Taste Of The Wild and Natural Balance from ingredient to nutrient value. After you manage to get a good grip of what the products have to offer, it's a breeze to come up with a decision. Generally speaking, both products are held in high regard but different cats have different issues which is why it's up to you to decide what work for your pet.

Brief Summary Of The Products

Before we actually discuss the subject of Taste Of The Wild vs. Natural Balance, it's a good idea to learn about their origin first. By checking out the manufacturers of the foods, you should be able to have a general idea of the quality.

Taste Of The Wild Vs. Natural Balance

  • Taste Of The Wild

Founded back in 1970, the family-owned, US-based Diamond Pet Foods, Inc is the manufacturer of Taste Of The Wild. At the time, only about 5% of the company's production was food for pets but as years pass by, Diamond Pet Foods, Inc slowly expanded. Taste Of The Wild was introduced in 2007 in order to meet the rising demand for premium, grain-free pet foods. Since then, Diamond Pet Foods achieve a lot of financial success marketing the Taste Of The Wild to pet owners. The brand is considered to be an excellent choice for dogs as well as cats. 

  • Natural Balance

Dick Van Patten, an American actor, businessman and animal welfare advocate founded Natural Balance in 1989 to provide people with a chance to feed their pet high-quality foods. Today, Natural Balance with the slogan "Truly The Food For A Lifetime" is hailed as one of the most reputable manufacturers of pet food in the business. Regarding formulas, there are multiple options on the table so it should be simple to secure on that suit the taste of your finicky cat. Natural Balance always got something for cats of all ages.

Ingredient That The Foods Use

  • Taste Of The Wild

Based on what the pets would have to eat in the great outdoors, Taste Of The Wild places emphasis on taste, digestion and natural antioxidants to support the immune system. For people that are searching for grain-free foods at reasonable prices, Taste Of The Wild is a great product. Formulas in the Taste Of The Wild line utilize multiple ingredients such as lamb meal, chicken meal, peas, and others. As a result, Taste Of The Wild could keep the body of your cat in good shape with relative ease.

  • Natural Balance

Similar to Taste Of The Wild, Natural Balance also pays special attention to the well-being of the pets by incorporating top-tier safety procedures. For instance, pet owners could visit the company website, select the formula and proceed to put down the buy date. After that, the website shall show the laboratory result of the product they recently purchased. Most Natural Balance formula contains ingredients like chicken, potatoes and others so rest assured knowing that your cat would have it need to stay healthy. 

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Nutrient Value Of The Foods

Taste Of The Wild and Natural Balance release more than one formula and while they use various ingredients, the nutrients values often see negligible changes. 

Dry Foods

  • Crude Protein: 37.1% (Natural Balance), 41.1% (Taste Of The Wild)
  • Crude Fat: 14.3% (Natural Balance), 18.9% (Taste Of The Wild)
  • Crude Fiber: 5.6% ((Natural Balance), 3.3% (Taste Of The Wild)

Wet Foods

  • Crude Protein: 47.4% (Natural Balance), 44.4% (Taste Of The Wild)
  • Crude Fat: 19.1% (Natural Balance), 16.7% (Taste Of The Wild)
  • Crude Fiber: 6.9% (Natural Balance), 8.3% (Taste Of The Wild)

From first glance, you could see that Taste Of The Wild vs. Natural Balance is a fairly close race in terms of nutrient values. Neither Taste Of The Wild nor Natural Balance proves superior in all criteria so you have to take your cat into account before getting anything. In terms of safety, to this day, Natural Balance experiences a total of 5 recalls: 2007 (3), 2010 (1) and 2012 (1). On the other hand, Taste Of The Wild has recalled its products only once (in 2012). To minimize the odds of recall in the future, both brands invest heavily in order to raise the manufacturing standards.

Acquisition Cost And Available Formulas

Taste Of The Wild Vs. Natural Balance

Regardless of the formula you choose to get, most products from Natural Balance would have a higher cost than their Taste Of The Wild competitors. In exchange, Natural Balance offers far more products for pet owners to choose from compared to Taste Of The Wild. So if you are shopping on a tight budget and your cat is a rather pleasant fellow, you should go after Taste Of The Wild products. On the other hand, if you have money to spare and your cat is quite a picky eater, Natural Balance is the brand for you.

Final Verdict: It's Your Call

Taste Of The Wild Vs. Natural Balance

In a Taste Of The Wild vs. Natural Balance comparison, it's difficult to decide which product is more suitable without considering the pet diet. At different times, cats require different foods so if you want to know what to give your pet, you should assess its nutrient demand first. In case you run into trouble ascertaining the situation, feel free to pay a visit to the local veterinary clinic and ask for assistance. The vets would conduct some tests and offer advice on the type of food that you should feed your cat.       

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