Cats adore grooming but they still run into various coat issues. Check out this article if you want to take care of matted cat fur and white flakes.


Matted Cat Fur And White Flakes

Generally speaking, the average cats have a wide range of features that make people love them: lovely tail, squishy pawns and of course, fluffy coat. Being fastidious creatures, the felines always want to keep their hairs as clean as possible. That being said, depending on several factors, the pets may experience certain conditions on the coat such as matted cat fur and white flakes (dandruff). Issues like that rarely create troubles to cats in the short term, they might pose significant risks to the health of the pets in the future if you neglect them.

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What Cause Them To Appear

Matted Cat Fur And White Flakes

When something odd happens to cats, it's of utmost importance for pet owners to be acquainted with potential causes. Regarding matted cat fur and white flakes, here are a couple of prime suspects you have to keep in mind.

  • Health

Illnesses that interfere with body functions such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism,... could make matted furs and dandruff show up in senior cats as they age. Without treatments, these medical ailments would put the life of the pets in danger so it's necessary for people to rule them out first. Therefore, you should schedule examinations in veterinary clinics in order to make sure that your feline pal is currently healthy. Needless to say, you have to refrain from doing anything else until the vets declare a clean bill of health.

  • Diet

Unbalanced diets make the coat in addition to the skin of cats to become dry, dull,... as time passes by which gives rise to maladies. Most of the time, the lack of Omega-3 is the reason why the hairs of cats run into issues. High-quality cat foods contain excellent amounts of fatty acids but some of the entry-level products may lack it. Home-cooked foods have the same problem as well, especially if the cookers really don't know much about the requirement of the usual cats.     

  • Weather

Cats like to hang around locations that keep them comfortable but every now and then, such a habit brings troubles to them and their owners. Generally speaking, high temperatures, dry atmospheres and so on might bake the fluffy coat as well as the sensitive skin of cats in prolonged exposures. That is also why the vets often advice that people need to keep pets indoors when it's scorching outside. Normally, cats that have thin hairs would likely suffer more from the weather compared to ones that have thick hairs.  

  • Parasite

There are lots of skin parasites that cats could contract: ticks, fleas, mites,... As the parasites roam through the coat of cats, the pets inevitably feel so itchy that they must scratch incessantly. In the case things proceed completely unchecked, the felines are going to entangle the furs and inflame the skin in no time. That situation proves ideal for matted cat fur and white flakes to make an entrance on the coat of the pets which tend to linger for long periods of time. Unless you eliminate the parasites, you feline pal is stuck with a rather messy coat.

  • Allergies

It's common knowledge that cats are adept at detecting subtle changes in the surrounding. Unfortunately, the appearance of unfamiliar foods, furniture and others may provoke allergic reactions in cats. Guess the places that the reactions often surface in cats: the skin and the hairs. In most of the cases, the pets should recover over time which puts an end to the issue of matted cat fur and white flakes. Nonetheless, if people fail to identify what causes the allergic reactions, it's likely that matted furs and matted would return from time to time.

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Treating Matted Furs And Dandruff: Options Available At Your Disposal

Matted Cat Fur And White Flakes

The ideal treatment tends to vary greatly from case to case but for most of the time, pet owners agree that you shall be able to get the old coat of the pet back by using the method down below.

  • Add Supplements To Daily Meals

Nowadays, it's a breeze to obtain fatty acids, vitamins and similar supplements for cat's consumption at affordable prices. Hence, if your pet is having certain coat issues then it's widely advised that you put some supplements into its foods right before serving. To be on the safe side, consult the vets first to determine the proper amount. Around 75 mg/kg/day is sufficient so normal cats at 4 – 5 kg would need 300 – 450 mg daily.  Increase the dose if your cat is a bit heavy.

  • Apply Ointment To The Coat

For cats that have dry skin/ furs, it's a good idea to buy lotions to keep their coat moist. Usually, the majority of pet stores have ointments for cats on hand but if you have no luck finding some, you could always order them online. Just remember to use the liquid moderately, you don't want to dampen the hairs of your pet by mistake.    Furthermore, be gentle while applying since several cats are sensitive.

  • Encourage Pets To Drink Water

It's safe to say that most hydrated cats rarely experience issues on the coat but many cats simply don't like to drink water. That is why pet owners have to resort to mean get the felines to put more water into their system. Among popular choices, cats fountains prove to be the favorites as the average cats seem fairly fond of moving waters.

Preventing Troubles In The Future

Matted Cat Fur And White Flakes

As cat age, they run into a variety of diseases but by employing specific precautions, it's possible to keep the pet in good health. Periodic visits to vets would permit people to detect symptoms early and take care of the problems before things take a turn for the worse. In addition to that, you should spend time and effort grooming your feline pal thoroughly. That action lets the pet know that you love it and you could use the opportunity to assess the coat. 

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