Is there any problem with a cat biting tail until it bleeds? Today, we shall discuss more treatments and common reasons why your kitty scratching itself that much!


Cats bite their tails for behavior reasons

Has your cat bitten the end of her tail until it bleeds? Or did you see him going all crazy and running around your house like being out of control? You might try wrapping it up with the paper or tape, but it only works temporarily, and once taking it off, she bites it again.

Note that chasing or biting its tail is never a normal behavior for a cat, especially this action possibly triggers pain and great demand for medical treatment. So what are the major problems with a cat biting tail until it bleeds? Let’s join us finding the real cause of that weird behavior now.

Major symptoms

Once the kitty is striking or biting her tail, then you will surely see her do that frequently. Besides, there are more noticeable signs of the tail mutilation issue, like missing fur, some cuts in the skin area, bleeding or scabbing.

When you actually see these types of symptoms, make sure to schedule an appointment with the vet for further testing and treatments. Note that if the kitty bites herself so hard that it causes bleeding, let’s look for emergency vet attention. Here are some common reasons why your cat is biting tail until it bleeds.

What causes a cat biting tail until it bleeds?

Physical causes

Flea bite allergies in your cat

Fleas are one of the most primary causes why your pet start biting her tail all of a sudden. Every vet tends to provide flea treatment as the first stage of the treatment with all cats biting tail until it bleeds. And these types of parasites are usually the culprits behind cat scratching or licking actions. In case you don’t know, other parasites, such as mites, ticks, and ringworms can also lead to tail biting. 

In this case, they might suffer the anal sac issues, food allergies, and even psychomotor epilepsy. And this situation is highly likely to lead to seizures, cancers, degenerative joint illness, and arthritis. However, don’t rush because the vet can help by carrying out a detailed test to find out whether there’s any physical cause at the root of its behavior.

Aside from that, whenever you see the cat biting or licking at the similar spot over and over again, then it could be that she’s experiencing some kinds of pain or discomfort in that region.

Behavioral causes

What kinds of problems with a cat biting tail until it bleeds? This occurs for many behavioral reasons, which are due to the stress, boredom, anxiety, and its compulsive disorder. Besides, it’s probably because of the sudden changes you made for the living space or the surrounding environment. It happens this way: your cat is pretty much like a new member in the house or a move, will trigger stress manner like tail chewing action.

In case no physical cause is seen, feel free to consult your vet further to decide what kinds of behavioral problems could be the reasons or not. Such mental disorders easily occur in most indoor cats, which could be due to the fact that they take less exercise and excitement than the outdoor fellows.

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Use Medication

Vet care is for a cat biting tail

Based on the degree of the skin damage the kitty has caused by biting, scratching, or chewing, the vet maybe the one who will be in charge of prescribing the use of steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines. Also, a few of these compulsive cat manners triggered by some psychological elements can be easily solved with the clomipramine, the anti-anxiety medication.

Change diets

One of the best ways for a cat biting tail until it bleeds is putting her on a six-week exclusion diet. Make sure to figure out what kinds of food allergies are the causes or not. Don’t hesitate to give a try as it comes to different diets before you’ve finally found the right one that works best.

Most veterinarians are the ones who prescribe the use of certain fatty acids and other nutritional factors in case your cat has constant scratching, chewing and licking. Remember that no other food or treat needs to be provided during the exclusion diet. 

Treat flea infestation

Since it can be hard to anticipate or diagnose this type of parasite infestation in your kitties, then ask some veterinarians for help. They surely recommend you to try a few flea control items bought from the vet office for 6 - 8 weeks to see whether it lowers the incidence of biting, licking, or scratching.

Simply do it the same as treating other mites and parasites. If any of them is present, let’s follow the vet’s direction for eliminating your pet’s discomfort and other weird behaviors.

Improve cat’s state of mind

Help your cat keep a healthy state of mind

Doing so will help address any boredom and anxiety for the cat. Once determining that there’s no sign of physical cause for a cat biting tail until it bleeds, then there must be things you should do to improve her state of mind. At the same time, ensure the cat to feel secure, comfy, and loved in your house, which can be seen as the great stimulation and exercise.

Or you can train the cat to associate her to something pleasurable, like a treat for instance, with something he’s scared of. Doing so ensures to help lower both the stress and anxiety of your pet. As you know, boredom licking can be improved simply by adding another cat to your home. However, there could be a risk that the second cat will become another new stress in the pet’s living space.

Last but not least, engage your pet in more interactive play every day, or feed her on a regular routine. Don’t hesitate to give her a lot of toys to play whenever you’re not home.

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