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Cat Humps While Kneading

Generally speaking, the average cats would hump from time to time due to various reasons. Most of the time, pet owners rarely feel bothered by that but on occasions, the humping becomes rather bothersome. As a result, it's worth the time and effort for people to understand why cat humps while kneading in case things get too excessive. That being said, there are a lot of sources of information about that particular issue on the Internet nowadays so which one should you trust?

You don't exactly have the patient to check every analysis in existence that talks about "cat humps while kneading"?  If that happens to be the case then this article might have what you need.

Humping: Thorough Breakdown Of Characteristics

Cat Humps While Kneading

Once the word "humping" comes up, the very first thing that comes to your mind is likely sex act which is partially true to felines. Spurred by sex hormones, normal male cats hump female ones during the standard reproductive cycle. However, aside from intercourse, many things cause cats to hump.  For instance, male cats may also hump other cats of the same sex in order to show their dominant position. Female cats hump kittens as a discipline measure if the young ones have intolerable action. Even month old kittens hump occasionally to demand some attention

"So if I have my pet properly spayed/neutered, the issue of cat humps while kneading shall never take place?" is a fairly common question. Unfortunately, such felines are capable of humping too, especially if the procedure was performed a bit late in their life.

Possible Causes Behind The Behavior

Cat Humps While Kneading
  • Sex Hormones In The Body

It often takes weeks for all the sex hormones inside the system of cats to be eliminated after the pet receive spay/neuter surgery.  Therefore, if your cat likes to hump things but you have it sterilized recently then wait. In most of the case, the hormones would soon go away which make your fluffy friend more mellow over time.  For the time being, it's strongly recommended that you keep an eye on the situation to deliver timely intervention if the pet experiences complications.

  • Ingrained Memories Of Good Times

Felines that are spayed/neutered when they get somewhat old tend to remember just how good it feels to hump. That means after the surgery, such pets might still treat humping as a daily routine because of their personal experience. The majority of experts claim that it's slightly tricky for pet owners to control the behavior if cats learn that humping brings pleasant feelings. Hence, it's of utmost importance to sterilize your cat the moment it reaches the right age to avoid troubles like dynamic roaming, random urinating and of course, excessive humping.

  • Sudden Additions Of New Cats

A lot of adult cats go through stressful periods if their owners adopt new cats without putting together proper introductions. Some of the pets worry that the latecomers could valuable steal foods, waters and affection. That is why certain cats resort to humping to combat stress as well as to show the new cats their current position in the house. Luckily, once the felines finally get to know each other, the humping should disappear in a blink of an eye. Feel free to consult the vets to accelerate the process.

  • Lots Of Pent Up Energies

Similar to humans, the lack of exercise cause cats to build up physical energy which leads them to act erratically. That is why in the case your fluffy friend starts humping out of the blue, it's widely advised that you set up play sessions. The point is to tire the pet so it would have no energy to hump things after the end of the sessions. The method works well to energetic cats as they shall go to bed to rest. Needless to say, you must divide your time logically so the play sessions don't interfere with your daily life.

  • The Utmost Desire For Attention

Considering the fact that we humans like to observe cats, it's natural for some felines to utilize that trait to get what they want. So if you already react to the humping of your pet before, the pet may hump times and again in order to attract your attention. To stop the behavior from going out of control, it's necessary to treat your pet firmly but don't ever resort to physical punishment. Cats never act in the way you want if you hit them as you like. On the contrary, such a treatment would only make your pet resent you over time.

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Common Signs Of Imminent Humping

Cat Humps While Kneading

Want to know when "cat humps while kneading" might occur? Here are some excellent hints:

  • Dilated Pupils: While handling cats, you have to check their eyes every now and then. Once the pupils of the felines start to dilate, they are about to hump something in the very next seconds.
  • Excited Meow, Purr And Knead: If your fluffy friend makes plenty of noises all of a sudden then there is a good chance that it's ready to hump stuff.
  • Overly Affectionate: Cats like to hang around their owners but in the case they get oddly attached to you out of nowhere, beware of humping.

Moderating The Humping Of Cats

Cat Humps While Kneading

Different cats require different treatment but most of the time, there are a couple of rules you must remember. 

  • Never Ever Rely On Punishments: It's unwise to hit cats because they don't act in a manner that matches the standards of humans. In most of the cases, the felines keep in mind that you hit them instead of reflecting their own behaviors.
  • Positive Reinforcement Is Extremely Critical: Every time you see cats stop humping after you warn it, remember give it treats, hugs, pats and so on. That ensures the pets keep the humping to a minimum.
  • When In Doubt, Consult Vets: There is no shame asking for help from a well-trained professional while facing difficult situations. They have excellent knowledge about the felines so they could offer you much-needed assistance.

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