In order to clean litter boxes, cat owners often rely on a cat litter scoop with small holes. Check out this article to learn more this essential tool. 


Cat Litter Scoop With Small Holes

Similar to their owners, cats don't like dirty toilets. Therefore, if you don't clean the litter box regularly, your fluffy friend might start hiding its wastes in other secluded corners of the house. You don't want to run into piles of cat poop under your couch, right? That being said, handing cat litters is not an easy task, you could always end up with nasty, smelly messes. In order to avoid falling into such predicaments, you are going to need a cat litter scoop with small holes. With multiple styles and materials available, first timer cat owners often have a hard time figuring out just what is a quality cat litter scoop. 

Don't know much about litter scoop and feel kind of overwhelmed by the number of choice on the market? If that is so, this article got something for you. Down below, you would be provided with important information regarding cat litter scoops, their construction and the way to secure an appropriate product without trouble. Generally speaking, litter scoops work in a rather straightforward manner and so almost anyone could put them to good use. Yet if you manage to grasp the fundamentals of litter scoops, you should be able to secure the right example without wasting too much money. 

Litter Scoops: Design And Function


Cat Litter Scoop With Small Holes: A Beginner's Guide

"Once the litter box gets dirty, throw away all the litters in the box, put new ones in and that should be it. Why bother using a scoop?" you think. Well, there is a problem with that kind of approach: A lot of clean litters would be lost by mistake. That means in the long run, the cost of keeping your cat should increase by a large margin without fail. As a result, people invent a purpose design cat litter scoop with small holes to remove solid feces/clumped liquids. Through the scoop holes, you could minimize the loss of clean litter while still able to deal with the waste. 

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Cat Litter Scoop


Litter Scoop With Small Holes

  • Round edge vs. square edge, which one is the best?

In most of the case, square edge litter scoops are excellent choices as they would have no trouble reaching the corners of common litter boxes. Considering the fact that you want to make the litter box as clean as possible, the convenient reach of square edge litter scoops is handy. In addition to that, many scoops that have square edges nowadays could be used as a thin scraper if needed. As a result, it should not require too much time and effort to remove all dirty litters if you have a square edge litter scoop.

  • Is it a good idea to use plastic litter scoops?

Overall, a plastic cat litter scoop with small holes gets the job done but its effective lifetime is fairly mediocre. We all know what happens if litter scoops filled with loads of dirty litters just snap all of the sudden. Therefore, unless you have absolutely no other options, stay away from scoops made from plastic. For most of the time, the most sensible choice of material when it comes to cat litter scoop, in general, is metal, ideally stainless steel. With a metal scoop on hand, you could tackle the litters at full force knowing that the scoop is not going to fail anytime soon. As with other items for pets on the market nowadays, maximum longevity equals maximum value.

  • Should I use a scope with long or short handle?

The length of the scoop handle depends largely on the layout of the litter box. Therefore, in order to determine how long the handle of your scoop should be, take the litter box into consideration. If the box allows you to remove and add cat litters with relative ease, a short handle would be sufficient. On the other hand, if the box is slightly inflexible, you might want to get a scoop with long handle. In any case, you must make sure that the handle does not interfere with storage. Keep in mind that it does not take much to dirty a cat litter scoop with small holes so proper storage is of utmost importance.

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Shopping For Cat Litter Scoop: Tips And Tricks For Novices

Shopping For Cat Litter Scoop

  • Think About The Cat Litter

People use a lot of material to manufacture cat litters ranging from newspapers to silica. For heavy and thick litters, look for scoops that are designed with fairly wide holes. In the case you are using fine, non-clumping cat litters, you would want something that is not too perforated. 

  • Pay Attention To The Ergonomic

A quality scoop must let you manipulate it and apply force at will, you don't want to take any risks while handling smelly litter. You need to have a good grip on the handle while scooping the litters and then gingerly transport them to the garbage can for disposal. To achieve just that, the handle needs to fit your hand snugly, not too big but also not too small.

  • Exam And Inspect The Dimension

No matter how useful a litter scoop seems to be on paper, it means nothing if you cannot get the scoop to work as intended. In most of the case, people forget to take the size of the scoop into account which causes a lot of troubles with certain boxes. To avoid any potential headaches, ensure that the scoop you like is compatible with the litter box of your cat.

  • Assess All Additional Features Thoroughly

Modern-day litter scoops have a couple of features that could come in handy such as a built-in motor, antibacterial coating and so on. Depending on your personal needs and requirements, the extra features would either simplify or complicate the removal of dirty litters. Hence, you should take time to think about whether it's worth investing more money for the features or not.

  • Consider Fully Automatic Litter Scoop

If you have a lot of money to spare and are tired of having to take care of litters time and again, alternatives are available. In contrast with traditional examples, fully automatic litter scoops require no interactions from humans. Just outfit the litter box with the scoop, plug in and turn on the unit whenever a cleaning is due.

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