Why is my cat thin at the back end? When should you come ups with that question? Feline goes thinner because of pure weight loss or severe sickness? This article shows you some ideas, and you can work with that for first days as pre-notice.

Why is my cat thin at the back end? For those who raised felines and go through cat’s development stages, losing weight at the rear end can be considered the signal of simple digestion malfunctions but, they forgot that more severe sickness might lie behind. Visiting vets is a way, but before that, we’ll show you some ideas. There is some observation to make first.

The cat’s rear quarter is the place of the liver, stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, small intestine, colon, and reproductive organs. The situation of the back end or, the weight can express feline strength and health condition. If the cat becomes thin at the rear end, I think it should be time to visit the vet and get advice about medical support.

However, there are some likely causes of the situation as below.

Hunger or lack of food

The weight of a cat shows in the back end, the position of the spinal bone and tail. If their weight loss, that part show the first sign.

my cat thin at the back end

If you notice, when you feed them, the belly turns up when they finish the dish. So, if the stomach is empty, the back end will appear thinner. That’s kind of answer for “why is my cat thin at the back end”

Hunger has to be a prolonged situation so that it causes weight loss. The reasons may be appetite loss or digestion problems. If your cat goes thinner at the back but acts normal, my experience tells that it’s not so dangerous. Let’s make a move with the food or watch your cat’s eating habit before visit the vet.

Cats cannot eat

  • Cats might have a painful tooth, or the mouth hurts, so they do not want to eat.
  • They cannot eat the food because the bowl is unreachable sometimes or other pets in the house peed into the pot. Cats mark their area by urine, same as dogs. Hence, they are not interested in space with other pet’s urine
  • The food is weary
  • Felines might be too upset or stressed to find the appetite. The stress might come from anxiety while they live with new owners or changes in the living environment.

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Signs of diseases

A thin back end can tell us feline’s health problems because it’s the first signs of some conditions. The disorders usually come with more than a symptom so, to predict the situation of your cat, I suggest to pay more attention to cat’s daily habit.

Gastrointestinal tract disease is the most common, and this disease usually results from Intestinal parasites or tapeworm (tapeworm happen to most of the cats so this reason is rare).  It’s evident that whatever happening to digestion system can influence badly in cat’s weight.

The diabetes mellitus causes calories loss to cat urine. Hence, even you see the cat eat up a lot, but the energy does not work for the weight. The symptom of Diabetes is rapid weight loss.

Hyperthyroidism means cat body produce more thyroid hormone than necessary. The hormone fosters metabolic circulation, and it turns out that cat doesn’t get enough energy despite regular diet. The faster metabolic burns energy for nothing. Thus, we see weight loss the first symptom

Organ failure responses to the weight first.  The organ failure can happen to heart, liver, or kidneys. In my opinion, it’s only found by medical check or diagnosed by the vet. Because it’s quite severe, you should make a move when you cannot see the reasons by yourself.

Tumors in cats or human being cause weight loss before any other symptoms. Cancer cells burn calories faster than anything so everyday diet cannot win you a healthier cat.

How do we tell if the cat is thin at the back end?

Usually, weight loss is noticeable. You have to watch the cat from a different angle then see if she appears thinner as usual. If your cat is a long-haired, observation might be not enough. Touch her at the spinal area and around. Healthy cats should have fat and muscles around that area. However, sizing your cats must be done in a process. Do not conclude anything soon after the first weighing.

The weight of cats has standards depending on the breed. For example, a grown-up Sphynx appears a thin model in cat family with only 9 lbs and to this breed, weight gain is a real problem. However, to Birman cats, weight is just a result of how much they can eat. A Birman can become big if you let them eat by her heart, on the other hand, the weight can be controlled. Savannah cats can weigh up to 20 lbs if they’re grown up.

Why is my cat thin at the back end

What should we do if the cat becomes too thin?

No matter how experienced you are in raising cats or how many time you manage cats with the thinner body at the back end. There’s no waste of time to come and see the vet.

As some reasons I mentioned above, a pure loss of appetite can answer the question “why is my cat thin at the back end?”. Besides, there are many causes that we cannot ensure at home.

If you predict the reasons, you should try some domestic methods to fix the situations. But if the cat appears too thin for a long time or she loses weight rapidly, it’s possibly something more than just hunger. Grab them to the Vet and do medical check is the most secure solution.

To sum up, I would like to say skinny back is non-specific. Every breed has got standard weight. Some weigh only couple kilograms at a mature age, but some can weigh double. Or the weight loss happens due to inevitable reasons such as aging. Because the causes are various, we should have the cats visit veterans as soon as possible.

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