So your fluffy friend just turns your bathtub into its personal toilet? If that is so, check out this article to learn more about cats pooping in bathtub.


Cats Pooping In Bathtub Repeatedly

Virtually every cat parents around the globe know that while cats may act erratically every now and then, the felines often stick to familiar routines. As a result, people feel clueless after they notice that their furballs have left them nasty surprises in the bathtub. So why our felines pal decide to answer the call of nature in the bathtub instead of the litter box? Well, there are multiple explanations about cats pooping in bathtub vary from case to case. So in order to tackle the situation, it's of utmost importance to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals.

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Reasons Why The Pets Defecate In Odd Locations Without Warning

Cats Pooping In Bathtub Repeatedly

Obviously, cats have no way to say what is wrong here which means it's up to humans to identify the root of the problem. Though a lot of things could cause cats to leave feces at random spots, the issue of cats pooping in bathtub tends to occur once the pets experience troubles with:


  • The Litter Box

Similar to humans as a whole, the average cats pay special attention to where they take care of their business. Therefore, if the litter box is filled to the brim with nasty stuff, the felines would be compelled to look for another place to poop. Most of the time, pets prioritize sites that seem sanitary, easily accessible and far from high traffic areas. Guess what: your bathtub fit the description to the letter. Over time, your fluffy friend might come to enjoy defecating inside the bathtub and resolve to ditch the smelly box.

Besides overfilling, the litter box itself could be the reason why pets repeatedly visit the bathtub to take a dump.  Considering the nature of cats, it comes as no surprise that they intuitively like to defecate in quiet locations that pack unobstructed fields of vision. Hence, it's strongly recommended that you refrain from investing in boxes that have covers. In addition to that, you should think thoroughly before purchasing advanced self-cleaning litter boxes. Some jumpy cats got deathly afraid of the sound generated by such boxes in operation.

Last but not least, in case you have more than one cat in your residence, the number of litter boxes may be at fault. For your information, cats rarely wish to share the boxes so it's necessary to make sure that you have one box for each pet. If you fail to arrange enough litter boxes across your house then the felines shall take it upon themselves to secure more spots for defecation. Once again, your bathtub emerges as an ideal site in the eyes of the pets that want their personal toilets.  


  • Abrupt Developments In The Surroundings

After cats get used to the place they live, it's the desire of the pets to keep things unchanged. Of course, us humans would be the ones to decide whether to change the environment around our furballs so it's essential to be careful. Generally speaking, cats are capable of noticing subtle deviations in the vicinity which sometimes causes them to suffer from stress. To combat the stress, the pets might move from the litter box to the bathtub until everything finally settles down. So take your sensitive cat into account before making changes.  


  • Health Issues

When you manage to eliminate the reasons above then you need to assume that your pet is having health issues. Certain diseases in cats such as inflammatory bowels, constipation and so on could lead to cats pooping in bathtub repeatedly. In most cases, the first thing to do if you come to this conclusion is to schedule a visit to the vets immediately. Don't waste time searching through Google results, let well-trained professionals handle the diagnosis. It's impossible to too careful if the health of your pet is on the line so act fast here.


Note: Aside from the mentioned suspects, there are also a couple of other possibilities that you may want to remember like territorial instinct, attracting smell from the bathtub, uncomfortable litter, ...  

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Proper Approaches To The Situation

Cats Pooping In Bathtub Repeatedly

Once you notice that your pet takes a sudden liking to the bathtub, it's widely advised that you keep a watch on the situation. Whatever you do next, avoid resorting to punishment as that would likely leave negative impressions. Gently turn away the feline before thoroughly assessing what makes it defecate inside the bathtub instead of going straight to the litter box as usual. In case your fluffy friend keeps returning to the bathtub then it's definitely wise to set up some obstacles to deter its intention.


Stopping The Pets From Getting Into The Bathtub To Defecate

Cats Pooping In Bathtub Repeatedly

  • Remember To Lock The Door: If people properly lock the door to the bathroom then the pets should have no way to access the bathtub. Obviously, you have to keep in mind that cats have excellent senses so they could exploit whatever mistake you commit. Therefore, always keep your guard as you enter and exit the bathroom to ensure that your furball is not going to run past you and jump right into the bathtub.


  • Get A Few Cat Mats: Cats hate the way the cat mats feel which means by placing the mats around the bathroom, your pet may leave the place in peace. You should be able to get cats mats from pet stores at affordable prices nowadays. Position the mats in a way that the pets have to step on them if they head over the bathtub.


  • Fill The Bathtub With Objects: The majority of cats tend to express interest toward hollow spaces so it's possible to use that against them. Put several hard objects here and there inside the bathtub to discourage the felines from jumping in there to poop. That alone would be enough to put an end to the issue of cats pooping in bathtub in most cases.


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