Worry that the huff, huff, huff sound your cat keep making is a sign of health issues? Read this article if you want to learn more about cat huffing noise.


Cat Huffing Noise

Most cat parents know that cats make all kinds of noises from time to time for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, there should be nothing to worry about but if the vocalization accompanies odd behaviors, something may have gone wrong here. So what compels the average cats to make huffing noise? Is it possible for a perfectly healthy pet to start huffing out of the blue? How could you make sure that cat huffing noise takes place because of natural causes instead of underlying health issues?

So you completely have no idea how to find the answers to the questions above? If that is so, you come to the right place. 

When The Felines Normally Huff

Cat Huffing Noise

In physically-fit pets, huffing is considered to be normal.

Overall, most cats often huff in the case they feel stressed, anxious, overheated and alike. In addition, your fluffy friend would also make huffing noise after going through tedious activities. Normally, the huffing shall come to an end the moment the pets have a chance to lay down and relax. As a result, if you know for certain what is happening with your pet before the huffing begins, you only need to wait a bit. On the other hand, if your cat starts huffing all of a sudden without apparent reasons, you must take a good look at the situation.

Just to be safe, take your cat straight to veterinary clinics if the huffing lingers for long periods of time. Well trained vets should perform examinations, deduce the cause and devise treatment regime if necessary.

Abnormal Huffing In Cats: Culprits

Cat Huffing Noise

A lot of researches indicate that cat huffing noise tends to be associated with cardiovascular diseases which lead to shortness of breath in the felines. Here are a couple of prime suspects that people know to cause cats to huff.

  • Asthma

Similar to humans, asthma in cats is a chronic inflammation of the air passageway in the lungs of the pets. Once asthma attacks take place, they considerably constrict the flow of air so cats inevitably have a hard time breathing. In mild cases, the majority of the felines would only experience slight difficulty while breathing. However, in the worst cases, respiratory distress shall follow that put the life of the affected pets in grave danger. Inhaling airborne allergens, heart illnesses, obesity, ... could make the dreaded asthma show up in cats. 

  • Heartworms

As the name suggests, heartworms are parasites that live in the heart, lungs and nearby blood vessels of the host. Once they enter the body of the pets, heartworms leave lasting damages in the form of a dangerous condition called Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease (HARD). Without timely intervention, it's quite possible for cats to die of HARD so you have to keep your fluffy friend on regular heartworm preventative. On the Brightside, heartworms rarely survive to adulthood while residing inside the body of cats so their number is low.   

  • Congestive Heart Failure

To put it plainly, when the heart fails to get enough blood as well as fluid to the lungs, people call it congestive heart failure. A lot of things might cause CHF to appear but the most common one is the thickening of the wall of the heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).  Other likely factors include birth defects, high blood pressures, thyroid diseases and others like them. Cats with congestive heart failure tend to be weak, tired,... Depending on the circumstance, the pets may also die suddenly.

  • Feline Upper Respiratory Infection

Human often huff when come down with a cold and the same applies to cats. In some cases, the cat huffing noise could be simply the result of feline upper respiratory infections (the common cold). Obviously, cats with a cold have difficulty breathing due to the presence of slimy fluid all over the respiratory system. Fortunately, it's simple for people to treat the infection in most of the cases. Pet owners only need to keep their cat warm, prepare nutritious cat foods and if required, ask for a cat-specific prescription medication from the vets.

  • Pain

Considering the nature of cats, it's easy for your fluffy friend to receive injuries: messed up landing, rough playing, falling,... Therefore, it's unavoidable for the felines to experience sharp pain now and then. most cats that are currently suffering from pain have rapid breathing rhythm, heightened heart rate, increased blood pressure and alike. All of that would compel the pets to begin huffing. That is why it's of utmost importance to thoroughly check the body of your furball for injuries if you hear it make huffing noise.

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Keeping The Pets In Good Health: Some Recommendations From Experts

Cat Huffing Noise

Sure, cat huffing noise may be a sign of issue but if you exercise precautions, you would be to at least keep the odd low. Make use of the following methods to secure the well being of your fluffy friend.  

  • Prepare Nutritious Well Balanced Meals

By giving your cat a sound daily diet, you should be able to boost the capability of its immune system. Because of that, the pet shall have few troubles withering away the risks of diseases, ailments, infection and so on. Cooking the foods all by yourself is indeed nice but in the case you lack the time and skill, commercial cat foods are excellent alternatives. You could also consult the vets to get some suggestions.

  • Put Together A Play Schedule

Cats are affectionate creatures which means when they feel neglected, their mental as well as physical health inevitably suffer over time. Hence, to let your feline pal live a comfortable life, you have to play with it a bit every day. You don't have to do much, just a couple of minutes of cuddling, grooming and alike would do nicely. In addition to that, playtime gives people opportunities to check for suspicious signs in the behaviors of the pets.

  • Periodic Examinations At Veterinary Clinics

Your pet may look like it's in top shape right now but who knows what transpires inside its body?  As a result, take your cat to the vet at lest once a year in order to detect hidden problems.

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