You notice your cat sleeping with eyes open and don't know if it's a sign of troubles? If that is the case then this article is for you.


Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open: Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Every pet owner around the globe knows that the felines have a lot of sleeping quirks: unimaginable sleeping postures, odd choices of beds and of course, sleeping with eyes open. If you happen to be somewhat new to cat parenting, the sight of your furball dozing off with its eyes open might be a bit spooky as well as worrisome. As cats tend to excel at hiding symptoms of illness, it's essential that people keep an eye out for suspicious sings in their cats. So if you see your cat sleeping with eyes open, do you have to get it to the local vets?


Have lots of unanswered questions in mind about the fact that your fluffy friend falls asleep with its eyes open? Then you have come to the right place as you could find virtually everything you must keep in mind regarding the issue of "cat sleeping with eyes open" down below.


Is It A Sign Of Health Issues That Require Attention?

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Fortunately, a lot of cats sleep with their eyes open as that is how they keep themselves from harms and supervise developments in the surrounding. Because of that, there is no need to panic if you happen to notice your cat sleeping with eyes open. Most of the time, the felines experience negligible issues while sleeping with eyes open. Of course, if you still worry about the well-being of your furball, ask your veterinarians for some eye drop to help with dry eyes. 


How Could Cats Mange To Doze Off With Eyes Open?

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Overall, not only the mind of cats tells them to fall asleep with eyes open but their body also allows them to do just that. Once they feel sleepy, the pets shall look around for a good spot to crash. Next, cats would lie down, get into a comfortable position and start to doze off.  At that point, some cats leave both eyes open while others only keep one open. While sleeping, the eyes of the felines should be half-lidded. From the outside, sleeping cats seem to have a somewhat dazed look which indicates that they are in light sleep.


What Motivate Cats To Sleep Like That Day After Day?

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

The ancestors of cats that live in the wild must be in constant alerts for predators as well as prey. As a result, by dozing off with eyes open, the felines could rest but still keep tabs on what is going on in the vicinity. The moment they detect something of interest through their excellent senses, cats would be able to spring into action in a blink of an eye. Despite the fact that domesticated cats nowadays face no threats and have excellent access to food/water, they nonetheless retain the eyes open sleeping habit.


Why Cats Sleep So Much?

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Overall, cats stay in dreamland between 16 and 20 hours a day. By being big sleepers, the felines could converse much-needed energy and avoid potential predators. In addition, it's worth noting that cats happen to be nocturnal predators: they sleep in during daylight hours and get more active at night. As a result, it's common for pet owners to catch their cat sleeping with eyes open throughout the day. Still, your furball shall adjust its sleeping pattern to match feeding hours and playing sessions.

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How Many Factors Affect The Sleeping Tendency Of Ordinary Cats?

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Generally speaking, the sleeping tendency of your fluffy friend is usually dictated by its breed, temperament, age and so on. Sometimes, indoor cats would sleep more than usual simply because it's currently raining outside.


Regulating The Sleeping Habit Of Cats

Cat Sleeping With Eyes Open

Most cats, especially kittens and senior cats, need to get enough shut-eye every day to live a healthy life. Hence, it's of utmost importance for people to allow their cat to sleep peacefully. If you want your furball to thrive, consider these tips and trick to give it quality sleep day after day.  


  • Set Up A Separate Bed

Numerous pet owners prefer to sleep next to their cats but it's strongly recommended that you give your kitty its own bed if possible. As cats get more active at night, your sleep could be repeatedly interrupted throughout the night if you let your cat sleep on your bed. So save yourself a headache now and set up a bed for your furball in another corner of the house.


  • Schedule Interactive Plays In The Evening

Cats tend to pull all kinds of mischief while they awake so to minimize damages to the house, it's a good idea to tire your kitty out in advance. That is more than enough to get your pet to settle down for the night without causing troubles to you. To be on the safe side, refrain from using your hand to play with your cat as that might lead to painful incidents later.


  • Feed A Big Meal Before Bedtime

Like their ancestor, cats nowadays often feel drowsy when they have a full belly. Because of that, you should be able to get your fluffy friend to doze off by giving it's a big meal right before bedtime. In the case you have a rather tight schedule, consider investing in an automatic feeder. With the feeder, your kitty shall have its fill without having to wake you up.


  • Think About Adopting Another Cat

Some cats like to roam the house at night and leave behind messes because they don't have a playmate. So if you adopt another cat, you could ensure that the pets have someone to play with all day long. The felines would play with each other and proceed to fall asleep together which permit you to sleep in peace.


  • At All Times, Be Strict

While it's hard for you to resist the urge to respond to the meowing of your cat at night, you must be strict. If you let your kitty know that it manipulates you then it's going to be more persistent the following nights.


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