Can You Feel A Microchip In A Cat

In the old days, identification tag was the only way for people to increase the chance of finding their cats if the pets went missing. But thanks to recent advances in technology, cat parents nowadays have another option: microchip IDs. Overall, compared to the traditional tags, the microchips prove superior in various aspects including considerably lower odds of falling off. However, many first-time pet owners still have reservations about microchip IDs and one of the most common questions happens to be "can you feel a microchip in a cat? ".


So you are unable to get a satisfying answer from the Internet to that question? If that is exactly your current situation, then you have come to the right place.


Brief Overviews Of The Microchips

Can You Feel A Microchip In A Cat


In order to answer the question of "can you feel a microchip in a cat?", you have to know the characteristics of microchips for cats. Down below, you would find practically everything that you must keep in mind about them.


Generally speaking, microchip IDs contain information (address, phone number, ...) that link cats to their owners. Using a small needle, veterinarians insert the chips under the skin of the felines, a procedure that lasts for a few moments in most cases. The common location for a microchip, which resembles a grain of rice, is between the shoulder blades of the pets. Cats rarely feel bothered by the presence of microchip IDs so it's safe to say that the pets should keep on living like usual.

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Is It Possible To Feel The Chips In Cats: Sure

Can You Feel A Microchip In A Cat


"Ok, I know that microchip IDs have modest dimensions but can you feel a microchip in a cat using bare hands?" you think to yourself. Well, cat parents would be able to notice the chips by running their hands through the shoulder of the felines.


Most of the time, microchips shall cause small lumps in cats which facilitate detection. Nonetheless, depending on the size, weight, .... of the pets, the noticeability of microchip IDs often varies from cat to cat. Actually, as the felines age, the chips may even migrate away from the shoulder region. Being only skin deep, it's highly unlikely that microchips ever reach vital organs of the pets so you really have nothing to worry after getting your fluffy friend microchipped.


All things considered, if people rub the shoulders of cats with microchips for a bit, the chips should reveal themselves. Of course, things may become somewhat hazy in the case you come across unfamiliar cats with lumps on their backs. The lumps could be anything: microchip IDs, abscesses, tumors and alike which means a trip to the vet is necessary.


Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Microchipping Cats


Can You Feel A Microchip In A Cat

Aside from the question of "can you feel a microchip in a cat?", pet owners around the globe have many other concerns about microchipping cats. Here are a couple of queries that most cat parents discuss every now and then.


  • What is the best time to get my cat microchipped?

Technically, it's fine to microchip kittens as young as 5-week-old but you must understand that health, not age, is the decisive factor here. Though the insertion of the chips is noninvasive, the body of kittens is quite frail. Because of that, it's strongly recommended that you wait until your furball is 8-week-old before having it microchipped. Pets that currently have health issues should avoid the microchipping procedure until their treatment concludes. The rule of thumb here is" better safe than sorry".


  • Do Microchip IDs use GPS?

Unfortunately, microchips don't work as tracking devices so it's impossible to use them to get to the felines. The chips only contain information about the owners of the microchipped cats so you have to pray that your furball run into people with scanners. Additionally, if pet owners want the microchips to work as expected, it's essential to update the information every time they change house, phone number,... Most of the time, you need to contact the manufacturer of the chip in order to make sure that everything is up to date.


  • Should I worry about privacy?

For your information, scanning the microchip of a cat just returns the contact information of the manufacturer in most cases. That means the manufacturer of the chip often serves as an intermediary during the reuniting process. Your phone number, address and so on shall be well secured so rest assured. Only when you give your consent would the microchip company let the finder of your lost cat call you directly. Because of that, no one could track you down by scanning the microchip of your cat without your prior knowledge.


    How could I get my cat microchipped safely and quickly?

    Your best bet is to head over to the local veterinary clinic as they tend to keep microchips on hand. On average, your fluffy friend should be able to receive a good chip within the same day as your appointment. About the expense, the price of the procedure is reasonable to the majority of cat parents these kinds of days. Considering the fact that the microchip would let you reunite with your cat if it ever gets lost in the future, the investment is worthwhile. Nobody wants to part with their beloved cat and the chip is a great precaution.


    • I just adopted a cat from the nearby animal shelter. Is the pet already microchipped?

    It's the policy of many shelters nowadays to microchip every pet that they adopt out but obviously, exceptions exist. That is why if you want to determine if your recently adopted cat is microchipped, you must call the shelter. Additionally, the chips show up on radiographs as well so you could confirm their presence at the average vet clinics. Of course, taking radiographs costs money and that is why you have to think carefully. Last but not least, your good old hands work too but the reliability is less than ideal in most cases. 

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