Of course, pee of your furball carries an awful stench but here comes an odd question: can cat urine get you high? Learn the answer through this article.


Can Cat Urine Get You High

If you are a fan of the infamous animated sitcom "South Park", it's likely that you know about a certain episode called "Major Boobage". In that episode, the new drug craze "cheesing" (getting high off cat urine) is introduced to South Park which causes many people to become addicted. At first glance, the idea of somebody being stoned by sniffing cat pee seems ridiculous. Still, the question of can cat urine get you high nonetheless attract considerable attention from curious fans of the show.  

So you are also interested in finding out whether piss of your fluffy friend would work similarly to recreational drugs? If that is so then the information down below shall satisfy your thirst for knowledge.  

The Composition Of Cat Urine

Can Cat Urine Get You High

To get to the bottom of the topic, it's of utmost importance that you have a firm grasp on the content of cat urine. Here are a couple of things you must know regarding what your pet release while answering the call of nature. 

Generally speaking, pee of our felines pals is comparable to other animals, it consists of metabolic wastes like uric acid, urea, creatine, detoxified substances and more. Needless to say, such a lineup guarantee unpleasant smells but how come small amounts of cat urine could emit foul odors into the surrounding? Well, the body of cats tends to withhold water as a survival mechanism which means their piss is extremely concentrated. In addition to that, urine from male cats possesses sex-specific steroids so the scent is even worse than usual.    

"Ok, I get it. Piss from my furball indeed gives me major headaches from to time but can cat urine get you high? That is what I want to know". If you think like that, keep reading because the following section contains a lot of critical details about the effects of cat pee on humans. 

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What May Happen If You Regularly Inhale Pee Of Cats

Can Cat Urine Get You High

After leaving the body, it's just a matter of time before cat piss comes into contact with bacteria that formulate a multitude of reactions. Within a few moments, the decomposition process takes place that leads to discharges of mercaptans as well as various compounds. In sufficient quantity, the compounds might have the same effects as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (also known as DMT), a substance commonly found in psychedelic drugs. So all things considered, the most logical answer to the question of "can cat urine get you high" is "maybe".   

With that said, it's worth noting that no one would be stoned once cats unwittingly sit on their face. Hanging around the litter box daily also ensures a rather slim chance of getting high. However, if you truly care about your health then it's absolutely necessary that you stay away from cat urine. 

The Dangers Of Cat Urine

Can Cat Urine Get You High

With the question of "can cat urine get you high" settled, let's check out why people tend to consider cat piss to be dangerous. Aside from the nasty stench, cat pee is also going to give you a lot of trouble as time passes. Overall, exposure to piss of cats carries a series of serious risks that might leave lasting damages on your health. 

  • A High Concentration Of Ammonia 

As mentioned ago, cat urine is rarely diluted which means the ammonia content is high for most of the time. Breathing in ammonia shall lead to coughing, bronchitis, pneumonia, irritation on the eyes and skins,... In the worst case, the ammonia in cat pee could permanently damage the lung, kidney and other organs of the body.  That is why it's strongly recommended that pet owners open every window and door on occasions to prevent the ammonia from filling the house. Furthermore, refrain from directly touching items soaked in cat urine.  

  • Trigger All Kinds Of Allergies

Most cat parents around the globe should be able to handle the felines without much difficulty but it's a different story with cat pee. The combination of offensive odors and irritating chemicals is more than enough to provoke allergic reactions in overall healthy individuals. Hence, the task of locating piss puddles in addition to pee stains is very important. Generally speaking, don't solely count on the belief that litter box trained cats would always take care of their business in the right place.  

  • Make The Pet Urinate Indiscriminately

Most cats stick to routines so if you let them see traits of pee and poop at certain sports, they may defecate/urinate there again. In case you fail to completely get rid of the smell of cat piss in time, your fluffy friend is going to treat such places as its own toilets. Obviously, no pet owner wants to live around the scent of cat pee so it's essential to take care of all popping/peeing incidents. If necessary, temporarily isolate your cat in a room until you are sure that the smell is gone for good.  

  • Attract Cats In The Neighborhood

It's common knowledge that the felines use piss to mark territories but the odor invites other cats as well. The last thing you want to experience is to see packs of feral cats turning your house into their hangout.  Keep in mind that cats have sharp senses which allow them to detect faint smells from quite a distance away. As a result, thoroughly check around the house every now and then as a precaution.     

Neutralizing Odors Of Cat Piss

Can Cat Urine Get You High

  • Locate The Site Of Incident: the sooner you know where the mess is, the easier it takes to solve it. In the early stage, it's pretty simple to detect puddles of urine of cats. When it dries, it's possible to identify traits of cat piss using ultraviolet light.    
  • Invest In Proper Removal Products:  Water, soap and towel would do next to nothing against cat piss, you have to get purpose design stuff here. Fortunately, you should be able to get some appropriate cleaning products at pet stores nowadays.  
  • Keep Watch Over The Felines: Most cats that suddenly defecate/urinate at random locations might be suffering from health issues. You must keep an eye out for suspicious signs and intervene if the situation requires.   

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