What temperature is too hot for cats and how to keep cats cool in hot weather are big questions of most cats’ owners.



Hot weather causes many illnesses and negatively affects the health of cats. Therefore, cats’ owners should know what temperature is too hot for cats to prevent and treat cats’ diseases in hot days.

Cats and high temperature

How hot is too hot for cats?

In the history of mankind, cats and human have a close relationship, obviously in Egypt history. However, even though man and cats live together for many years, human still always wonder that what temperature is too hot for cats or how hot is too hot for cats.

Cats and high temperature

According to many reports, about 2000 cats can not suffer extremely hot weather. However, owners can prevent it by noticing what temperature is too hot for cats and recognizing the signs of overheating in cats.

Here are some signs of realizing if your cat is suffering extremely hot condition:

  • Wobbly walking and trembling
  • Open mouth to breath very fast and salivate so much
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Bright red gums

Cats also tend to be restless and in distress when the temperature is too hot. They keep moving around and searching for a cold place to hide. Besides, the normal body temperature of cats can be up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is such a high temperature to cats. If owners do not have any treatment after recognizing these above symptoms, the cats may die.

It is said that inside the house is the safest place for cats. However, in summer days, you have to be careful about the temperature indoors and know what temperature is too hot for cats. The good idea is keeping a suitable temperature through fans or closed curtains.

What does high-temperature effect on cats?

Despite being a desert animal, cats’ heat resistance is no better than human. Sweating through their feet helps cats to avoid overheating. As body temperature rise, cats will be exhausted and even suffer heatstroke. If their body temperature is not cooled down quickly, it can cause serious injury to the organs or can lead to death

Cats’ diseases commonly appear in hot summer days. Owners should know what temperature is too hot for cats and diseases caused by hot weather.

Heat-related cats’ diseases include heat shock, heat exhaustion, heat cramps. They usually occur after exposure to environments with extreme temperatures.

If the body temperature is up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, cats will suffer thermal shock. With the heat index is or above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the possibility of thermal shock is almost certain because that temperature is too hot for cats. Therefore, although the temperature is not too high, the body is still easily affected by heat.

The humidity index ranges from 43 to 103, calculated by an equation with the components are temperature and humidity, or the amount of water vapor in the air. In places where moisture is hot, sweat is difficult to evaporate, and this is the reason why the temperate of the animal is not easy to decrease.

Now you know what temperature is too hot for cats and problems related to hot weather. Let’s see how to prevent and cure your cat in hot summer days.

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Cool down and cure

How to lower heat for cats in summer?

Make a cool environment for cats: After knowing what temperature is too hot for cats, you may have suitable methods to provide a cool place for your cat. If there is an air conditioner in the house, you should let the cats stay indoors to enjoy the cool air. You can insulate the house to avoid high temperatures, such as pulling blinds, curtains and closed doors.

If you do not have air conditioning, you can use a fan and open windows to cool the house as well as help keep your cat cool. Set the fan in front of the open window to move the air around the house to help cool down if the temperature is too hot for cats. You need to ensure the safety of your pet when approaching the fan by checking whether the enclosure is fixed or not.

Cats need to drink enough water to supply enough water for their bodies. Also, as the blood temperature rises, the sensor in the brain directs the cat to drink water to hypothermia and dilute blood. Therefore, you need to supply clean water regularly.

Helps cats reduce body temperature: You should leave the cat to relax on hot days. This moment is not suitable for playing with cats because the temperature is too hot for cats at that time. You should only let them play chasing lasers or playing in the wind at cool times. Instead, you need to encourage the cat to rest and relax. Muscle activity produces heat that makes them feel uncomfortable in hot weather like this

If the cat is outdoors, you should design shade to minimize the sun. Shading can be under the trees, bushes, or umbrellas. If cats are indoors, do not leave them in the room with plenty of sunlight.

Most cats do not like to get wet, but you can help them feel cooler when the temperature is too hot for cats with a moisturizer. Dip the towel in cold water and gently rub the cat's hair from head to tail. If your cat's body temperature is too high, you should use a moist towel gently and regularly so that they are familiar with this.

Recognize and treat heatstroke

Observing signs of heatstroke: Signs of heatstroke include breath fast, drowsiness, light pink ears, shock, weakness, and inability to stand up, tremble, shudder, and even convulsions.

Cats suffering heatstroke often have warm feet. If you know what temperature is too hot for cats and suspect that your cats are suffering heatstroke, you should place them on the cool surface immediately, such as tile flooring. Then turn the fan closely to blow off the heat.


Use a moist towel to reduce temperature and provide water: If cats are hot, you should apply a moist towel to their feet and give them water immediately. If the temperature is too hot for cats and your cat is not drinking enough water, you can use a moist cloth to rub their gums. You should avoid using ice or cold water because sudden heat changes between hot and cold can cause cats to be shocked.

Contact the veterinarian for advice: You may need to take your cat to a veterinarian for treatment. Veterinarians know what temperature is too hot for cats will have methods to reduce internal temperatures and maintain normal blood supply to the organs. With the increase in body temperature, the blood will thicken and deplete the blood supply to vital organs.


In hot summer, cats’ owners should know what temperature is too hot for cats, be careful and take care of cats carefully to prevent disease related to high temperature.

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