In addition to a science diet, sometimes, you love to supplement with various types of protein source for your little feline. One of them is canned chicken and many pet owners keep wondering the question that can cats eat canned chicken? Let’s find out the answer.

Being carnivore, cats cannot grow healthily without meats. Their feeding needs to have meats and of course, with a reasonable amount always. In addition to a science diet, sometimes, you love to supplement with various types of protein source for your little feline. One of them is canned chicken and many pet owners keep wondering the question that can cats eat canned chicken? Let’s find out the answer.

Daily balanced food design for cats is never a simple task. It does not matter what the diet includes and how you prepare, each must contain proper portions of three main nutritious categories, namely, protein, fat as well as carbohydrate. Due to different body condition, meals of kitten surely cannot be the same with the adult cat’s one.

can cats eat canned chicken

Yes, cats can eat canned chicken but don’t overuse

Many pet parents have believed that the science diet is an ideal thing to offer enough nutrition for their little friends. Unfortunately, it is sorry to break such thought. Not the nutrition he needs. In fact, the canned chicken could include a little over-processed meat which sometimes, betrays the cat’s health.

It is not right to say NO with the asking that can cats eat canned chicken. No problem occurs if you just consider such food as a supplement or you do not have enough time to prepare cat food with fresh ingredients. The chicken which is canned often smells good and may stimulate the appetite for cats. However, the indulgence should not last long.

If you resist supplementing it, it is highly recommended to take us of the raw meat, organ as well as bones. Such food surely brings cats much more real nutrition than the canned ones do. 

Something can happen

As you know, getting water from food is the best way for cats to be safe from dehydration. And not surprising that it is impossible for canned food to do that. Normally, cats merely get thirsty. Then, you feed them with this food. Consequently, no water compensation is available for the moisture lack in the feline body.

Kidney trouble

Lack of water for the body causes cats to suffer from diseases regarding the kidney. Especially, when your cat is an atom, the problem seems to be more serious. The urethra of male cats is not as wide as the female cat’s one. It is the reason why male cats face with the crystal blockages.

Obesity problem

Why is obesity? The fact points out that the canned food is almost over-processed. Hence, the nutrients insides are no longer available. Feeding cats frequently with such type of food does not supplement the nutrition and only take more calories which is the main reason for obesity instead.

About store-bought food and its effect on cats

Can cats eat canned chicken? Yes, it can. However, is a store-bought product in general really ideal for feline friends? The most important point to discuss such an idea lies in how much-canned products meet cats’ demand for nutrition. Moreover, you should also bear your budget along with cats’ preference in mind.

Normally, convenience food for cats is divided into three forms as followings:

Dry cat food

The kibble is another way people call such food. Its outstanding advantage is the long-time usage. If you face with problems of mice, a glass bottle will keep the food crunchy and in safe all the time. At the room temperature, the dry food which has no smell still stays tasty with good quality for cats to enjoy.

Wet cat food

Not only “wet food”, but it is also the “canned food”. As to unopened, its usage time is as long as the dry food shelf life. But, the thing changes negatively as opened. You will feel a little bit pungent smell when opening it up. And one feature that can drive you crazy is that the food will become useless just about 20 minutes after opening. It means that you cannot feed cats anymore and must discard the food instead. In case that you really need to keep it, do not forget to store in the fridge with airtight containers unless you want your feline baby to get sick for bacteria.

Semi-moist cat food

In the form of nuggets, the semi-moist food is often packed in canisters. Besides, many brands keep their products in meal-size containers for convenient usage. With the purpose of attracting cats, manufacturers form this food in numerous colorful shapes which customers can keep in the room temperature.

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Three types above in particular and the convenience food for cats, in general, have their advantages and disadvantages.

Cat feeding guide: Can cats eat canned chicken

All of them show the convenience, money-saving and long usage. Most store-bought products are available with rich aromas to satisfy even the most finical feline users. On the other hand, ingredients of some dry cat food are causes pushing the bladder stone formation. Not only has that, to create the tastiness, but these food types also contained many dyestuff and non-food fillers which are not good for cat health.

Regardless of weak points, store-bought food provides cats with the diet of adequate nutrition in need. It does not mean that you should get the home-cook ones out of your cat meal. Of course, home-cooked food is OK as long as you can make sure that they are nutritious enough and suitable the cat body condition. Since cats belong to carnivore, some organ meats like liver are a good idea. But, it should be a moderate amount to avoid health problems.

In short, the home-cook food is good and store-bought products are also not bad. Pet parents can feel free to pick and remember to regularly balance the cat diet as well as keep cat health risks away.

Once again, feel free to say YES with the question that can cats eat canned chicken. If you plan to have some change in the cat diet, please take it to step by step. The current meal can be the mixture with the new one till when the cat is gets used to it. The practicing can last around more than two weeks so that health problems such as diarrhea and painful stomach have no chance to disturb.

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  • John martin
    Created on: December 06, 2019

    I do put in a little canned chicken with the wet or dry food, as a treat. I have noticed that the cats lost some weight but they seem to be healthy and drink water and use the little box the same.

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