This article will explain you about the term “pheromone”, some types of pheromone products you can use and especially some cat pheromone collar side effects.

Communication through pheromones is probably the first form of communication developed in animals. After thousands of years of evolution, pheromones allow animals to communicate within the same species and between species.

Using a pheromone to helps keep cats and dogs calm by sending them reassuring messages. This is considered a method of comforting animals. In all situations leading to anxiety, the pheromone can help relieve stress.

Having understood this, many companies produced pheromone products for your pets. And we will only focus mainly on collar types and give you some information about cat pheromone collar side effects.

But, before we start, we need to know something about pheromone first!

Some basic information about pheromone

What is pheromone?

Pheromones are colorless and odorless chemical signals that are made up for each species.

This means that products created for use with cats will not be valid for dogs and vice versa.

Each pheromone sends a different consolation message to the pet, such as 'you are safe here' or 'you belong here'. There are many types of pheromones to help calm the mood of dogs and cats, including plug-in diffusers, collars, sprays, and wet towels.

What is pheromone

Pheromone helps to soothe dogs and cats

There are many things related to modern human life as opposed to the natural and instinctive needs of pets. In those situations, pheromones in dogs and cats can help create a sense of security and well-being.

All animals in a state of fear or anxiety are unable to absorb or choose the right behavior to humans. When in a state of emotional equilibrium, animals may be more receptive and more likely to perform acceptable behaviors.

Use Pheromones for dogs and cats

Pheromone relieving emotion can benefit dogs and cats in many different ways.

For example, pheromones can help dogs which do not like loud noise, especially in the event of thunderstorms and fireworks when the sound is accompanied by frightening rays.

Besides, some dogs are also often upset and distressed by being left at home for a long time, when their owners go to work. Pheromone helps the dog prevent unwanted behaviors such as moaning, crying, walking around and sabotaging and feel safe when alone at home.

About cats, pheromones are also helpful. It helps cats feel safe whether alone or with another cat.

Pheromone is not a cure

While appealing pheromones can solve many problems in both dogs and cats, they are ineffective against any potential problems or behavioral problems that your pet may experience.

Pheromones for dogs and cats may be ineffective in moderate cases to severe cases. Consequently, these substances may be used in conjunction with the behavioral modification plan and the treatment recommended by the veterinarian.

Discussing behavior issues with the vet is so important. In some cases, the vet may offer you a veterinary behavior specialist. The massive doses of anti-anxiety medication for cats will be sold by prescription.

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When do we need pheromone?

When you notice the cat's behavior has changed recently, it may be stressful. The concept of people's tension is different from that of cats, and sometimes just a little thing is enough to disturb the peace of cat's mind.

Changes in everyday life, wild cats appearing in the garden, new sanitary land, and the fact that the owner travels far away, or see a vet can make the cat unhappy.

Stress does not only upset your cat, but it can also affect your health such as immune deficiency, increased risk of infection causing excessive licking behavior. Therefore, the application of stress reduction methods in cats is critical.

And while you search for some information, have you ever read about pheromone? It is considered to be a possible method to solve cats' problems. So, many types of pheromone products are produced to meet human needs.

Let's check it out right now!

Cat pheromone products

As I said before, there is a wide range of pheromone products such as a diffuser, spray, and collar.

Cat pheromone diffusers

Diffuser often contains some ingredients that can replicate a cat’s natural and calming pheromones. It helps manage negative behavior caused by stress, such as urine making and scratching. This diffuser can also decline the intensity and frequency of tension between cats if your house has a lot of cats.

Cat pheromone sprays

Like the other types, spray also contains the pheromone that can incentivize your cats to relax. It notices your pets that the environment is safe and don't worry. You can spray it on fabrics or other objects in your house that cats like to play.

Cat pheromone collars

Pheromone collar is an innovative method to help change stress as well as behaviors in cats. It imitates the pheromone that the mother cat produces to calm and reassure her kittens but mixed with some flowers to provide a soothing fragrance.


Of all types, the most favorite and best-selling type is pheromone collar. But all owners wonder whether it is safe for the cat or not? Are there any side effects?

Cat pheromone collar side effects

After searching and reading some users' reviews, we can trust that the pheromone collar does not cause any side effects. Many people give five-star for collar about how it really works.

However, it is received many negative feedbacks about safety.

The collar is rated to be too dangerous because it often gets caught in the cat’s jaw. In fact, the collar includes a stiff buckle which is extremely difficult to adjust after putting on. Besides that, it also stretches out rapidly.

In addition to getting caught in the collar eventually, cats also have to bend their neck down to clean themselves as well as eat food and drink.

Moreover, if the collar is too tight, it will cause the loss of fur or irritation of the skin for cats.

And now, some cautions you have to know

We can make sure that cat pheromone collar side effects will not be your concern. You have to take precautions into the necklaces whether it can cause any harmful damages to your cat or not.

Last but not least, think carefully before using pheromone products to choose for your cats the best solution. Hope you find this article useful!

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