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Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall: Complete Breakdowns

So your feline pal sometimes becomes inexplicitly fixated on the wall? Check out this article to answer the question of "why does my cat stare at the wall?"

Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall

Virtually every per owner around the globe agrees that cats indeed do some pretty funny things from time to time. In most cases, few bother to stop and analyze the quirky behaviors of their kitties. That being said, one particular feline activity that still attracts the curiosity of many cat parents nowadays is wall-staring. "Why does my cat stare at the wall day after day?", "Is it seeing something that I can't see?", "Do I have to schedule a vet checkup for it?"....People have a lot of theories for those questions which tend to generate considerable confusion. 


Want to know what motivates your fluffy friend to start at the wall at times? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article could tell you essentially everything you must remember about the wall-staring behavior in cats and associated issues.


A Couple Of Possible Explanations

Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall


In the 21st century, several still believe that cats stare at the wall because of things like ghosts, visions of the future and so on. If you happen to be a believer then that might just be the case here. Still, it's worth noting most feline experts nowadays have more reasonable guesses regarding the question of "why does my cat stare at the wall?"


  • Super Tiny Objects Of Interest

Generally speaking, compared to the average humans, cats have a superior vision which means your furball would notice things that your eyes could hardly see. From specks of dust in the airs to small insects, the excellent sight of the felines allows them to detect subtle motions without much difficulty. So if you catch your cat staring at the wall, it may have seen something of interest on the wall, for example: slow-moving spiders. Being originally predators, cats have the ability to remain motionless until they determine the exact nature of what they see.


  • Certain Sounds In The Distance

Besides a sharp sense of sight, cats also have an outstanding sense of hearing so they are able to listen to sounds that prove inaudible to humans in most cases. That is why your cat is going to be the first one to wake up if sounds ring out in the middle of the night. With that said, what seem to be cats staring at the wall could actually be the pets listening to noises. In fact, several pet owners successfully identify rodent infestation after noticing that their cats often sit at a specific spot and stare at the plaster.


  • Sudden Rearrangement Of The Interior

All cats pay special attention to details in their surrounding. Therefore, it only takes a moment for your kitty to notice changes in the interior.  Once the felines feel that something is amiss, they would attempt to deduce what could have happened in their absence. To do that, lots of cats settle down and observe the arrangement of the interior.  That means if your furball all of a sudden become fixated on the wall, it might be thinking that the wall must have changed somehow.


  • Fascinating Shapes And Designs

Similar to humans, cats tend to be captivated by specific shapes as well as designs. Your kitty may spend hours staring at the wall while leaving its imagining run wild. Decorative items, patterns, color shades and so on, many things could get the felines hooked. Sometimes, a subtle stain on the wall is all it takes to make your cat sit like a statue for an extensive period of time.


  • Nothing

Since cat brain happens to work in a mysterious way, it's common to see the felines go completely bonkers for no apparent reason. As a result, in several cases, the answer to the question of "why does my cat stare at the wall?" is quite obvious: "Because it wants to stare at the wall".


What Needs To Be Done

Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall


While talking about the question of "why does my cat stare at the wall?", multiple cat parents often worry that the felines resort to wall-staring because they feel bored. Such a notion is incorrect.


Most bored cats should entertain themselves through various ways such as grooming, attacking the furniture, pouncing objects,... but wall- staring is not one of them. That is why you don't necessarily have to change the way you interact with your furball if you see it starting at the wall. Of course, feel free to engage in interactive plays to divert the attention of your kitty away from the wall. However, it's safe to say that you would not harm your cat by letting the wall-staring continues uninterrupted. 


When You Should Be Worry

Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall


On its own, wall-staring in cats is not something that people have to worry too much about but if other signs emerge, be careful. Consider taking your cat to the local veterinary clinic if it exhibits the following symptoms:  


  • Head Pressing: In cats, head butting is a way to show affections so if your kitty rubs its head on you, it must be fond of you. On the other hand, head pressing in cats tend to indicate serious health issues that require immediate attention. Usually, cats would push their head against the wall as well as hard objects while experiencing infectious diseases, toxic poisoning, metabolic disorders and so on.


  • Sensitive To Touch And Excessive Grooming: A couple of cats suffer from a medical condition called "feline hyperesthesia syndrome" which make them embrace self-destructive behaviors. Feline experts have various theories about the cause of the syndrome but it's essential that affected pets receive assistance from outside. If neglected, it's only a matter of time before cats with feline hyperesthesia syndrome injure themselves and other pets.


  • Scratching Around The Clock: Considering the sensitive nature of cats, it's natural that they suffer greatly from itchy skins. So if you notice your fluffy friend scratching itself from time to time, take it to the vets for examination. Allergies, parasites, .... a lot of things could cause cats to scratch day after day and only well-trained veterinarian would be able to tackle them.


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