"Why does my cat sleep on my head even when I prepare a beautiful bed for it?" Check out this article if you want to answer that question.


Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head

As the felines have a reputation for being big sleepers, many cat parents arrange beds for their cats so as the pets could sleep comfortably. However, as cats happen to be carefree creatures, they often settle down for a snooze without bothering about the location. That is why it's highly likely that you would find your furball dozing off in odd spots: by the windows, in the bathtubs, behind the TVs and of course, on top of your head. "So why does my cat sleep on my head anyway?" is actually one of the most common questions that pet owners have after adopting cats.


Want to know what motivates your fluffy friend to take a nap on your head instead of its bed and how to make it stop? If that is the case, this article is for you. Take a good look at the information down below to understand why various cats have a preference for sleeping on the head of their owner.   


What Make Cats Behave Like That: A Few Possible Explanations

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head

It's common knowledge among cat parents that the felines go completely bonkers from time to time without apparent reasons. Still, while talking about the question of "why does my cat sleep on my head?", experts nowadays have several theories.


  • Heat

Considering the fact that cats have a higher body temperature compared to humans, your furball feels cold much more easily than you in most cases. Because of that, the average cats instinctively search their surroundings for warm places to sleep. Some pets set up camp near electronic devices while others park down in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. As the human head possesses a higher temperature than other body parts, your kitty naturally includes your head as one of its favorite napping spots.


  • Scent

Once cats grow fond of someone, they automatically follow the scent of that particular person. That means if your fluffy friend likes you, it would go after your scent around the house including the bedroom. "Then why my kitty opts to sleep on top of my head instead of other body parts?" you may wonder. Well, it's highly likely that you toss and turn in your sleep which forces your kitty to gravitate toward your head to accommodate itself. All in all, if you wake up and find your furball grooming your head, you could say that it truly enjoys you and your scent.


  • Safety

Though the domestication process succeeds in eliminating various wild traits of cats, the felines still retain a strong survival instinct. So even if your kitty faces virtually no threats in the house, it nonetheless prefers to sleep in secured locations. Most of the time, in the eyes of the pets, pet owners tend to be the strongest creatures. Therefore, your cat knows for certain that by staying beside you, it shall be safe from dangers in the vicinity. Essentially, your presence makes your kitty feel safe to sleep.        


  • Bond

In case you don't know, cats (especially kittens) like to sleep close to each other which often forms a mass of furs and paws. A couple of felines grow out of the habits over time but others keep doing that throughout their entire life. As a result, if your fluffy friend enjoys sleeping next to you, it might think of you as its littermate. Since littermates share an intimate bond between them, you must have a special place in the heart of your furball. To put it plainly, your kitty thinks of you as its sibling so it's willing to sleep around you. 


  • Affection

Being affectionate pets, cats would feel a bit lonely in the case their owners have to be away from home. Even with the toys, fellow pets and all, your kitty still needs to receive affection from you now and then. So it's fairly normal for cats to jump on the bed and get some sleep next to their rarely-seen owners at every opportunity. Because of that, one of the probable answers to the question of "why does my cat sleep on my head?" is "the pet just wants to spend times near you".  By dozing off next to you, your cat achieves two things: shut-eye and affection.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head

How To Get The Felines To Stop: Tips And Tricks

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head

A lot of cat parents want to know why their cat likes to sleep right on their heads out of curiosity, they have no actual issue with that sleeping habit. However, some people seek answers to the question of "why does my cat sleep on my head" so they could put an end to that. In case you want your fluffy friend to use its bed and leave your head alone, consider the followings. 


  • Put Together Exercises Before Sleep: Instead of heading straight to your comfy bed, it's strongly recommended that you put your furball through a couple of exercises just before bedtime. In most cases, your kitty should be tired out at the end of the exercises and retire to its bed without causing trouble. To keep it at its own bed, give your cat a few treats to chew.


  • Arrange Obstacles Around The Bedroom: If your fluffy friend happens to be a rather persistent pet, you must stop it from coming into your bedroom. Cat parents have a wide range of options to choose from: cat mats, repelling pheromones, ... Whatever you do, don't open the door because you hear your kitty meowing repeatedly. If you let your kitty know that it could manipulate you, things would never improve.  


  • Think About Adopting Another Kitten: Numerous cats decide to cling to their owners because they have nothing else to do. That is why if you give your cat a playmate, it might be kind enough to let you sleep peacefully. Actually, experts advise people to adopt at least two cats at once for that reason. Obviously, by adopting another cat, your suffering may increase twofold but it still worth a try if all else fails.

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