Cat Scratch Pad

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Cat Scratch Pad

A scratching mat is indispensable in a feline’s playground. Bring the excitement of the wild outdoors into your very own home with the ultimate Scratch Pads Collection from CattyBox!

CattyBox offer a wide range of versatile toys that satisfy your cat’s natural instincts and encourage play. Each item is made with textured, durable sisal material that reinforces positive scratching behavior for your furry friends to keep nails healthy and muscles moving after long naps.

As the scratching pads entertains your cat, your furniture and floor no longer have to suffer scratches and avoid damage. These won’t leave a mess after play time, for sisal is a very scratch-resistant material, perfect for scratching, playing and lounging.

So, wait no more, let’s go get the centerpiece of your cat’s favorite activities!
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