Raising a cat is so happy, but it remains many problems. One of those is preventing a cat from playing with poop.


There are many problems occur when a cat plays with poop. Some related to humans and some related directly to cats. So why the reason and how to prevent cats from playing with poop?

Problems occur when a cat plays with poop

Effect to owners

It is said that a cat is a curious animal. They are sometimes lazy, but they are sometimes mischievous, too. When raising a cat, owners will be happy and feel to be loved. However, there are many problems arise, and one of them is that cat plays with poop.

Problems occur when a cat plays with poop

Many people want their cats to be clean, beautiful and always be lovely. However, sometimes, owners have to be mad because of the mess caused when a cat plays with poop.

The first thing owners have to solve is that they have to have their cats cleaned after recognizing their cats play with poop. Bad smell, dirty fur is the appearance of cats after playing with poop and no owners want their cats to look like that. With busy people, this is a disaster.

Also, cats’ owners have to tidy their houses, who knows where cats will bring poop. So, when catching a cat plays with poop, after cleaning the cat, people have to clean the house. Every corner of the house can be the place where cat brings poop. Bad smell, dirty floor or wall are a mess which cats’ owners have to tidy.

Finally, owners have to find a method to stop this problem. With easy cats, it is quite easy to stop them. In contrast, many cats are stubborn so that it will take many times to train them.

Effect to cats

There are many issues that directly affect cats. Firstly, playing with poop may make cats sick. If one day, you catch your cat is playing with poop in the garden or the front yard, you have to think about bringing your cat to the vet to check.

Many people think there is no problem when cats play with poop. But no. If you raise your cat indoor and he or she is healthy, you can worry about nothing. However, if your cat is curious and mischievous and he or she usually goes outside, you have to check his/her health frequently.

The poop which cats play with may not be their own. It can be from stray cats or other animals, and you can not know if that poop has diseases or not. So, you have to have your cat checked if you see he/she plays with poop. Many serious diseases can be spread from poop, so owners have to be careful if their cats play with poop.

Bad behavior and bad habits may be caused by playing with poop. This may occur when you raise many cats at the same time. Once the cat plays with poop will make others follow, and this is bad.

It will cause negative effects when a cat is raising her babies. Baby cats will learn everything from their mother, and if a mother cat does something not good, it will affect small cats, and they will follow. In this case, when the mother cat plays with poop, her babies may consider it is one of the essential living skills, and they will learn this bad habit.

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The reason why cats play with poop

There are many theories to explain why cats play with poop. Many people say that cat is a mischievous animal, so they play with poop because they feel curious and feel fun when doing this. However, this may not be a good explanation.

Others say cats play with poop because they feel boredom. If owners provide not enough toys for them play with, they will feel boredom and playing with poop is one of the ways make them feel they entertain. When a cat is often left alone for a long period with no toys, he/she will start playing with poop for lack of better things to do.

The reason why cats play with poop

Whatever the reason, cats play with poop is very annoying and disturbing so that owner should have methods to stop this bad behavior.

The solution to this issue

To prevent a cat from playing with poop, owners can try many methods, and one of these is training them.

Owners have to identify why their cats play with poop. Owners should understand most common behavior problems in cats. Although each cat has its personality and may have specific problems or behaviors, they may have the same reasons for this action such as they are curious or bored.

Then, people will have many ways to adjust this bad behavior of their cats. Owners can apply remote adjustment method. This technique associates a bad surface, odor, taste, or sound with bad behavior to prevent the cat from performing that behavior again.

People can use sound as a tool to adjust the action that cats play with poop. This method uses sounds to makes the cat startle to prevent them from doing bad behavior.

Owners can whistle, ring a bell or shake a metal box with some coins in it when cats play with poop. Try to apply sound instead of voice to make the cat startle at the moment the cat is about to do something which owners think is not good, gradually, the cat will associate the behavior with unpleasant sounds.

You can also supply the house with your furball's favorite toys to keep them physically active and mentally occupied.

Besides, people should avoid verbal punishment or action for cats. Physical or mental sanctions are generally ineffective, cannot prevent cats from doing bad behavior and are short-term solutions to cat problems. Besides, these penalties also create a tense atmosphere between owners and cats.

Although it's hard to beat or scold cats when cats play with poop, it is important that you keep calm as an employer and try to apply other methods more effectively.


Cat plays with poop may cause many problems for both owner and cat. To solve this problem, the owner should understand why his/her cat does that and apply suitable methods to prevent.

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