So you have a soft spot for big-eared felines? If that is the case, check out this article to get to know popular cat breeds with big ears.


Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Pet owners around the globe adore cats for a wide range of reasons: some fall in love with the majestic whiskers while others cannot get enough of the fluffy paws. Sill, the ears of the felines tend to be considered as among the most loved body parts of the felines. Besides letting the pets keep tabs of the developments in the surrounding, the ears bring out the charm of cats. As a result, lots of cat parents these kinds of days prioritize cat breeds with big ears while adopting kittens. 


Want to bring home a kitty that possesses big ears and could use several recommendations? If that is so, you come to the right place. Down below, you would be introduced to highly sought-after breeds that have big ears nowadays along with their distinct characteristics.


Big-Eared Felines: Popular Breeds

  • Siamese

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Intelligent, affectionate and sociable, Siamese cats prove to be the top choices for pet owners that appreciate the companions of felines with big ears. Named after their place of origin – Siam (known as Thailand nowadays) – Siamese cats have been extremely popular among cat lovers since the 1800s. Unlike most cat breeds with big ears, Siamese cats actively seek attention from people as well as pets in the surrounding. Because of that, a lot of feline experts tend to think of Siamese cats as the ideal pets for extroverts.


  • Devon Rex

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Featuring a combination of wavy coat, slender build and big ears, Devon Rex cats earn praises for their adorable appearance. Known to be high-jumpers, cats of the breed would do anything just to reach the highest spot in a room. Hence, Devon Rex cats could be found in odd nooks and crannies of the house. In addition, a typical Devon Rex is able to learn certain trick such as heel, jump, tag and so on. Last but not least, the rather playful nature of Devon Rex cats make them ready to play at all times.


  • Russian Blue

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Come in a wide range of color, Russian Blue cats have a reputation for being curious creatures that enjoy exploring. While the average Russian Blue cats seem slightly more reserved around strangers than other cat breeds with big ears, they remain friendly in most cases. Thanks to their excellent memory, Russian Blue cats could run out to greet familiar faces even if the visitors haven't come around for some times. Being energetic felines, Russian Blue cats require adequate interactions to keep them from turning mischievous.


  • Abyssinian

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Similar to Siamese cats, Abyssinian cats also get their name from their place of origin - Abyssinia (now called Ethiopia). As lean, slender, fine-bones pets, Abyssinian cats captivate the attention of cat lover around the world with their graceful body. While many other breeds of cats simply tolerate human company, Abyssinian cats actually need human contact in order to thrive.  Without sufficient attention from humans, cats of the breed often fall into depression over time. 


  • Chausie

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Birthed by the breeding between jungle cats and domestic cats, Chausie cats have the striking look of wild felines and the temperament of household cats. Cats of the breed have a body well optimized for running and jumping: medium boning legs, deep-chested torso, broad tails, ... At young ages, Chausie cats have lots of energy to spend but they eventually mellow out once they mature. One thing that everyone must know before adopting Chausie cats is that these particular felines tend to develop food allergies.


  • Savannah

Cat Breeds With Big Ears

Known as the largest domesticated cat breed, Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval (a medium-sized, large-eared wild cat native to Africa). While cats from other breeds fear water, Savannah cats have no trouble immersing themselves in the liquid at times. Savannah cats could learn how to open doors as well as cupboards so close attention is indeed necessary to keep the felines out of troubles. Cats of the breed should be sociable if they receive early socialization from cat parents.


  • Oriental

    Cat Breeds With Big Ears

    While talking about popular cat breeds with big ears, it's going to be a mistake not to include Oriental cats. Being closely related to Siamese cats, Oriental cats share various traits with modern Siamese: almond-shaped eyes, large ears, triangular-shaped head, slender body and so on. In term of personalities, Oriental cats tend to like playing fetch and seek human interaction. All in all, cats of the breed should be good additions to most households nowadays. 


    • Sphynx

    Cat Breeds With Big Ears

    Famous for their alien look, most of the hairless Sphynx cats have two distinctive features: body wrinkles and large ears. While owners of Sphynx cats don't have to worry about shedding hairs, a lot of issues still require special attention. Generally, cats of the breed must take a bath at least once a week to take care of body oil. Besides that, it's essential that people keep Sphynx cats from going into the outdoor unattended. The sensitive skin of these particular felines often lost heat quickly and develop sunburns easily.


    • Singapura

    Cat Breeds With Big Ears

    Boasting large ears, blunt tail and brown ticked coat, Singapura is one of the smallest breeds of cats on the planet these kinds of days. In case you don't know, Singapura is Malaysians for Singapore, the supposed home of the first cats of the breed. Most Singapura cats tend to show preferences for perching on high places to get a full view of the surrounding. In addition, cats of the breed like to hang around humans to get some attention.


    • Balinese

    Cat Breeds With Big Ears

    Also know by people as purebred long-haired Siamese, Balinese cats have neat oval paws, large pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes. Just like their relatives, Balinese cats have a pretty intense interest in activities around them and often resort to vocalization. Needless to say, these felines also enjoy intimate contact with people as well as pets. 


    Taking Care Of Cats With Big Ears: Tips And Tricks

    Technically, big-eared felines don't require special care but in order to be on the safe side, you should check their ears every now and then. In the case you see dirt, debris and wax build-ups, use a damp piece of cloth to clean them out.

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