Whenever cats start urinating in odd places, there could be troubles. Learn the proper approaches to the issue of cat peeing in sink through this article.


Cat Peeing In Sink

By observing the daily behaviors of pets, it's possible to obtain critical information regarding their mental and physical state. Normally, cats would go straight to the litter box to answer the call of nature. That means if your fluffy friend decides to use the sink as its personal toilet, something must have gone wrong. While felines look adorable all curled up in sinks, cat peeing in sink is still an abnormal occurrence that requires special attention from pet owners. That being said, few people actually know how to react to such a strange event.

So you don't know anything about cat peeing in sink like its probable causes, potential consequences and proper solutions? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place.

Comprehensive Analyses Of The Situation

Once cats deviate from their routines all of a sudden, it's of utmost importance for humans to take a close look at every detail. Most of the time, there are a couple of scenarios that you need to remember while assessing the issue of cat peeing in sink.


Cat Peeing In Sink

The rule of thumb here is "better safe than sorry". Once you notice that your cat seems to behave rather erratically, get it checked in a veterinary clinic at once. It's quite common for cats to experience bladder infection, urinary blockage and so on. Such ailments tend to force the pets to attempt to urinate all over the place and unfortunately, some felines just like to visit the sinks. Hence, it's strongly recommended that you assume your cat is suffering from medical problems until the vets say otherwise.  

Note: Considering the fact that many diseases in cats require sophisticated treatment regimens that only well-trained professionals could provide, you have to refrain from giving your pet random medications. Introducing drugs into the body system of cats is dangerous if you don't have knowledge about their proper use. At best, such an action is going to complicate the treatment. At worst, organ failures might occur which would prove fatal if you are unable to secure assistance from specialists.


Cat Peeing In Sink

In case you eliminate medical reasons, it's time to inspect the immediate surrounding of the litter box in addition to the box itself. Felines do have class so if they feel the litter box makes them too uncomfortable, the pets shall take care of their business somewhere else. As a result, to keep the box attractive to your fluffy friend, it's widely advised that you scoop the litter multiple times per day. That procedure alone should ensure that the cats head directly over the litter box if they ever need to pee. 

Aside from scooping the litter regularly, it's a good idea to think about the site of the litter box. Senior cats often have considerable difficulty moving around the house. Because of that, if you position the box in hard to reach spots then your pet may choose to go to a more reachable place. So it's necessary to put the litter box in locations that the felines could visit without running into obstacles. Furthermore, you must keep the box away from high traffic areas, noisy appliances and alike.


Cat Peeing In Sink

In households that have many cats, some might bully others which force the weaker felines to stay out of sight of the stronger ones. Therefore, several of your pets deliberately pee in the sink if they see that the bullies are hanging in the vicinity of the litter box. That is why people suggest that the number of litter boxes should be at least equal to the number of cats currently in the house. If possible, consider setting up more boxes in order to be on the safe side. In addition, prioritize litter boxes that allow all-around vision.

Aside from other indoor pets, outdoor animals may also cause domesticated cats to feel threatened which causes them to noticeably alter their behaviors to adapt. In that situation, certain felines opt to pee in the sink since that place often offers them peace of mind. Generally speaking, you would be able to lessen the stress of your pet by blocking its view of the outside. In the case things proceed smoothly, the pet is going to rerun to its usual routine within a few days.


Cat Peeing In Sink

When you manage to rule out everything mentioned above then you probably have to accept the fact that your fluffy friend is just outright lazy. One day, while sitting in the skin, the feline comes to the realization: "Well, I like the place so from here on, I'm going to visit here if I have to take a leak". Among all the possible explanations for cat peeing in sink nowadays, laziness is the one that people overlook the most. Fortunately, it's a breeze for pet owners to steadily adjust the peeing habits of their cats in this case.

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In order to get the cat to go back to using the litter box, you have plenty of options available:  

  • Place Objects In The Sink: Ordinary cats simply love to curl up within the sink. But if you put in there a couple of random things, the feline would lose interest after a short while. No one likes to lie down on a bunch of stuff that stabs their stomachs.
  • Invest In Some Scat Mats: Hate to remove the objects in the sinks before use? Then how about setting up several scat mats near them? The surfaces of such mats work wonders when it comes to keeping cats away from specific areas of the house. Thanks to the highly affordable prices and superb availability, you should be able to get as many mats as you need without breaking the bank.
  • Put Together Series Of Obstacles: Cats are by nature stubborn pets but they would give up on using the sink as their toilets if you know how to discourage them. Locking the door right after you are done using the sinks proves to be sufficient in most of the cases. Spraying perfume directly into the sink work as well because the fragrance tends to irritate the sharp nose of felines.    

Warning: Never turn the water on your pet while it's sitting in the sinks since that form negative impressions.

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