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House & Condo

Are you that “I might be broke but my cat has to own its own castle” kind of owner? If yes, well, you have come to the perfect online feline store CattyBox, which carries the ultimate collection of House & Condo for our furry friends.

Such naturally curious creatures as cats love to climb, hunt and explore. Condos, or multi-storied playhouses, serve just the right playing needs of our furballs. Cat also rely on vertical areas for safety and comfort. Providing your cat with vertical house or condo for resting as well as playing is not only a luxury, but also a crucial aspect of a cat's life.

As our pets interact directly with its house/condo, CattyBox ensure each and every item’s absolute safety and premium quality: durable, odor-free, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-abrasive.

Check out our House & Condo Collection now while supplies last!
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