What if your cat’s not cleaning bum properly after going to the toilet? How to fix this well? Here are what you should know about wiping her butt the right way.


Has your cat ever smelled of shit constantly and even had lumps hanging around her bum? Imagine that when your cat’s not cleaning bum properly, and you have to chase her around the house to catch her shit with a toilet roll! Such an experience feels incredibly frustrating for pet owners without a doubt. Not just it looks gross, but it also leaves little stains and trails.

Especially when cats always love to show off their bums all the time, so how to fix that? Here are some tips on cleaning your cats when she can’t do it herself.

Tip 1: Brushing

Cat’s Not Cleaning Bum Properly

Brush your cat to prevent its fur from being matted

Bring your cat to the veterinarian if she has a hard time with grooming

Take action now whenever seeing your cat is having trouble with grooming because she properly suffers a medical condition. This could make it hurtful to groom. In this situation, let’s solve the underlying problem to make your cat more comfortable, which can help her start grooming again. If so, then what types of treatments are used here?

They probably consist of dental attention for a cat that has a sore mouth, or some pain-killing medications for the elderly cats. Be careful, especially when you see its fur severely matted, just seek the help from an expert to get rid of the fur.

Add brushing to her daily routine

When your cat’s not cleaning bum properly, or just did once, then one of the best things you can do here is to add brushes to the routine. By brushing from her head to tail, it will help diminish any loose fur, debris, and dirt as well as stimulate her circulation.

Doing so helps turn the natural shine and luster to your lovely cat’s coat and prevent it from forming the irritating mats, especially in the long-haired cats.

Tip 2: Cleaning

Clean your cat’s behind

Clean up your cat’s bum

Now you can remove all worries when your cat’s not cleaning bum properly as soon as you spot it. Let’s concern more about the feces that might be stuck in its fur under the tail, which is so true in long-haired cats with diarrhea. If that fecal matter can’t be removed in time, it will mat in your cat’s fur and finally trigger more skin issues as well as prevent your pet from defecating as usual.

In this case, make sure to wear a pair of gloves by slipping on the latex or rubber types while cleansing feces from its fur. You might not know that the feces here can contain a parasitic condition that possibly causes danger to pregnant women. So if you’re pregnant, they always ensure to have your cat clean up.

Clean up your cat’s hind end with a wet towel

Once noticing that the fecal nuggets get dry, you need to pull them right out of its fur. But what happens when it can’t succeed? Make sure to utilize a moist paper towel to wipe those feces away from the hind end. You can get these wipes for kitty at some pet supply stores. It’s fine to use the baby wipes if you don’t have them, but ensure them not to be scented at all.

That’s because the cat surely licks her fur after you clean up her, and when there’s any residue from the baby wipes, he certainly swallows that. Remember to clean this area once a day at least. During the feces removal, it’s essential to dry out the bum area because leaving it wet will lead to higher matting of the fur and skin irritation issues.

Get your cat’s bum clipped

When it’s hard to get rid of the matted feces, how about having your cat’s hair around the anus clipped? Doing so will surely help prevent those feces from getting stuck in its fur. Well, even professional cat groomers tend to do this procedure and mention it as a hygiene clip.

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Tip 3: Bathe your cat

Give your cat a bath

What if your cat’s not cleaning bum properly? Give her a bath when it’s necessary. We all know that cats rarely need to take full baths, and only regular brushing and spot cleaning are enough here to keep them clean. Once she suddenly gets into something sticky or merely rolls around in the dirt, you should bathe her soon. But if you’re not confident enough to bathe her yourself, take your cat to a more professional groomer.

Another important thing to note down here is the time you bathe the cat. Doing this ensures that she won’t be as stressed in the tub, but stays calm only. Play with her for a short time before starting the bath. If seeing your cat irritated, just wait until she calms down before trying one more time.

Begin with a brush over the cat’s body again. It will help get rid of loose hair and all debris effectively as well as the mats.

Other tips to wipe your cat’s butt

Other tips to wipe your cat’s butt

Wipes: Only utilize fragrance-free types that are specifically designed for pets. Ensure not to rely on the baby wipes too much since they possibly cause skin irritation to the cat. And guess what? You will hate grooming them after they ingest some chemicals.

Washcloth: Use a soft washcloth and dip in the warm water.

Sanitary trim: Keep the cat’s fur around her bum trimmed to make it easy for her to touch or clean there herself. It also helps prevent the poop from being trapped in the fur, and feel free to use the grooming scissors made for pets for a sanitary trim.

So overall, when your cat’s not cleaning bum properly, especially the long-haired ones since the stools stick to their long hair, wash her butt or bathe her if she’s so dirty.

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